Facts About Irina Jelavi, The Sensual Assassinator

Facts About Irina Jelavi, The Sensual Assassinator

Irina Jelavic is the professional hitwoman sent by the government to kill Korosensei. Thereby, appointed as the English teacher for Class 3-E.

Irina Jelavic is a beautiful and sensual woman. She is a tall and fair-skinned young woman. Irina has hip-length, light blond, wavy hair with blue eyes.

Irina is generally seen wearing high-brand clothing which flatters her physique.

Such attire helps her to manipulate her assassination target but it gets her in trouble with Karasuma, who in fact scolds her for this.

Irina Jelavic in Class 3-E

In the beginning, Irina Jelavic was a cruel and arrogant person with little to no regard for the students of Class 3-E.

She believed that her job was to only kill Korosensei. Irina did not take her work as an English teacher into consideration.

Moreover, Irina mocked the students when they ask her to teach them or if they can have Korosensei teach them.

Nevertheless, her attitude changes after her failed attempt to kill Korosensei. Karasuma takes her to where Korosensei is preparing individual tests for the students.

When she learns how much the c students and Korosensei give this “assassination” a meaning, she rethinks her methods.

Irina Jelavic apologizes to the students and promises to teach them what she learned from her experience. She teaches them how language is important in any assassination.

Irina also earns the “Bitch- sensei” from the students.

After her becoming a part of Class 3-E her entire persona of an arrogant and cruel woman transforms.

Underneath her appearance of a professional assassin, we see the childish woman who lacks social understanding.

She turns out to be a humble woman with a softer side reserved for her students.

Irina Jelavic plays the role of supporting teacher throughout the series. She plays a crucial role in the Assassination Island Arc.

Irina uses the experience of being a professional seducer to help the students infiltrate the hotel.

She captures the attention of all the bodyguards present in the lobby with her charm and Piano playing skill.

Meanwhile, the students get past unnoticed through the lobby.

Irina Jelavic and Karasuma

a man and a women drinking a champagne

Irina Jelavic, who never failed to seduce her target, had a hard time with the ignorant and oblivious Karasuma.

Time and again she failed to charm Karasuma. All the students and Korosensei plan to help her in her love quest still Karasuma remains as ignorant as ever.

Karasuma confesses that he only ever saw their relation as professionals who are here to kill Korosensei.

This revelation results in Irina leaving the school. This leads to the “Reaper Incident Arc”.

However, this incident leads to Karasuma become considerate towards Irina.

On Valentine’s Day, Karasuma asks her to work with the Ministry of Defense and also offers Irina, his place to stay.

Seven years after Korosensei’s assassination, Irina Jelavic is seen to work with Karasuma. In the end, Irina Jelavic married Karasuma.

They also have a daughter, who seems to have a harem of boys in kindergarten.

Irina’s favorite student

Out of all the students, Toka Yada, seems to be Irina’s favorite. Yada shows interest in learning the art of infiltration and negotiation from Irina.

Yada is also the one to vouch for Irina during the “Reaper Incident” and convinces Karasuma to save her.

Irina Jelavic became a professional killer under the guidance of Lovro.

Lovro and Olga adopted her when they found her wandering in her hometown after killing the militants who murdered her parents.

However, ever since joining Class 3-E she gained a family and a nice husband.

Also, she finally learned to be herself and not just live with her identity as a hitwoman.

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