Top 7 Emotional Moments in Gintama The Final Movie

Top 7 Emotional Moments in Gintama The Final Movie

After 15 long years, the Gintama series finally wraps up with Gintama The Final Movie. Sakata Gintoki is back with Shinpachi and Kagura. Truth be told, the final Gintama movie is nothing less than a masterpiece, but sadly it also leaves a hole in your heart.

Gintama The Final was an emotional roller coaster and it’s hard to bid the series goodbye. The fans who have been with Ginatma since its inception would find it even more difficult to bid farewell to the amazing Shounen series.

Gintama has always been faithful to parodying and making jokes about famous series, and Gintama The Final Movie remained faithful till the very end when the initial few minutes of the movie introduced classic Dragon Ball Z style Once Piece.

Nevertheless, Gintama ended with the movie, leaving an emotional wreck for fans. What were the top moments that made you emotional while watching Gintama The Very Final!

Just a caution of words, this post contains spoilers of the movie, so if you don't want any spoilers now's the time to exit!

7. Tama waking up

Tama was previously damaged and went into a deep slumber. At the end of the movie, Tama wakes up greeted by her clone. Tama found the world quite changed and woke up to a present Tokyo which was no longer the Edo she knew. Where did Gintoki and Yorozuya go? She does meet them finally at the end.

6. The Trio Fighting Together

three people going for a fight

One of the most emotional moments of Gintama The Final Movie was Sakata Gintoki, Takasugi Shinsuke and Katsura Kotarou fighting together side by side as allies.

That was the best moment in the movie. The trio Gintoki-Shinsuke-Katsura has always been fighting on different sides but their goal has always remained the same.

They want their beloved Shouyou sensei to finally become free from the following empty life and endless reincarnation to finally seek peace. The trio was fighting the battle on different fronts but wanted the same outcome.

5. Assemble Squad with Shinsengumi

Just when things were looking difficult for Sakata Gintoki, a reinforcement squad with Shinsengumi, Kondo, Hijikata, Sougo, Matsudaira, Otae san, Tsukuyo, Kyuubei, Sakamoto Tastuma, and others came to help out.

That was a very heartfelt reunion of the ensemble cast with almost all the major cast showing up to fight against Utsuro. #TheCastofGinatamaRocks!

4. Sadaharu waking up from the coma

After Utsuro’s heart explored and merged with the Altana energy source, Sadaharu finally awoke from the 2-year long coma. In the previous battle against Utsuro, Sadaharu sacrificed himself to protect everyone.

This resulted in Sadaharu losing his life energy and falling into a coma. Now, Sadahru, the fourth member of the Yorozuya is back again. As usual, Sadahru greets Gintoki by swallowing him up! Poor Gin-san but we forgive Sadaharu for his cuteness!

3. Yorozuya’s Reunion

The Yorozuya trio Sakata Gintoki, Kagura and Shimura Shinpachi finally have an emotional reunion. When Gintoki was getting crushed by Utsuro’s minion, Kagura and Shinpachi came to his rescue.

Not that Gin san will ever lose, but Yorozuya is Gintoki’s biggest strength, the one he wants to truly protect. The reunion scene in Gintama The Final Movie was quite emotional and heartfelt. It was just perfect!

2. Utsuro/Shouyou sensei’s Sacrifice

Utsuro/Shouyou woke up from his slumber. After Shinsuke stabbed him and lost his immortality, Shouyou wanted to atone for his sins and finally wanted to reset everything.

The Altana absorption was too much for Edo to survive if an explosion happens. Shinpachi, Kagura and Sadaharu stay behind to support Utsuro, when Gintoki arrives as well.

Katsura began evacuation plans and together the crisis was averted. Shouyou finally passes away and Edo is safe.

1. Takasugi’s Death

This was coming whether we liked it or not. Takasugi Shinsuke saved Gintoki and Shouyou sensei at the ultimate cost of his life. Takasugi was critical to the plan in defeating Utsuro.

RIP Takasugi Shinsuke, a true leader till the end. Takasugi’s death and his ultimate sacrifice was the most emotional scene in Gintama: The Final Movie.

The only solace was Takasugi passed away in Gintoki’s arms, his one true childhood friend and rival. It was sad Kasura was not there but he was playing his part to secure peace.

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