Amazing Facts About Kozuki Oden

Amazing Facts About Kozuki Oden

Kozuki Oden was the son of former shogun, Kozuki Sukiyaki, of Wano Country and is the late damiyo of Kuri in Wano Country.

Oden was also the 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and later joined Roger’s Pirates.

However, before setting out to the sea, he was the leader of Nine Red Scabbards, a group of legendary samurai. Oden stands at a height of 382 cm.

He was a significantly large person with a brash and confident attitude.

He was a self-willed person which resulted in him doing some extremely outrageous actions.

After being banned from a yakuza’s casino he burned it down.

He also kidnapped women to form a harem at night and fought their husbands and lovers.

Oden always wanted to go to the sea for adventures and for that he tried 38 times to set sail.

He found Wano Country very cramped and wanted to open its borders to the outside world.

Kozuki Oden in Whitebeard Pirates

Oden secretly set sail behind Whitebeard's Pirate ship when they came to Wano Country.

Whitebeard refused to let him join the pirates because he believed that as a samurai Oden would not work well under authority.

Oden, however, was persistent and when Whitebeard Pirates tried to set sail in the middle of the night, Oden chained himself with their ship “Moby Dick”.

Whitebeard was surprised and impressed by Oden and gave him the challenge to hold onto the chain for three days.

If he succeeded, Kozuki Oden would join Whitebeard Pirates.

Taking the challenge Oden did well until the end, but he let go of the chain to save Toki who was drowning.

Whitebeard impressed by his compassion welcomed Oden to the crew.

He was well-liked among the members and Whitebeard as well called him his brother.

When Gol D. Roger requested to take Oden with his crew for a year, Whitebeard grew upset and refused to comply.

Kozuki Oden with Roger Pirates

Roger had known about Kozuki Oden and valued him for his knowledge of Poneglyph.

Years later when Oden joined Whitebeard Pirates, Roger and Oden clash as both crew battles for each other’s treasure.

The battle ended up in a gifts exchange.

Roger asked Whitebeard if he can take Oden with him to learn about Poneglyphs.

Oden expressed his willingness and interest to join Roger Pirates and set sail with them.

Kozuki helped Roger decipher Road Poneglyph and together they reached the final island, Laugh Tale.

Oden warmed up to the crew and the crew as well started to treat him like a family after an initial disturbance.

He also cried when Roger decided to disband the crew.

When he learned about Roger’s execution he sobbed but also felt proud when his former captain died a legend.


Busoushoku Haki known in Wano Country as Ryuo, Oden mastered it.

He was such a powerful samurai that he was the only one who tamed Meito, Enma, a sword feared because of its Haki-draining property.

From age 18, he could use Ryuo, as he uses it to harden his swords.

When he was 29 he clashed against Whitebeard who himself is a Busoushoku Haki master.

Kozuki Oden’s most interesting fight was against Kaido.

He wounded Kaido while he was in his indestructible dragon form and gave him a permanent scar by covering his swords with Ryuo, especially Enma.

I am Oden, and I was born to boil

Oden’s execution deal with Kaido to boil him alive for 1 hour is a reference to the amount of time it requires to boil and fully cook oden.

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