5 Unique Facts About Kurome,The Assassin With An Appetite

5 Unique Facts About Kurome,The Assassin With An Appetite

Kurome is a member of the special military squad, The Jaegers. She is also Akame’s younger sister. Here are 5 facts that make her a distinctly unique character in Akame Ga Kill.

1. Kurome and Akame

kurome and akame

Kurome and Akame were sold by their parents to the Empire. They were forced to participate in a survival exam. The younger sister survived because of Akame. Later, the sisters were drafted to separate groups. This was because the superiors hesitated to put the siblings together.

Thereafter, Kurome was subjected to intense brainwashing and cruel treatment. She was also given physical enhancement drugs repeatedly which she continued to use. She developed a completely different mindset than that of her sister.

Even after being separated for a long time, she still longed for her sister in a twisted way. The two later clashed in a destined fight.

2. Kurome shares a lot of traits with her sister

kurome's socially awkward nature being shown in this picture

Kurome shares a lot of traits with her sister. For instance, she has a large appetite and can always eat more than her fill. She is also very socially awkward. However, she has a much darker streak to her personality as compared to Akame.

Kurome is a proficient assassin and does not hesitate once before killing somebody, no matter who it is. However, she is secretly scared of being weak. She believes she can never show any weakness. If it ever happened, she will be considered dead weight by the Imperial Army and tossed away.

3. Kurome looks a lot like Akame

2 women standing back to back in a fight against multiple enemies

So much so that Tatsumi recognized her as Akame’s sister the moment he first saw her. Her clothes have a similar design and color pattern to that of her sister. However, she has short black hair. Her shirt is also shorter than her sister's. She wears a red gauntlet just like Akame. She keeps her Imperial Arm with her at all times.

4. Her Imperial Arm

 Kurome weilding a sword

Kurome wields a sword just like her sister called “March of the Dead: Yatsufusa”. She has superhuman reflexes and strength and excellent swordsmanship. Yatsufusa has the ability to enslave people that it kills. Kurome has an unhealthy attachment to her fallen comrades. Incidentally, she keeps some of them as corpse dolls.

She intended to add her sister to this collection. She also seemed to play with the corpses of those she has killed. Additionally, she keeps the powerful ones to use in her permanent collection, which is limited to eight.

5. Kurome’s End | Anime vs Manga

kurome's dying moment

*spoiler alert* The anime journey for Kurome ends when she duals with Akame. The two sisters engage in a fearsome fight which the drug-addled and weakened Kurome loses, ultimately dying. The manga takes a different route for the character. In the manga, the two sisters square off as well.

However, just when Akame is about to land a deadly blow on Kurome, Run intervenes saving her life. She later defects from the Imperial Army alongside Wave. The two start living together thereafter and her life changes for the better.

However, Kurome suffers from PTSD and is haunted by the memories of her fallen comrades. Even so, this is a happy ending for the veteran assassin as she has Wave with her, seemingly for the rest of their lives.