10 Famous Nosebleeds In Anime History

10 Famous Nosebleeds In Anime History

Ah, nosebleeds! One of the most commonly associated anime tropes on viewing cute and attractive people. Nosebleeds are an exaggeration of excitement and are now a staple view in nearly any anime, with plenty of demand of fan service around. Here is a look at a few famous anime nosebleeds in history.

10. Staz Charlie Blood

staz charlie blood's nose bleeding

Staz Charlie Blood plays the boss of Eastern District Demon World. He is a vampire, an otaku at that, obsessed with everything from Human World and especially from Japan. Yanaga Fuyumi is a girl who ends up in the Demon World after being eaten up by a carnivorous plant and becomes a ghost.

During a boxing match, Staz Charlie asks Fuyumi to 'dress up as a bunny. When Staz sees her, he is mesmerized by how cute she looks and gets a nosebleed.

9. Gauche Adlai

adlai giving a terrified look

Gauche Adlai is a member of the team Black Bulls in the anime, Black Clover. Gauche is perhaps the only character suffering from extreme nosebleeds whenever he goes to meet his sister and fawns over her extreme cuteness.

In one instance Gauche while helping out his fellow teammate Grey to overcome his fear of being shy, asks her to transform into his little sister Marie, and tell him that Marie loves her big brother. No sooner does Grey follow, Gauche ends up with blood running down the nose as he sprints towards Grey and scares her.

8. Tsukune Aono

tsukune holding his nose

Tsukune Aono is the main lead in the Rosario+Vampire series. Tsukune plays a high school student going to a demon school and ends up getting a harem with all the females fighting with Moka over him.

Nosebleeds should be pretty common then. Tsukune while being controlled via a voodoo doll ends up seeing Kuromo Kurono bottomless. Tsukune ends up drowning in a nosebleed. It later turns out that it was actually Yukari Sendo who tried to control Tsukune.

7. Romio Inuzuka

romio feeling blushed in front of other character

Romio Inuzuka and Juliet Persia attend the Dahlia Academy Boarding School. They both belong to opposite factions of dorms where families come from two opposing countries of Black Dogs or White Cats. But deep down Romio and Juliet are in love with each other.

Now they must keep this love between them a secret from everyone. While participating in a game together as opposite teams, Romio’s hands brush up against Juliet. This shocks everyone while Romio is not able to comprehend what had just happened. He gets a nosebleed and ends up fainted, probably because of too much blood loss.

6. Hiruzen

hiruzen smoking a pipe

Hiruzen is the 3rd Hokage of Konoha. A well-known Ninja throughout, he was well known as “The God Of Shinobi." He also was the teacher of the legendary Sannin.

Hiruzen, despite being all great, still suffered a nosebleed suffering at the hands of Naruto’s sexy clone Jutsu. As Naruto said, the Jutsu does tend to work better on people who are powerful more easily.

5. Master Roshi

roshi's nose bleeding over his mustache

Master Roshi is as well known for his martial arts as for being a pervert. For a master who has trained people like Gohan, Krillin, Yamcha, Master Roshi has have had his fair moments of being caught as a pervert.

His falling victim to a nosebleed comes quite early in the series when Bulma unintentionally flashes him as a bribe for acquiring a dragon ball.

4. Kouta Tsuchiya

kouta giving perverted look

Kouta Tsuchiya is the protagonist of the show Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. Nicknamed as the “Silent Ninja Pervert,” Kouta is characterized as a pervert in the show. He has his fair shares of nosebleeds throughout the show as any mention of anything even remotely perverted ends up triggering him.

The earliest one at the expense of Hideyoshi, his classmate. Stuck in a room altogether, a cool draft of wind escapes through a crack in the wall. This lifts Hideyoshi’s skirt up. Kouta who catches a glimpse, in turn, ends up with a nosebleed.

3. Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

sousuke with his classmates

Full Metal Panic follows the story of Sousuke Sagara as he returns undercover to high school and has to deal with the various intricacies involved while being here. In a scene where Tess and Melissa are sharing a bathhouse Sousuke’s classmate, Kurz and Kazama try to hear the girls via the wooden partition.

Kazama gets knocked out as soon as the girls start talking while Kurz himself suffering from a nosebleed, calls him out for being weak.

2. Sanji

sanji's nosebleeds

Sanji is the famous chef on Luffy’s ship. Brought up as a man who respects women, Sanji turned out to be a simp for women. With even the slightest sight of a woman being enough to turn the man from a cook to a love cook.

Sanji’s have had various nosebleeds looking at a woman, most famous of these would probably be while thinking of kissing Pudding, daughter of Big Mom.

The sheer thought is enough to turn the man into a hot mess with air coming out of his ears and when Pudding affirms, Sanji’s nosebleed works like a literal jetpack for him!!

1. Joukamachi No Dandelion

akane and all of her classmates having a nosebleed

The show probably has the record for the largest amount of nosebleeds in a single instant. Akane Sakurada, the third eldest daughter of King Sakurada. Each of the nine siblings has power, with gravity manipulation coming in the share of Akane. Akane once dealt with the pressure of not being late to school by taking shortcuts. In turn, she ends up with a skirt that is ripped off of her.

As Akane makes her way towards the class, one incident leads to another and she flashes her class to prove that she is indeed wearing gym shorts beneath. Cute fireworks and nosebleeds. And thus was created the legendary Pantsu scene!