10 Amazing Facts About Sanemi Shinazugawa

10 Amazing Facts About Sanemi Shinazugawa

The Hashiras are the 9 strongest demon slayers in the entire Demon Slayer Corp. The word "Hashira" means pillar in Japanese. Referring to the demon slayers as Hashiras explains the fact that they are the ones holding the organization together.

The Hashiras are highly respected for their job since they are assigned the most difficult tasks, which include battling with the 12 Kizuki. One of those Hashiras is Sanemi Shinazugawa, the Wind Hashira. Sanemi first came off as a very arrogant person with no social etiquette whatsoever.

He resents the fact that a demon slayer (Tanjiro) was traveling with a demon (Nezuko) and protecting it. He truly believed that Nezuko would anytime give in to the natural desires of the demons and devour humans mercilessly. However, his actions were proven wrong when Nezuko didn't attack him when being provoked.

Here are some facts about him that you probably don't know.

1. The Reason for his Scars

character using his sword on the box

He fought with several demons, even prior to joining the Demon Slayer Corps. As a result, he would get injured multiple times, and ended up with scars all over his face and body. The scars on his face were a result of his battle with his mother, who had just been turned into a demon. While trying to save his younger brother Genya from her, she gave Sanemi two large wounds across his face.

2. His Respect for Kagaya Ubuyashiki

kaguya addressing hashiras

Kagaya Ubuyashiki is the only person Sanemi showed reverence to. Initially, when he joined the Demon Slayer Corps, Sanemi disrespected Kagaya, questioning him why the demon slayers should risk their lives for the sake of someone who stays safe inside his own home.

He also said Kagaya probably doesn't even remember the names of those who died in battle. However, Kagaya's reply was something that was way out of his expectations. Kagaya recited the names of the fallen one by one. He also explained that he tried to pick up a sword like other demon slayers, but his frail body wouldn't allow it. Sanemi realized that Kagaya is much more than what his outward appearance suggests. Ever since then, he has held a deep respect for him.

3. He has Marechi Blood

character showing his blood to nezuko

The reason why Sanemi was trying to lure Nezuko with his blood was that it is special to the demons. Marechi blood allows the demons to gain tremendous power. It is so irresistible to them, that even a drop of it could make them lose control. In fact, compared to other humans, Sanemi's Marechi blood is even more powerful and irresistible.

That is also the reason why Nezuko was able to gain the acknowledgment of the Demon Slayer Corps when she turned her head away from his blood in disgust. Also, Sanemi's blood has always attracted more demons to him, and that's why he had to fight with so many of them.

4. His Family's Death

sanemi's family

Sanemi was the eldest among the seven children of the household. He had a kind mother, but his father was abusive. After his father died, Sanemi's took care of them alone. Being the eldest, he helped her in every way he could.

However, one day, she was turned into a demon and killed five of her children. Just as she was about to kill Genya, Sanemi stepped in and save his life. He killed his mother after being severely injured by her.

After that, he left his village and went on a hunt to kill demons alone until he met Masachika Kumeno, who encouraged him to join the Demon Slayer Corps and had him learn the Wind Breathing Style.

5. His Relationship with his Brother


Sanemi risked his life to save Genya and even killed his mother, who was now a demon, for him. However, Genya blamed him for killing his mother. Sanemi was heartbroken and left the village to hunt demons. Genya later realized his mistake and joined the Demon Slayer Corps in search of him. However, Sanemi abused him and tried every way for him to leave the organization.

It made Genya believe that Sanemi still hated him for what happened. Genya spent years to get his love and acknowledgment, but he never could. It wasn't until the Demon Slayers were battling Kokushibo, that Sanemi told Genya the truth. He said that he wanted Genya to live a happy life with a family he creates, and away from demons.

6. His Demon Slayer Mark

demon slayer mark on the character's cheek

Sanemi Shinazugawa awakened his demon Slayer mark during his battle with Kokushibo. His mark appeared on his cheeks, which looked like a windmill, symbolizing his Wind Breathing Style. It increased his ability to a maximum level, making him able to fight with Kokushibo with less difficulty.

However, even after having his powers multiplied, he still was unable to defeat the Upper One alone. As a result, he had to watch Muichiro and Genya die in the battle. Along with Gyomei, Muichiro and Genya helped Sanemi in the battle. Through their combined efforts, they were able to defeat the strongest demon among the Twelve Kizuki.

7. Second Strongest Hashira

character using his sword

Gyomei, the Stone Hashira is considered the strongest Hashira. With his brute strength, he can kill demons without the need of a Nichirin Sword or Breathing Techniques. However, in terms of technique and strength, Sanemi doesn't lack much far behind Gyomei.

Sanemi was also able to kill a demon with a Nichirin Sword or Breathing Techniques. He used to hang them up on trees and waited till it was sunrise for them to be dead. He is one of the very few characters in the series who can kill demons without the Nichirin Sword. After awakening his Demon Slayer Mark, he became several times stronger. Muzan was also impressed by his ability and acknowledged his strength.

8. Wind Breathing Style

character using sword on nezuko

The series only ever showed two wind breath users, Sanemi and Masachika Kumeno. However, despite the lack of users, it is actually a very powerful breathing style. It is one of the five styles derived directly from the sun breathing technique.

It mimics wind, specifically powerful torrents of air and whirlwinds, and replicates it with the user's movements, techniques, and abilities. It has a total of nine forms, all of which, Sanemi excels in. The beast breathing used by Inosuke and mist breathing used by Muichiro is both derived from the wind breathing technique.

9. His Fate in the Manga

nezuko and sanemi

The battle with Muzan and the 12 Kizuki took out most of the members of the Demon Slayer Corps, that includes Kagaya as well as the Hashiras. One by one, the brave demon slayers died in the battle against the demons. With only a handful of the members left alive and the end of all existing demons, the organization was disbanded.

His resentment towards Nezuko also transforms into brotherly affection when he sees a shadow of Genya in her. Sanemi is one of the three Hashiras who remained alive till the end. However, he lost his only remaining relative, the younger brother he loved very much, and his peers. This left him devastated. The other two remaining Hashiras were Giyuu and Uzui, the latter having retired after the Entertainment District Arc.

10. He is Color Blind

character telling about his color blindness

Sanemi is color blind since childhood. The scars he got with his mother on his face did more damage than it appears. His eyes were damaged because of his mother. As a result, he stopped seeing the colors and everything around him looked black and white.

This is also the reason why he had some vision problems at night. In the manga, when he was recollecting the events of his past, he remembered the time when he killed his mother to save Genya. As he saw her disintegrate under the sunlight, he thought of having all the colors from the world fading away.