10 Emotional and Tear-Jerking Moments in Violet Evergarden The Movie

10 Emotional and Tear-Jerking Moments in Violet Evergarden The Movie

Violet Evergarden's anime series is one of the most beautiful emotional and tear-jerking series ever made.

The Anime series ended with an open ending that left viewers hanging. It was left to the imagination of the fans and felt incomplete in a sense.

However Violet Evergarden the movie finally gave some closure to the fans and violet. To be fair, the Violet Evergarden anime series was always emotional.

The movie took it to the top-notch.

So prepare yourself emotionally and keep ready a lot of tissues ready because you are going to need them by watching the Violet Evergarden The Movie.

Violet Evergraden The Movie is available on Netflix so do check it out and binge at heart’s content, cry a lot and get the closure we all deserve.

10. Ann's Death and her granddaughter's journey

If you remember Ann from the Violet Evergarden anime series Episode 10, then you might remember how Ann’s mother requested the service of Auto Memory Doll, Violet Evergarden to write her daughter letters for 50 years.

Violet Evergarden The Movie opens by introducing Ann’s death as her granddaughter blames her parents for not looking after Ann.

It was an emotional scene to realize that Ann has passed away, although she had the letters her mother wrote for her.

As Ann discovers the letters, she begins her own journey to track down Violet Evergraden and her history.

As we get a glimpse of Ann’s entire life, it triggers an emotional rollercoaster.

The scene was emotional and almost gives you goosebumps realizing we will watch the scenes from the perspective of the characters and Ann’s granddaughter, who began her own quest to explore the past.

After realizing everything she wrote a letter to her parents which was emotional and joyful.

9. Violet looks at the brooch in the market

After the ceremony and chitchat with the Mayor and his wife, Violet along with her gang, Hodgins, Benedict, Cattleya, Iris, and Erica wander in the marketplace.

Violet comes across a seller selling a brooch and gets reminded of the brooch that she received from Major Gilbert Bougainvillea.

The scene is shown where Gilbert bought the brooch for Violet when she mentioned the brooch resembled his eyes.

Violet has an emotional attachment to the brooch.

There was sadness and longing and your heart can’t stop feeling sad for Violet who was still waiting for Gilbert to return.

8. Violet visits Yunis in the hospital

CH postal service is busy as always. On her day off, Violet receives a call from a young client who wanted to hire her services.

Violet visits the hospital to find a young Yunis who wanted to write a letter for his parents and his little brother.

Yunis was dying and he realized how little time he had.

When his parents came to visit him, he asked Violet to hide and talks harshly with his family to send them away.

On the outside, he might be tough but on the inside, he was in pain. He didn’t have enough money for 3 letters and wanted it as a secret.

Violet offered him a special discount and they began writing letters for his family.

7. Yunis Conveys the Message to his Friend

Yunis and Violet made a promise to hold on to the letters till he reached heaven. They wanted a fourth letter for his friend Lucas.

Violet never got to write that letter.

On his death bed, as Violet was away, Erica and Benedict visit Yunis. Yunis was able to convey his last message to Lucas and soon shortly after he passed away.

6. Hodgins discovers the letter

Somewhere far on an island, a little wanted to write a letter to her dad. The letter is written and sent to the CH postal.

Claudia Hodgins found the letter when Benedict Blue showed him the letter that arrived recently.

It was shocking for Hodgins as he found the handwriting familiar.

Hodgins visited Dietfired Bougainvillea to discuss it. He was hesitating, but Hodgins told Violet the possibility that the letter is written by Major Gilbert.

It was an emotional scene yet tormenting for Violet who was alive with the hope that one day she would meet Gilbert again.

5. Major Gilbert is Alive

As most people have suspected by now, Major Gilbert Bougainvillea is alive. He did not die. During the war, Major Gilbert was rescued and survived.

Although Gilbert survived, he lost his eye and an arm during the war. He did not return back nor did he inform his whereabouts to the army or his family.

It was emotional and heartbreaking to see Major Gilbert, still living in guilt and possibly PTSD from the war.

4. Reunion of Gilbert and Hodgins

After they tracked down the letter, Hodgins and Violet visited the place where the letter came from. Holdings told Violet to wait as he had doubts that Gilbert may decline to meet Violet for any reason whatsoever.

He asked Violet to wait outside the school and went alone to meet Gilbert. Hodgins met Gilbert and he wanted him to meet Violet.

3. Gilbert refuses to meet Violet

Prepare for some massive heartbreak, angst, and a bucket full of tears.

Gilbert refused Hodgins and sent him away. He felt guilty that he dragged Violet to war and used her as a tool.

Gilbert felt responsible that Violet lost her arms because of him and the war. He was adamant about not meeting Violet.

After hearing from Hodgins, Violet rushed to meet Gilbert, but he didn’t budge. Gilbert didn’t meet Violet and only replied from the other side of the door.

A dejected Violet, soaked in the rain wanted to wait but was dragged by Hodgins. It was emotional and extremely heartbreaking as Violet’s world was crashing away.

2. Dietfried’s Redemption

The one good thing about Dietfried Bougainvillea in the movie was he was finally nearing his redemption. Earlier, his mom passed away. He met Violet visiting his mom’s grave.

Dietfried was kind enough to invite her to take some of the memorabilia of Gilbert as he knew she was coping with the loss.

Initially, Dietfried hated Violet but after the last incident, he realized Violet loves Gilbert.

We get a glimpse of Gilbert and Dietfried’s past. As Dietfried rebelled, Gilbert became the obedient son and joined the army following the footsteps of his father.

Dietfried visited Gilbert and scolded him for his foolishness.

For once, Dietfred sided with Violet and pushed his stubborn little brother Gilbert to be true to his heart.

Gilbert received the letter Violet wrote to him and this made him finally realize and accept his true feelings for her.

1. The Final Reunion

Dietfried told Gilbert that he was free from the burden of the family and can live his life the way he wanted.

He gave Gilbert freedom and let him go.

After getting an earful from Dietfried, Gilbert rushed to meet Violet. Due to the storm, Violet was unable to go when Yunis was dying.

After hearing the news, Violet choose her duty and decided to return back to the job.

Violet and Hodgins were returning, just when a frantically chasing Gilbert runs after the departed ship.

Realising, it was Gilbert calling her, Violet jumped off the ship, and finally, they were reunited.

The war was over and it was after 4 years, so assuming the timeline, Gilbert finally met Violet after 4 years and they were finally together.

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