Why is Fruits Basket the best shoujo anime?

Fruits Basket is one of the best Shoujo animes out there. Wanna know why?

Why is Fruits Basket the best shoujo anime?

Fruits Basket is a popular shojo anime that has been with fans since 1998 when the manga was released. There are many shoujo animes, but nothing can beat Fruits Basket. If you’re wondering why Fruits Basket the best shoujo anime, this is just the right place to explore it.

Without a doubt, Fruits Basket is the best shoujo anime. There are many reasons why Fruits Basket qualifies to be the best shoujo anime. Fruits Basket tells the story of Tohru Honda who lives together with the Somas, Yuki, Kyo, and Sigure.

Fruits Basket or Furuba shows the lives of Tohru, a girl who loses her mother and her involvement with the cursed zodiac members. Honestly, Fruits Basket has very complicated characters. The characters themselves make Fruits Basket the best shoujo anime.

Every character is multi-dimensional and has some backstory that makes them more appealing and humane. Of course, objectively speaking, Fruits Basket has some very troubling issues wrapped up in a shoujo manga intended for a very young audience.

The problematic issues themselves make Fruits Basket extremely revolting and shocking, but good nevertheless. Fruits Basket shows some very conflicting topics like emotional trauma, domestic abuse, mental instability, physical harm, unlawful confinement, emotional and physical abuse, gender stereotype, coercion, and violence.

Fruits Basket presents these sensitive issues in a justified manner. Some of the acts are committed by the antagonist Akito Soma, the head of the Soma family. Although there was character development, Akito was redeemed in the end. It wasn’t a simple sorry and things were sorted out so easily.

It can be argued that Fruits Basket may not be the best shoujo anime. So what qualifies to make Fruits Basket the best shoujo anime? If anything, Fruits Basket has a diverse range of characters and each of them contributes in their own way.

The characters are not monotonous and are larger than life. The Fruits Basket characters teach viewers some good lessons. Like any other Shoujo manga, Fruits Basket shows friendship, love, hardships, forgiveness, and above all, a good storyline.

The characters will let you form a love-and-hate relationship. You will either love the characters or hate them with full devotion. One of the reasons that make Fruits Basket the best shoujo anime is because of the friendship between Tohru, Uotani, and Hanajima.

Even Hanajima’s sibling Megumi is literally the sibling we all want. He is such a cutie pie character that lightens the mood despite he's associated with dark themes and black magic.

Pay no heed to that.

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The competitive rivalry between Yuki and Kyo is one of the best aspects of Fruits Basket. Yuki and Kyo dislike each other and often argue and exchange a couple of punches with each other.

Yuki admires Kyo and wanted to be like him. On the other hand, Kyo is jealous of Yuki because he excels in everything. However, both Yuki and Kyo have their own burdens to bear. Kyo is plagued with thoughts of imprisonment as he possesses the curse of the cat.

Everyone around Kyo abandoned him including his father. Kyo deserves the happiness and the family which Kazuma gave him, despite having no blood ties with him.

If you remember Tohru’s grandpa, he’s one hell of a grandpa. He’s simply the best. It’s because of him, Tohru was saved from living with her relatives who looked down on her. He let Tohru live with the Somas and recognized her happiness. Kudos to Tohru’s grandpa.

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Let’s talk about the cursed zodiac members. The remaining Zodiac members met Tohru and not everyone was her fan. Some of them didn’t like her which was understandable. Fruits Basket explored Tohru’s personality. She is a kind and caring person.

It actually came as a shock when it was shown that Tohru was imitating her father. In the flashbacks, Kyoko talks with Kyo and explains how Tohru imitates her father and uses formal speech, and is polite. She thinks her husband’s manners were fake polite, he was just pretending to be polite.

Maybe that’s how he distanced himself from the world. Although Tohru uses polite speech, she was genuinely trying her best to fill in her father’s place and desperately tries to get acceptance from her mother, and the world perhaps.

Some of the scenes in Fruits Basket are tear-jerking and heartwarming. The moments between Kyo and Tohru are so precious. They have the most adorable and cute interactions. The love between Kyo and Tohru is one of the reasons that make Fruits Basket the best shoujo anime.

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Fruits Basket's final season recently ended. Fans have been waiting for the Fruits Basket ending, it’s like giving closure to fans. The art is cute and decent, and the emotions portrayed by the characters are justified and relatable to some extent.

It’s neither exaggerated nor over the top. The Fruits Basket Characters are likable, and some characters deserve happiness so badly that you want to cheer for them.

The Fruits Basket anime ending felt a bit short and rushed but nevertheless, it was enjoyable. You can’t but fall in love with Fruits Basket and this is why Fruits Basket is the best shoujo anime ever.

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