Amazing Facts About Takasugi Shinsuke,The Revolutionary Kihetai Leader

Amazing Facts About Takasugi Shinsuke,The Revolutionary Kihetai Leader

Takasugi Shinsuke, the Kihetai leader is one of the main antagonists of Gintama. A former ally of Sakata Gintoki, together with Katsura and Sakamoto, Takasugi fought in the Joui war. Takasugi is a mysterious person who rallies people for his interests. Takasugi’s interaction with Sakata Gintoki and Katsura is precious from a viewer’s point of view. If you love Gintama, you cannot forget him.

Takasugi often gets involved with Gintoki and Yorozuya, Katsura Kotaro, and the Shinsengumi. He also plotted with Sasaki Isaburo of the Mimawarigumi.

Shinsuke can be persuasive through his actions and is deemed a manipulative individual. Takasug Shinsuke is a versatile character who often has his own agenda. He would go to any length to attain his goals. Let’s take a look at his profile. Be careful though; potential spoilers are ahead!


Takasugi’s character is based on the real-life Kihetai leader. Takasugi served as the prime antagonist of Gintama. He kept pulling strings from the background.

Takasugi is a very complex character. He is a charismatic leader who knows how to control people. His cold and ruthless attitude has earned him his peers’ respect. This has installed fear into his enemies.

The Kihetai leader is a dangerous swordsman who can face large groups in a battle. He holds contempt towards the world and wants to destroy it. Due to his guilt and hatred towards Sakata Gintoki, they are often at crossroads.

The Kihetai is armed with revolutionary ideas mostly to control the country. He knows how to get a job done, without getting his hands dirty. Takasugi was responsible for installing Nobu Nobu as the new puppet Shogun.

Involvement With Kihetai

Kihetai was initially a voluntary army that Takasugi had formed with Sakamoto during the Joui war. After the death of their teacher Shouyou, Takasugi, Gintoki, and Katsura parted ways.

He had reformed Kihetai to continue Joui activities with his subordinates. Kawakami Bansai, Kijima Matako, and Takeuchi Henpeita join him. Kihetai’s main aim is to overthrow the Bakufu and reform the world.

Matako was used as bait to capture Takasugi. Even though it’s a trap, he goes and saves her anyways. Makoto, moved by his actions, swore loyalty to him and joined him.

Relationship & Allies

Takasugi, Gintoki, and Katsura have known each other since childhood. They went to the same school taught by Shouyou. Gintoki and Taksugi were always fighting, with Katsura as the mediator between them.

The three of them participated in the Joui war against the Amantos and were unrivaled. Sakamoto joins them in the war but later departs as he was more interested in exploring other things. He holds no animosity towards Sakamoto. They are always cordial towards each other.

Katsura and Taksugi share similar end goals but their ideals and methods differ.

Takasugi blames Gintoki for Shouyou’s death. He was angry because Gintoki chose his and Katsura’s life over Shouyou’s. He wants to kill Gintoki, as he sees him as a thorn in his plans.

Kamui treated him as an enemy. He wanted to have a good fight with him. When the admiral betrayed Kamui, Takasugi saves him from the execution. They team up to form an alliance later.

“It’s more fun to dance with a batshit crazy idiot, than a plain old idiot.”
-Takasugi Shinsuke

Takasugi has a strong conviction. He doesn’t hesitate to use people as tools if it serves the cause. As a character, he is a visionary and an architect. Takasugi plays an integral part in overthrowing the Bakufu. He played an active role in dismantling the Shinsengumi.

He helped Gintoki during the war against Utsuro. Out of all the characters in Gintama, he is by far the superior and most popular character that I enjoy the most. The fans also voted him as one of the top favourite characters in Gintama.