Do Miyano and Sasaki Get Together?

What was Miyano's answer to Sasaki's confession? Will Miyano realise his feelings or will they drift apart?

Do Miyano and Sasaki Get Together?

The popular Shounen Ai anime series Sasaki to Miyano kept us waiting for the last 12 weeks for one answer. The most important question is do Miyano and Sasaki get together or will Miyano reject Sasaki?

Sasaki confessed his feelings to Miyano who was considering them as he asked for more time. Rather than rejecting Sasaki instantly, Miyano asked for some time to think this through.

Over time, Miyano developed different feelings for Sasaki and they eventually grew closer. Miyano was struggling and didn't want to make a decision that could hurt Sasaki or make him regret it.

Miyano's feelings towards Sasaki

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Miyano had different concerns while thinking romantically inclined with Sasaki. His first concern was whether Sasaki likes him for his face, but this concern was quickly crushed as Sasaki assured Moyano that wasn't the case. Secondly, Miyano didn't see Sasaki in a romantic light. To Miyano, Sasaki was someone whom he perceived as an exception.

Sasaki was a cool senpai whom Miyano respected a lot. Miyano was aware that Sasaki always tried to understand him and put Miyano first. Sasaki's considerate actions gave Miyano the confidence to face his concerns and become more confident.

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Sasaki was always well-mannered and gentle with Miyano who occasionally gave him butterflies. Miyano was often concerned and delved into the meaning of love. His worries were genuine because Miyano wanted to be sure before answering Sasaki, without hurting him.

There was also an issue of same-gender relationships and Miyano was conscious and worried that people might perceive Sasaki in a negative manner. Miyano was slowly realising his feelings for Sasaki.

Throughout the series, Miyano's actions were unknowingly considerate and thoughtful towards Sasaki. Miyano was worried that if he answered Sasaki's confession before Christmas, they might break up soon.

This implies that Miyano was considering a long-term relationship with Sasaki. Although he hesitated to admit it, Miyano imagined his future with Sasaki which is one of the reasons he didn't respond until after Christmas.

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It took him some time but Miyano was slowly falling for Sasaki. It was bound to happen because Sasaki and Miyano were meant to be. It was their first time falling in love and it was a pure and innocent feeling that slowly developed into romantic feelings.

Miyano was worried and considerate of Sasaki's schedule. Soon Sasaki would have exams and graduate from high school which is why Miyano was hesitating to spend time on Christmas.

Sasaki was a third-year high school student who would soon have to face the pressure of college entrance tests. It was one of the reasons why Miyano was hesitating to respond to Sasaki's confession with the imminent fear stuck in his mind. What if they break up after Christmas, their relationship will be over before it can even begin.

Miyano didn’t want to hide his feelings either because of how little time they have left together because soon Sasaki would graduate and they could drift apart. Sasaki on the other hand was struggling to contain his feelings and emotions towards Miyano.

Although Sasaki was trying, it was difficult for him not to be possessive towards Miyano. Thankfully, at least Sasaki didn’t become a toxic potential love interest for Miyano. Miyano realised how much he was in love with Sasaki and even became absent-minded when they were together.

It was a revelation for Miyano as he realised that “Sasaki Senpai was cute.” Although Sasaki was a guy who he thought was cool, he seemed cute to him. Miyano was falling deeply in love due to Sasaki’s irresistible charm.

Maybe it was true love or something else, whenever Miyano was troubled or struggling, Sasaki could feel it. Sasaki always tried to encourage and cheer Miyano which was quite appealing and happy to watch as a viewer.

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Now that Miyano realised his true feelings, the real hurdle was yet to be overcome. Miyano was determined to confess his feelings and respond back to Sasaki. Unfortunately for Miyano, the timing was never right. Miyano couldn’t muster up the courage to respond or speak up.

Miyano kept trying to get hold of Sasaki, but the circumstances weren’t good as Sasaki would be mostly unavailable. This increased Miyano’s frustrations as he couldn’t get the timing right to confess his feelings.

It felt like a bad omen, what if they break up even before they got together? It was cute to see Miyano coming to terms with his feelings as he realised that Sasaki can make him blush. Sasaki’s honesty and straightforwardness made it possible for Miyano to acknowledge his efforts.

Before Miyano even noticed, Sasaki pointed out that Miyano always put his back to the other side when with Sasaki. It finally made sense as Miyano said that he didn’t want Sasaki to get hurt from his bag, which is why he placed it on the opposite side. Unconsciously, Miyano kept doing things while being considerate of Sasaki, only it took him a long to realise his own feelings.

Why did Sasaki leave Miyano?

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As Miyano was ready to pour his heart out, he got called. Quite bad timing. Without realising his actions, Sasaki wanted to kiss Miyano, but Miyano nudged him because they were in public.

It felt like a hard rejection as Sasaki came to his senses. Sasaki realised that he was being forceful towards Miyano although they weren’t in a relationship yet. After coming to the grips of reality Sasaki left Miyano behind as he left for home.

Miyano realised that he was okay to be kissed by Sasaki and became worried about the misunderstanding. He became anxious as he looked for Sasaki everywhere. Sasaki wasn’t angry because of Miyano’s rejection, but mostly at his inability to maintain restraint.

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Sasaki reflected on his actions and decided to apologize to him the next day. Thanks to the support from Miyano’s senpais (Hirano and Hanzawa), he was able to meet up with Sasaki. Miyano finally confessed that he liked Sasaki. Sasaki was surprised at this sudden confession.

It was a cute confession and finally, Sasaki and Miyano were able to reciprocate their feelings for each other. Their feelings were mutual. Miyano and Sasaki got together and they started dating. Miyano officially asked Sasaki to date him and become his boyfriend.

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