10 Fun Facts About Boa Hancock

10 Fun Facts About Boa Hancock

One Piece is one of the longest-running anime and manga series. The manga started publishing in 1997 and the anime came out in 1999. The story is given by Oda Eiichiro, who quickly stole the hearts of the public with his amazing art and story that tickles our fantasy.

The story revolves around Monkey D. Luffy, who gathers a bunch of crew members to set sail and explore the world. While doing so, he also wishes to find the legendary treasure named "One Piece" and become "King of the Pirates".

As Luffy sets sail in a shabby boat, he comes across Zoro, a swordsman who fights using three swords at once. Then he meets Nami, a talented navigator and also a burglar.

The trio then meets Usopp, a talented sniper, and craftsman. He helped them get a ship before joining the crew. As the sailors explore the dangerous waters, they come across a restaurant in the middle of the ocean and meet Sanji, who works as a chef there.

After a lot of trouble, Luffy finally convinces Sanji to join his crew as a chef for his crew. The story then continues as the Straw Hats Pirates meet new people, see new places, fight with the Marines, and even save lots of people.

After several arcs, Boa Hancock, a very beautiful and powerful woman was introduced in the series. She is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea with unparalleled control over her Haki. She was introduced as an arrogant woman who looks down on men and considers them foolish.

Boa is also very well aware of the fact that beauty works like a charm among them, and uses that to her advantage. After Luffy mistakenly lands on her island as he separates from his crew, she starts treating him as an enemy.

But shortly after, she realizes he is a good person and falls for him. She also helps him infiltrate Marineford to help save his brother, Ace. Although Ace couldn't be saved, she continues to help him even after the battle and lets him on her island along with Silvers Rayleigh, Trafalgar Law, and all the members of the Heart Pirates.

Boa Hancock is a very minor character in the series, with only a handful of episodes. However, that doesn't stop her from being a popular fan-favorite character. Here are the 10 interesting facts about her that every One Piece fan would like to know.

1. She Can Only Cook Meat

character cooking meat

After Boa fell in love with Luffy, she realizes his love for food. Since she blindly wants to help him in every way, she fantasizes about cooking lots of dishes for him.

In her dream, she sees him eating her dishes with relish, complimenting, and thanking her. However, in reality, she can't cook anything else but meat. That was also because meat is something Luffy loves to eat, so her culinary skills are limited to that.

2. Her Bounty

the bounty of the character

Every pirate has some amount of bounty on their head. The amount depends on their skills, the number of crimes they have committed, their crew, and several other facts.

The only exceptions are the Seven Warlords who started out as pirates, but then start working for the Marines. The Marine freezes the bounty and only reannounces it once the Warlords have been removed from their position.

Before Boa Hancock became a Warlord, she had a bounty of 80 million, which was considered huge at that time. Recently, the Seven Warlords were disbanded by the World Government, so Boa's bounty was re-established.

3. She Hates the World Government

luffy and boa during the fight

The World Government has been ruling over everything with an iron fist. They silence those who question their motives and appreciate those who are against pirates. They punish those brutally for the mere crime of setting sail in the sea.

Due to their several atrocities, Boa hates them and the way they function. She also knows that the reason she and her sisters had to live as slaves in their childhood was that the World Government played a huge role in that.

She considered resigning as a Warlord several times. However, due to the fact that her island is located in an inaccessible place and to protect the Kuja Pirates, she kept her position until the organization disbanded every one of them.

4. Haoshoku Haki

character using her haki

According to the story, Boa Hancock is one of the handfuls of people, capable of using Haoshoku Haki. This makes her the only female character to use all three types of Haki.

Although it is common for everyone to train and master using Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku Haki, Haoshoku is something that requires innate talent and cannot be achieved by training alone.

Despite that, there was never a moment she was seen using this Haki. This gives rise to the question, why Oda gave her this power if he had no intention of seeing the fans see her use it.

5. Her Popularity

character staring at the readers

Despite being a minor character, Boa is popular among fans ever since her appearance. She is the second most famous Warlord, after Trafalgar Law. According to the recent popularity poll, she ranks seventh in the list of most famous One Piece characters.

This makes her even more popular than Ace and some of the Straw Hat Crew members. Several years back, when the Amazon Lily Arc was still running, Boa was once ranked as the second most popular character in the series.

6. Becoming a Warlord

character as a warlord

Despite her hatred towards the World Government, she becomes a Warlord to protect the Kuja Pirates. Boa didn't have to approach the World Government that Teach did. Instead, she was offered the position. After much consideration, she accepted their proposal which elevated her status as a pirate.

However, regardless of that, she never followed rules and even attacked several Marines during the Marineford Arc. Despite all her deeds, she was forgiven over and over, until her position was revoked due to the disbandment.

7. She can Defeat Most of the Previous Warlords

character kicking her opponent

The Warlords are among the strongest pirates in the world. Even so, there aren't many who can the Haoshoku Haki among them. Boa and Doflamingo are the only members capable of such a power. It gives the user an extreme advantage in battle.

Boa's Haki, combined with her special fighting style is enough to take down several Pacifistas at once. She uses her legs to fight since she deems her rivals unworthy for her to make contact with her hands. This bears some resemblance with Sanji's fighting style as he believes his hands are only meant for cooking and not for hurting others.

8. Her Snake

character with her snake

Boa Hancock lives up to her name of the Snake Princess since she always appears in battle with her snake that she uses as a weapon. What most people don't know is that the name of her snake is Salome. It is a feminine name derived from the Hebrew word shalom, meaning Peace.

In Christianity, Salome was the name of a Christian disciple and one of the few women to have witnessed the resurrection of Jesus Christ along with the two Marys. Boa Hancock's Salome is a large white snake with large pink spots running down her body. She is always smiling and appears to care deeply for Boa.

9. Character Inspiration from Medusa

character giving a wicked smile

Oda Eiichiro took inspiration for her character design from Medusa, a monster figure from Greek mythology. Medusa was a beautiful woman with black hair and pale skin before she was cursed. After she was cursed, she gained the ability to petrify people who would look directly into her eyes.

Medusa had venomous snakes in place of her hair after she was cursed. Taking these references, Boa Hancock was designed in a similar fashion, even to the point of having the same ability as Medusa. The only difference is that rather than snakes on her head, Boa wears large snake earrings and uses a snake as a weapon.

10. The Meaning of Her Name

character with her snake

Oftentimes, the name of an anime character is associated with their personality or powers. In Boa's case, the meaning of her first name is related to snakes. The boa constrictor also called the red-tailed boa or the common boa is a species of large, non-venomous, heavy-bodied snake.

As for her last name, it was inspired by an English engineer Thomas Hancock, who was the founder of the British rubber industry. Given Boa's obsession with Luffy (a rubber man), the meaning behind her surname is most unlikely to be a coincidence.

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