Story Behind Flamel Symbol, Explained

The symbol is quite an important part of the storyline. Read the full article to know more.

Story Behind Flamel Symbol, Explained

The Flamel Symbol in FMA refers to a mystical drawing depicted as a cross with a snake or a serpent draped around it. It has detached wings with a crown on it.

It is believed that it resembles and shares common origins with many ancient symbols such as the ancient Greek symbol of medicine, the Rod of Asclepius, and the Greek symbol related to the God of Alchemy, The Caduceus.

People also believed that the Flamel was also one of the symbols attributed to the medieval period. The cross represented in Flamel’s grave illustrations symbolizes relation to the philosopher’s stone.

The Story Behind Flamel Symbol

The depiction of crown and wings
Flamel Symbol FMA | What Is The Story Behind It?

In the FMA series, the Flamel Symbol is also depicted with a crown and wings. It is shown on the back of Edward Elric’s trademark red coat and on Alphonse Elric’s left shoulder.

The manga shows no significance to how the mark is related to the Elric brothers. Flamel is also shown in their alchemy teacher, Izumi Curtis. It is tattooed on her left breast. But still, it is not clear how it relates to the Elric brothers.

In the 2003 anime, Izumi revealed that her alchemy teacher, Dante, had it too. Above Dante’s wooden chair, there is a golden statue of this symbol.

Another Fma Theory?

There is another theory behind what the symbol could mean. It is said that the symbol refers to the alchemists who have attempted human transmutation. However, this theory can be discredited as we saw in episode 12 of FMA when the Elric Brothers visited Izumi, their teacher.

Izumi transmuted to a spear to surprise attack Edward, forcing him to transmute his auto-mail that he hid well with his glove. Both of them were surprised at the fact that Izumi tried human transmutation by sparring with them.

Even though Alphonse was an affixed soul, Edward lost his limb as a result of the human transmutation. After the transmutation, the mark was still there, proving this theory wrong. The symbol was also used in many more movies other than FMA.

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