5 Dumbest Anime Girls Of All Times

Who are some of the dumbest anime bimbos of all time?

5 Dumbest Anime Girls Of All Times

Shonen is as incomplete without an underdog to OP protagonist as it is without a bimbo character. You know the type. Often curvy, often energetic, always ditzy and clumsy, These girls serve little purpose beyond getting rescued over and over again, barring some expectations. Let's take a look at some of the dumbest anime girls in recent anime history.

1. Orihime Inoe from Bleach

orihime inoe

Orihime comes across as naive and clueless, which contrasts with her excellent academic performance. She works hard because if her grades fall, she loses financial support from her family. With her mouth open, she tends to lose track of what she's thinking or fantasizing about. If that isn’t the quintessential bimbo starter kit, I do not know what is!

If anyone comes at me saying, how can she be a bimbo if she gets good grades, well next time when Orihime gets kidnapped for the 1837th time, due to her own dumbness mind you, maybe her grades will help her.

2. Misa Amane from Death Note

misa amane

Nothing is as frustrating as Misa Amane in Death Note. She's childlike, impulsive and annoyingly hyperactive. Misa has shinigami eyes, which allow her to see a person's name and lifetime above their head, making it much easier for her to use the Death Note to murder them.

She is extremely irresponsible in her actions as the Second Kira, resulting in her arrest and detention on suspicion of being the Second Kira.

Although it probably stemmed from her unresolved trauma, Misa’s yandere-like obsession with Light led to her ultimate demise. It is alluded to in the anime and shown in the manga that Misa kills herself following Light’s death. Apart from willingly making everything in her life about a man, Misa is just plain dumb and annoying, earning a rightful place in this list.

3. Aqua from Konosuba


Any conversation about dumbness is incomplete without the great goddess Aqua-sama. Aqua is a fascinating but troubled character. She is vivacious, upbeat, and carefree, but she rarely considers the consequences of her actions.

Aqua always acts or speaks on her whims, even if she doesn't force her opinions on others. As a result, she is prone to acting inappropriately in a variety of settings.

It's also quite simple to mock Aqua or entice her with praises. Aqua, as a goddess, feeds on praise and worship, hence she frequently does wonderful things, but then undermines her own merits by aggressively and continuously seeking acclaim. Aqua is also quite short-sighted, thus some of her 'good actions' end up being utter disasters.

4. Tohru Honda from Fruit Basket

tohru honda

Tohru is your typical wise beyond her age, ditzy airhead. Tohru's selfless goodness and proclivity to put others' needs ahead of her own has led her to neglect herself to the point of suffering, and she has become obsessed with ignoring her own needs and issues.

She’s often bumping and crashing into people and/or inanimate objects. Her clumsiness is what kickstarted the whole story when she accidentally revealed the Sohma Curse.

5. Ristarte from Cautious Hero

ristarte or rista

The second goddess to make the list, Ristarte is less sure in her goddess talents as a novice than her more senior counterparts. This makes her sloppy and untrustworthy, especially when compared to Seiya. Additionally, Rista is narcissistic and conceited about her beauty, always complimenting herself, and is offended when people refer to her as "stinky."

Rista also has a habit of thirsting after Seiya in the perviest of ways. She often fantasizes about kissing or marrying him in the most inopportune moments.