Everything You Need to Know About Suzune Horikita

Everything You Need to Know About Suzune Horikita

Suzune Horikita is the female protagonist of Classroom of the Elite series. Classroom of the Elite is a light novel psychological thriller series that was released in 2017. It gained a huge fanbase.

The story follows the students of the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School who are regarded as the future of Japan. Therefore, they are given a high level of freedom that mimics real life.

The whole anime revolves around a competition between students as well as the psychological aspects of humans. The anime explores the darker side of human beings that involves manipulation, sociopathic tendencies, lies, and alter egos.

Suzune Horikita is an intellectual beauty who is aloof, detached, and cold-hearted. She sits next to Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, the main protagonist, and is the School President’s younger sister and a part of the D-class, the “inferior” class compared to the rest.

Suzune Horikita’s Appearance

Horikita has long black hair with a white bow and gradient red eyes. She has a well-endowed body and is quite slim. She is attractive and gets attention from Ken Sudo and Kakeru Ryuen. She’s always got an apathetic and unapproachable expression. Regardless, she gets a lot of attention from everyone around her.


horikita and Ayanokoji  in their red uniform walking in a forested area

Horikita is intelligent and likes to be alone. She rarely displays any emotions and has a clear goal in mind- to reach A-class. Ayanokoji’s first interaction with her was quite awkward, mostly from his side.

She gave short, crude answers that seemed emotionless. She’s straightforward and does not engage in a conversation unless absolutely necessary. In fact, she does not voluntarily engage in a conversation like how normal friends do.

Horikita does not believe in making friends, she doesn’t trust anyone and only wants to focus on her goal. Despite her awkward and ignorant reaction toward Ayanokoji, they slowly started getting along with each other. Ayanokoji even encourages her to be a little more emotional as it would help her make friends.

On that note, Horikita may seem emotionless since she is afraid to open up, most likely due to some trauma. She constantly keeps rejecting Kushida’s consistent approach to becoming friends.

Horikita gets flustered by Ayanokoji’s actions toward her. So, she claims that he is an ally to help her reach her goal. In a particularly scarring incident, Horikita shows her emotional side, filled with inferiority and contempt for herself for not being good enough to reach A-class on her own. Ayanokoji, being the protagonist saves the day and becomes closer to her.

As the series progressed, Horikita became more open with her feelings. She always gave an honest reaction to other people which might’ve got her a few hateful glances.

End Thoughts

Despite Horikita’s resistance to bonding with others, the only way she will get to her goal is through the help of her friends. She appears to act strong, and she is but her bravery can only get her so far. She does not seem to trust anyone which stems from some internal ongoing issues.

Suzune Horikita’s character may seem a little typical of the aloof and detached type, but her interaction and relationship with Ayanokoji certainly make it interesting to watch.