5 Times Light Yagami Was Evil

5 Times Light Yagami Was Evil

Light Yagami is the protagonist of the Death Note series, who found the “death note” on his school campus. It was a notebook where, if a person’s name is written logically following its rules, the person will die. He was one of those protagonists who was more like an anti-hero. It is said that,

“Good and evil are two sides of the same coin.”

Something good in the beginning may turn into evil in no time. The lust for power creates this transition. His way of thinking made him a villain who couldn’t see anything above himself or his lust for power. Yet, even after we call him evil, we surely cannot hate him. That’s how it is, a character that is loved till he can be hated but that feeling of hatred can be subjugated.

1. Light Yagami – “The god of the new world”

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I am the god of the new world- Light Yagami.

Ryuk, the god of death told once Light Yagami that,

“If you keep killing the bad guys, you will be the only bad guy left at the end.”

Perhaps it is not false to say that Ryuk was right. Light Yagami has become what he feared the most. His thirst for power made him believe in himself as the god of the new age. He saw himself as a better individual enough to be compared to the god. Soon, he started killing anyone who was trying to capture him. It was pretty clear when Light Yagami killed Lind L.

Tailor, assuming that he was the “L” guy looking for him. When Lind called Kira (known as the killer in English, the name of Light) evil, Light was angered by his pride, and the sense of justice was long gone. Light Yagami did not realize that Lind was a death row inmate and murdered him because of the danger to his own life and plans.

2. Loyal Kiyomi Takada and her brutal death

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Light Yagami has manipulated Kiyomi Takada to work for him, and in reward, she will be his goddess. She was quickly influenced by Light as she was in love with Light and agreed to do anything to help him. But when Takada was kidnapped by Mello, Light Yagami asked her to write Mello’s name in a concealed piece of Death Note and to promise her that she would soon be rescued. But Light wrote Takada’s name in the Death Note specifying that she would burn herself alive and burn all the evidence so that no one could discover him.

3. Misa Amane, The Second Kira

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Light Nagami was plotting to kill Misa Amane only because he was annoyed by her. But he stopped because of Rem, her shinigami. Mentally, he terrified Misa Amane, the second Kira, because of her true love and faithfulness to Light. She had always supported him since he killed the man who was responsible for the death of Misa’s parents. However, he used her affection to make her obey and work for him.

4. Soichiro Yagami, Father of Light Yagami

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During the Shinigami Eye agreement, using the Death Note with Ryuk, Soichiro got to know the name of Mello because of the confrontation. However, Soichiro was seriously wounded due to the bomb and rushed to the hospital. Even when Soichiro was on the verge of his life, He was eager to get Mello’s name instead of having any consideration for his own father. It was also disheartening to see that a son seemed to have no sympathy for his dying father.

5. Raye Penber, Naomi Misora, and the FBI Agents

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Light Yagami killed FBI agents who had been assigned the duty of investigating the Japanese police by making Raye Penber write the names of the agents on the Death Note. He also murdered Raye Penber’s fiancé, Naomi Misora, an ex-FBI agent, tricking her to gain her confidence so that he could get to know her real name and stop her from informing the authorities on how she figured out his name.

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Even in her last hours, he didn’t leave a chance to mock her by asking if she wanted to talk to Soichiro Yagami. He mentally coerced Naomi to help him, who tried to avenge her fiancé’s death. But Light Yagami, in fact, murdered her, making her look like a suicide and her body was never found.

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