5 Facts About Honami Ichinose

5 Facts About Honami Ichinose

Honami Ichinose is a student of the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School in the Classroom of the Elite series. Classroom of the Elite is a light novel series that was released in 2017. It is a psychological thriller that has dark elements of a human being.

Classroom Of The Elite anime is based on a high school that nurtures students and gives them a high degree of freedom that imitates real life. The story unfolds different events that bring out the darker and realistic side of human behavior and is exaggerated. Honami Ichinose is the class representative of Class B. She’s charismatic and outgoing. She is an altruistic person, the kind of girl that everyone aspires to be (especially in the anime world).

1. She’s a Pacifist

Honami Ichinose is a pacifist. She does not support violence, condemning it and completely avoiding it like the plague. In addition to that, she lives up to her role of a class rep especially stepping in to resolve matters. It is seen in a particular instance, Ichinose persisted in resolving the brawl between a C Class and D Class.

2. Ichinose’s Private Points

Ichinose has a lot of points. In fact, it was so many that Ayanokoji had questioned how she had so many points which seemed almost impossible for a student to have to which she responded by immediately dismissing it. Ichinose is known to be a people person, someone selfless and not secretive at all. No one knows about it and no one knows how she has so many points.

3. She’s a People-Person

Honami Ichinose is definitely an extrovert considering her popularity. She is known to be kind to the lower classes and higher classes alike, unlike everyone else. She doesn’t assert any sort of superiority. Her outgoing and kind-hearted nature helps her deal with people in her own way. These qualities are what helped her become friends with Kiyotaka Ayanokoji and Kikyou Kushida.

4. She had a secret admirer

Throughout the series, Ichinose had shown her selfless and helpful side. Given her good nature, she’s bound to have lots of admirers. In a particular instance, Ichinose was being confessed to by a girl. On her selfish part, somewhat seen ‘out-of-character’ for a person like her, asked Kiyotaka’s assistance while the confession happened.

This might’ve been the only negative thing that we’ve seen of Ichinose.

5. Kiyotaka’s Love Interest

Seen more in the manga, it is discovered that Ichinose is actually head over heels for Kiyotaka after observing him and interacting with him. She easily trusted him and thinks he is more intelligent and talented than he lets on. Regardless, she does no try to pry into his life sensing that he doesn’t like it.