10 Dumb Anime Characters Who Are Actually Smart

10 Dumb Anime Characters Who Are Actually Smart

Obfuscating idiocy is one of the most popular anime tropes. Just as viewers become accustomed to the characters' silliness, goofiness, and wit. Big reveal moments happen in the blink of an eye.

Take Monkey D. Luffy, for example; it's difficult to see him as an intelligent character at first. However, throughout One Piece, Luffy has big moments in which he demonstrates intelligence.

It's a popular notion that supposedly foolish characters don't want to reveal their true selves. It contributes to their deep/dark/complex narratives. It also keeps the audience on their toes. The majority of comedic writing is a prize. Here's our list of characters who appear stupid but are actually quite brilliant.

10. Minako Aino- Sailor Moon

Minako Aino appears as a naive character in both anime and manga. She is a guardian Sailor who seems to be more amusing than serious. However, as the plot of Sailor Moon accelerates, Minako Aino will unveil potent counter-strategies.

Minako is also noted for her ability to blend proverbs and speaks English proficiently at a party in Sailor Moon episode 108. Minako, a cheery girl on the outside, will discard her act and give the enemy left, right, and centre when forced to.

9. Grell Sutcliff- Black Butler

Grell Sutcliff is a character from Black Butler's Jack the Ripper arc. She is a Grim Reaper, a supernatural being who examines and gathers souls. A colourful exterior hides beneath that sombre interior. Throughout the anime, Grell has made numerous strange desires.

She once stated to Sebastian Michaelis (the demon Butler) that she desired to engage in a strenuous workout with him! But it was all a ruse to conceal her vicious Shinigami side. Grell, in actuality, will kill her own colleagues to achieve her own goals. Her unrivalled understanding of soul reaping triumphs over her ditzy persona.

8. Joseph Joe Star- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

The protagonist of Battle Tendency is Joseph Joestar, Jonathan Joestar's grandson. Joseph is the second JoJo in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, following Jonathan. Jojo is a ditzy and lively person on the outside. His funny personality will cause the enemies to underestimate him at first.

But in his thoughts, JoJo calculates manoeuvres and tactics while revealing ridiculous plots. As JoJo's opponents retreat, he employs bizarre ways to outwit them.

7. Hideyoshi Nagachika- Tokyo Ghoul

Hideyoshi, popularly known as Hide, is Kaneki Ken's best buddy from Tokyo Ghoul. He's accepted Ken as a Ghoul and has always supported him. The hide is a cheerful, outgoing character in the anime. After that, Hide demonstrates Sherlockian sleuthing abilities.

He's a Guile Hero with the ability to deceive and misdirect. His expertise of Ghouls is useful; he deduced the true power structure of Ghouls in the 20th Ward on his own.

6. Lieutenant Colonel Hughes- Full Metal Alchemist

Maes Hughes was a Full Metal Alchemist veteran soldier who was a member of the Amestrian State Military. Hughes was upbeat and enthusiastic, cracking jokes during serious meetings and publicly expressing affection for his daughter and wife.

Hughes, though, was cleverly involved in a bid to make Mustang the F├╝hrer beyond that moment. Throughout his time on Tokyo Ghoul, his investigative and military abilities were admirable.

Hughes adored his wife and daughter and was always concerned about their safety. So, in order to assure their safety, he pretended to be foolish. He also exploited his noisy character to protect himself from the guilt of conducting the Ishval civil war of annihilation.

5. Himura Kenshin- Rurouni Kenshin

Himura Kenshin, the protagonist of Rurouni Kenshin, wandered for years as a warrior in search of redemption. Himura is always on a moral high ground, placing others ahead of himself. Himura is a sophisticated man underneath his soft-spoken demeanour. He is a goofball most of the time, pretending to be clumsy and silly.

People regard him as a total ditz with these characteristics. Himura's performance is so well-crafted that he will even screw with his diction. He will only break his silence when opponents from the past and present try to provoke him. He immediately sheds his guard on the battlefield and employs brutal techniques to beat his opponent.

4. Shikamaru Nara- Naruto

Shikamaru Nara is a Shinobi, a Ninja from the Nara clan who appears to be clumsy on the outside. But isn't that how one becomes a Shinobi? Shikamaru possesses the qualities required of a covert Ninja. To begin, his intelligence and combat abilities make him an all-powerful Ninja.

The main point of contention in Shikamaru's character evolution is whether he appears to be lazy or is genuinely lazy. Given Shikamaru's inability to move a pencil on his test paper, the second option appears feasible.

Shikamaru's Sensei Asuma had long suspected his skills, such as when he made Shikamaru play a game that demonstrated his IQ of over 200. Shikamaru will drop his guard at a vital juncture on the battlefield, receiving hits the rest of the time. By the end, he has discovered and effectively thwarted his opponents' scheme.

3. Jiraya- Naruto

Jiraya is a Sannin or one of Naruto's "Legendary Three Ninja". He went about in search of knowledge, which he eventually passed on to his godson, Naruto Uzumaki.

Jiraya appeared to be a lighthearted individual, laughing at his own jokes. He had the capacity to irritate people first with his smugness and then rile them with his comedy. Jiraya, however, was something else once those layers were removed.

Jiraya, the typical combat cliche, acted like a newbie at first. Jiraya was quick to act when his foes underestimated him and left their guard down. People were sceptical that someone as quirky as Jiraya could be a Sannin. Naruto dubbed him the perverted hermit because he frequented brothel haunts in the Red Light District.

2. Naruto- Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki is the protagonist of the same-named anime series. He is a Ninja from the Konohagakure village. Kishimoto, the author of Naruto, created him as a simple and foolish character.

A first glance at Naruto reveals that he is ignorant, simple, and sluggish to understand. He frequently struggles to grasp topics and necessitates extra effort the majority of the time.

Naruto was mocked as an orphan child, and he grew up without any schooling in mannerisms or social conduct. Naruto may appear foolish on the outside, but his tenacity knows no bounds.

By the end of the series, Naruto has earned the respect of Konoha's Hokaga. Nonetheless, his quirky, raucous, and energetic personality remains intact.

1. Monkey D. Luffy- One Piece

Luffy, often known as Straw Hat, is the main character in One Piece. He appears to be a complete moron, making it difficult to believe he is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Luffy may appear childlike at times, yet this is only one aspect of his nature. Some of his heroic exploits include rescuing kingdoms from pirates like Alabasta and going to battle against the world government to defend his fellow pirate.

He defeated Moria and saved countless lives at Thriller Bark. His most recent accomplishment was defeating Katakuri, the Big Mom Pirates' second most powerful member. Luffy may appear to be the least intelligent member of his crew, but he is the most experienced combatant.

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