Fairy Tail Ending: Did Lucy End Up With Natsu?

Fairy Tail Ending: Did Lucy End Up With Natsu?

Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail series continues to rule our hearts. Lucy Heartfilia is the main female character of Fairy Tail.

She is a celestial wizard from the Fairy Tail guild. Lucy possesses 10 celestial (golden) keys out of the 12 keys.

Lucy Heartfilia is an interesting Fairy Tail character.

She’s kind, empathetic, cheerful, and cares about her friends. She along with Natsu, Happy, Erza, Wendy, Juvia, and Gray often go out for the missions. Lucy is in team Natsu.


Through the series, there were a lot of NaLu references. Even the creators and animators ship Natsu and Lucy. Are you one of the NaLu shippers?

Even though it was disappointing to see no cannon ship sail at the end of the Fairy Tail series. NaLu shippers were greatly disappointed.

Lucy Heartfilia has a passion for writing which is evident when she writes journals and diaries and even writes her own novel.

She is from one of the most influential and wealthy (Heartfilia) families in Fiore. In search of adventure, she left home but soon her dad put a bounty on her head.

In the process, she was captured by Juvia and Fazeel from the then Phantom Lord members. Natsu and others went to rescue Lucy and decimate the Phantom Lord guild in the process.

“There’s nothing happy about having your fate decided for you! You have to grab your own.”


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Unlike other celestial wizards, she is very kind to her celestial spirits. She treats them as friends and cares about them a great deal.

As a Celestial Wizard, she doesn’t treat them like tools or a means of convenience.

For example Loke, the spirit of Lion, and previous fairy tail member, and the leader of 12 zodiac spirits.

Loke got forbidden to enter the spirit world for causing the death of his former master.

When Loke was about to disappear, she forced close his gate, which made the Celestial Spirit King appear before them.

She convinces the Spirit king through her resolve to let Loke return back to the celestial world.

She’s strong-willed and refuses to give up easily. Her capacity to think out of the box and to never give up earns her the respect of her enemies.

She’s a respectable and worthy Celestial Wizard.

Does Lucy End up with Natsu?

Lucy and natsu

Well, the series ended up with an open ending. Unfortunately, no ships sailed! The mangaka ended up trolling all of us.

Lucy has feelings for Natsu, and Natsu does have feelings for Lucy as well, but if it’s romantic or not no one knows!

The series hyped NaLu ship, but the end was dry!

They didn’t even confess their feelings! Natsu straight-up friend-zoned her or worse.

The anime ended up without giving the fans the satisfaction of seeing Natsu and Lucy become the couple.

Why did Natsu leave Lucy?

Natsu wanted to become stronger and beat Zeref. He wanted to protect his guild and teammates especially Lucy.

After the death of Ifneel, Natsu was driven by revenge and wanted to get stronger.

He didn’t want Lucy to be caught up in danger so he left her behind.

Natsu knew he had to become stronger and gain the Fire dragon king mode to defeat Zeref.

Taking Lucy with them would have been risky and life-threatening for her. He cares about Lucy, which is why he left a note bidding her goodbye.

Does Lucy die in Fairy Tail?

Lucy from the future came to warn Fairy Tail about the threat of the Grand Magic Games.

She wanted to warn her guild about the Eclipse project and foreboding doom Fiore was in.

The future Lucy traveled back in time to warn everyone about the Eclipse door that will bring a danger of 400 dragons in Fiore and threaten everyone.

The future Rogue wanted to kill the present timeline Lucy, but the future Lucy saved her life and sacrifices herself to protect the present and the future.

So, in a sense, Lucy does die, or more like, her future self died to protect everyone.


Lucy from Fairy Tail is one of the best female protagonists in the Shonen universe.

She might not be strong in terms of attacks and defense but her critical thinking and out-of-the-box thinking have often helped her team.

She’s a character people are bound to love. Lucy Heartfilia is independent, cheerful, and a strong character who is motivated by her reasons and goals.