7 Memorable Moments Between Eren And Mikasa

7 Memorable Moments Between Eren And Mikasa

Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman are the two main characters of the AOT series.

The Attack On Titan series focuses on darker themes but some lighthearted moments make the series a tad more enjoyable.

Eren Yeager is the protagonist and Mikasa Ackerman is his childhood friend who’s been there throughout his life.

They have a bond that separates them from the rest and also shows in some moments in the series.

Since Eren is the protagonist, it means he will have possible love interests and Mikasa is one of them.

Eren and Mikasa have become some of the most loved couples in the series and of the anime world.

For a long time, fans have wished to see them together not only as friends but also as a couple.

Knowing that Mikasa admires Eren and supports him through these goals is one of the best things about them. Also, fans have named their ship “Eremika”.

1. When Mikasa Saves Eren and Killed Her Kidnappers

a women killing Her Kidnappers

An unfortunate event occurred to a 9-year-old Mikasa when her parents got murdered and then she got kidnapped.

A horrifying and traumatic event led her to awaken her “Ackerman power”. When Eren single-handedly tried to save her, he was overpowered.

At that moment, Mikasa took charge and stabbed her kidnappers, and saved them. This was the start of their relationship and they became close.

Mikasa became incredibly loyal friends and supported each other through thick and thin.

2. When She Saves Him From Bullies

a women saving her friend from bullies

When Eren was a child, he was hot-headed and had a sense of justice that he expressed often.

But he was also often subjected to bullying by the other kids.

Whenever Eren is being overpowered by the bullies, Mikasa drops whatever she is doing to help him.

And upon seeing her, the bullies flee. This is one of the most memorable moments from their childhood.

Mikasa has always seemed to be better at fighting than Eren. But she has never made herself superior and always supported Eren.

3. When She is His Reality Check

2 friends looking at the readers

If you’ve watched the show, you would know the number of times Mikasa has taken care of Eren.

Not only in battle or fights but also in making sure he eats and takes care of himself.

Sometimes, Eren’s sense of justice and his anger can get out of hand leading him to make rash decisions that would lead to dire consequences.

In those situations, Mikasa always seems to be his ‘reality check’- someone who tells him right from wrong as she is the complete opposite of him.

She’s more analytical and level-headed which is a good balance for Eren.

4. When Helped Him After Turning Back To Human From Titan

a huge creature having an evil laugh

One of the most memorable moments of Mikasa and Eren; was when Mikasa helped Eren after his transformation from Titan to human, which was also his first time, we shed tears.

It was one of those raw moments for Mikasa, who cried and was incredibly grateful that he was alive and saved her.

This time, Eren saved Mikasa. It was one of the best moments in the series. After that, Mikasa took care of Eren and helped him get back on his feet.

5. When Mikasa Got Jealous of Historia

a women feeling jealous of his friend and his girlfriend

Mikasa is the love interest of Eren. They cannot live without each other and refuse to let each other get into dangerous situations.

That being said, Eren also has other potential love interests such as Historia Reiss.

In a particularly funny moment where Eren and Historia were carrying stock back to the house, Mikasa sure didn't like it.

Some might even say she was jealous, given her obvious reaction to any other female talking casually with him.

Nevertheless, whether it was jealousy or just the fact that she probably didn't trust them together, it was one of the most memorable moments for them both.

6. When Mikasa Helped Him Stop the Smiling Titan

a man fighting the smiling titan

Mikasa always helps Eren. No matter what, she is indebted to him and gives him all the support in the world.

Even if others don't. When the Smiling Titan, along with other titans attacked them, Eren felt like he wasn't able to save them.

Yet, with Mikasa’s words of encouragement and honesty, she helped him and we also almost got to see an intimate scene between them.

But in the end, those words by Mikasa helped him fight off the Titans and successfully saved them.

This proves that Mikasa is Eren’s pillar.

7. When They Opened Grisha Yeager’s Book Together

a man opening the green book

An underrated yet significant moment of the series, it’s a scene that proves that they need each other.

Eren Yeager’s father, Grisha Yeager plays an important role in the series. In fact, it was due to him that Eren found out the history of Titans.

After his death, it was discovered that Grisha had some important sources that might help them save humanity.

Therefore, going into Grisha’s chambers and opening his album together proved a sort of support for one another that was a memorable moment for the viewers.