5 Facts About Kiyotaka Ayanokoji

5 Facts About Kiyotaka Ayanokoji

Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is the protagonist of the series Classroom of the Elite. Classroom of the Elite is centered on the psychological thriller genre, which has dark elements to the anime that makes it all the more interesting. It is a light novel series that was written by Shojo Kinugasa and illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose. It was adapted as an anime by Yuyu Ichino in the year 2017.

The plot centers around a high school, the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School, which allows the students a high degree of freedom that mimics real life. It takes place in the distant future where the Japanese government aims to nurture the young high schoolers since they are the future of Japan.

Ayanokoji is the main character who is shy and reserved, and an unmotivated guy who has poor communication skills. Ayanokoji is somewhat of a mystery. A lot has to be revealed since very little about him and his past was revealed in the first season.

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1. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji’s Physique

Kiyotaka 's showing his torso

In a particular scene in Episode 7, Suzune Horikita points out his incredibly well-built body, asking him if he does any sports. Ayanokoji’s responded by denying it and said he doesn’t play or do anything of that sort.

This seemed a little weird considering any anime that is usually that muscular at a young age is almost always involved in some kind of sport. He doesn’t actively reveal anything about himself. The reason for his well-built body is due to the extensive training he went through as a child in the ‘White Room.’

2. Ayanokoji’s Manipulative Nature

kiyotaka manipulating other character

In many instances throughout the series, it is clearly shown that Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is an above-average student. He is an inconspicuous person but somehow tends to have an impact on people.

He’s also manipulative, he understands the art of manipulation and uses it to his advantage. One such obvious manipulation is seen when he helps Horikita to set a trap against C-class.

3. His Above Average Intelligence

fan art of classroom of the elite characters

It is clearly seen throughout the series that Ayanokoji is a smart guy, smarter than the others in D-class. If he applied himself, he would actually be in A-class. He’s a standoffish and a poor communicator solely due to his mysterious past. Nonetheless, he doesn’t refrain from showing his intelligence in subtle ways.

It was seen when what others claimed was something done deliberately, he said it was a mere coincidence when he scored 50/100 on every test. He could score a 100 but chose not to.

4. He Can Play the Piano

Ayanokoji playing piano

It was revealed in Episode 2 when he stopped Horikita’s brother from assaulting her. When he stopped the school’s president from hitting her, they fought hand-to-hand, with Ayanokoji mostly evading Manabu Horikita’s persistent attacks. When the President questioned his skills, he revealed that he only plays the piano and does calligraphy.

5. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji’s past

Ayanokoji in white room

A lot of things have been revealed about him such as his introvertive nature, his intelligence, and his physical abilities. But what do we really know about him? Through his dynamic personality, it is revealed in several incidents that Ayanokoji seems to be a mystery only because of his past.

In a particular flashback, he is seen as a small child in an organization called the ‘White Room’ which is controlled by his father who experimented on children. He went through extreme training but his traumatic past has bred a wicked side to him which only sees other humans as tools to win.