Which Family Guy character are you based on your MBTI Type?

Each character in Family Guy has a distinct personality. How do the characters like Stewie & Peter fit in?

Which Family Guy character are you based on your MBTI Type?

Family Guy is an American animated sitcom whose story revolves around the adventures of a middle-class family, the Griffins, consisting of a working father, Peter, a stay-at-home mother, Lois, two teenagers, Meg and Chris, a genius baby, Stewie, and a talking dog, Brian.

Other important characters include Glenn Quagmire and Joe Swanson who are the neighbors of the Griffin family. The show has served us with the most vivid iconic characters.

From a genius baby, who craves world domination to a talking dog, who is in love with his owner’s wife, Family Guy has it all.

Each character in the show has a distinct personality. To know more about these characters, let us discuss their MBTI.

Stewie Griffin - INTJ

INTJs are extremely logical and rational. They are intellectual, curious, and have great analytical skills.

They are capable of doing what needs to be done without getting affected by their emotions.

They are reserved and are not very fond of socializing because of their urge to do everything rationally.

Stewie is the genius baby of the Griffin family. He clearly shows the signs of being an INTJ.

He is just one year old but is always making plans to conquer the world.

Stewie often feels that he is surrounded by idiots as he possesses high intelligence.

The only family member he likes is his pet dog, Brian because Stewie considers him intelligent as compared to other family members.

Stewie is extremely smart, goal-oriented, logical, and sassy but a trash talker who always has savage replies for anyone who talks to him.

To achieve his goal, he does not shy away from making plans to kill his mother, Lois.

Lois Griffin - ESFJ

ESFJs are conventionally considered supportive, loyal, and generous.

Those who fall into this category are very caring and love to contribute toward the happiness of their loved ones.

They are people who care a lot about others' feelings and are very emotional. They try to make everyone comfortable in their presence.

Lois, the conventional mother in the Griffin family, is compassionate and is always the first to reach out to someone who is facing any kind of problem.

She is more emotional than logical. She is a very good communicator and listener.

Lois always sticks to her commitments and tends to be very forgiving. Her forgiving nature has been seen quite a few times in the show.

She has always been forgiving towards Peter’s actions even when Peter has cheated on her.

Due to her constant need to help people, it can be said that Lois is an ESFJ.

Chris Griffin - ISFP

ISFPs are adventurous people who tend to live in the moment and enjoy their environment. They often seek adventure in whatever they do.

They are sensitive, artistic, and introverted people. They do not possess leadership qualities and tend to remain behind the scenes.

Chris is an ISFP. He is not very bright and he has a learning disability. But he is very passionate about the things he likes.

He is honest and friendly toward the people around him. He is very naive and believes everything he is told.

He sometimes has emotional outbursts where he is not able to keep himself from doing certain things which should not be done like singing in a grocery store.

He is not able to keep himself focused. However, he is very gentle and pure.

All of these things make him an adorable character.

Megatron (Meg) Griffin - INFP

INFP is the dreamer personality. People having this type of personality yearn for acceptance and individuality from the people around them.

They are deeply concerned with their personal growth. They are thoughtful, curious, and care about others as well.

Personality type of Meg has always been quite contradictory. However, she possesses many traits of being an INFP.

She has a dreaming personality and always wants to fit in. She wishes to have a huge social circle but she is not able to make friends.

She cares a lot about social status.

She gets easily affected by what others say and has been seen crying many times after getting bullied at school by some mean girls.

Meg Griffin is a character that no one cares about much due to which she has become insecure about herself.

Peter Griffin - ENTP

ENTPs are considered entertainers who get amused very easily and like to keep things entertaining in their surroundings as well.

They are outgoing, extroverted personalities who like to be the center of attention at all times. These people are nonchalant and uncaring.

They do not care a lot about people within their surroundings.

Although Peter Griffin’s personality is difficult to describe, it can be said that he is an ENTP.

He likes to live in the moment and doesn’t care much about the world around him.

He is an immature alcoholic who is just the opposite of his very supportive and considerate wife, Lois.

Being an easily bored person, he tends to do the most unimaginable things to keep himself entertained.

He has done everything from fooling the government to faking his death.

He sometimes has even committed crimes such as over-speeding, bullying, beating someone up for no reason, and still doesn’t think that he has done something immoral or unethical.

Brian Griffin - INTP

INTPs are very logical and clever. They are intellectually curious and have a deep interest in a wide variety of topics.

They lack social skills but are capable of being innovative thinkers. Due to these qualities, they are likely to become very successful in their careers.

Brian Griffin is an INTP. He is the second most intelligent person in the show after Stewie. He is intelligent and filled with wisdom.

He is Stewie's only friend, the only one who is considered intelligent by Stewie.

He talks wisely whenever the family is in a troublesome situation.

He is opinionated and independent.

He is a little egotistical but a deep thinker. He is less intelligent than he thinks himself to be.

He has a history of working as a director, a soldier, and a police officer. He is the most “human” in the entire family.

Glenn Quagmire - ESTP

ESTPs are people who like to live risky life. They live in the moment and have action-oriented behavior.

They enjoy having drama, passion, and pleasure in their lives. People with this personality type are logical, not emotional.

They are energetic and bold in their behavior. New things in their lives get them excited.

Glenn Quagmire, a neighbor of Griffin's, is a person who likes to enjoy his life without any worries or boundaries.

He only gives priority to his pleasure. He sets the rules for his life and doesn't bother to live a conventional life of a man in his 60s.

He is pretty straightforward and does not care about the feelings of others and might seem weird or rude to people at times.

His unstable actions sometimes get him into problems but overall he's living the life of his dreams. Glenn Quagmire is an ESTP who lives his life on his terms.

Joe Swanson - ISTJ

ISTJs are logical and rational people. They are quite reserved but also dependable and responsible.

They are willful people and nothing can stop them from achieving their goals.

Concentration, persistence, and seriousness toward their work make them successful in their lives.

Joe Swanson’s personality type is an ISTJ.

He was a member of the US military services who lost his ability to walk during a sting operation.

But he didn’t get depressed even after losing his legs. With sheer willpower, he managed to become a successful entrepreneur by selling prosthetic legs across the world.

He is a dedicated police officer in the Quahog Police Department.

He is a determined guy and never lets his disability become the cause of him getting depressed.

He has anger issues which lead to violent outbursts at times. But he is also very gentle and caring towards people.

He is a very disciplined and dutiful person. He likes things to be organized properly.

Cleveland Brown - ISFJ

ISFJs are stable, sensible, and organized individuals. They find a need to maintain harmony around themselves.

They are hardworking, responsible, and very down-to-earth.

They are deeply compassionate towards other human beings. They have high ethics and moral values.

Cleveland Brown, another friend of Peter Griffin, is an ISFJ for sure. He is sensible, patient, and caring; all traits resembling that of an ISFJ.

He rarely loses his temper as he is a very mild-tempered guy. He often loses his calm whenever he encounters racism.

He often talks very politely and generously. He shows very sweet behavior toward the people around him.