4 Best (and Worst Moments) in Fruits Basket: Prelude

What are the best and worst moments in Fruits Basket: Prelude anime movie? Who are Katsuya and Kyoko?

4 Best (and Worst Moments) in Fruits Basket: Prelude

Fruits Basket: Prelude was captivating for fans as it allowed us to relive the magic of the original series, seeing the series from the perspective of Tohru’s deceased parents. In the series, for a large section of her life, Tohru lived without her parents, and at a young Tohru lost her father Katsuya when she was young.

Later, in an accident, Tohru’s mom Kyoko passes away. Coincidentally, Kyo Soma witnessed the accident and kept blaming himself for a very long time. Interestingly, Kyo was acquainted with Kyoko and a young Tohru when he was a child.

Although the movie was amazing, the previous recap for 30 minutes was a bit too much. The only handicap of the movie is the recap was longer, but hope it was a bit sorter allowing us to see more moments between Kyoko, Katsuya, and Tohru.

Fruits Basket is a classical Shoujo series that is possibly one of the best series. Here are some of the Best and Worst Moments in Fruits Basket: Prelude to experience the nostalgia.

Worst Moments

1. Kyoko’s altercation with her family

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Kyoko was part of a gang and often rebelled throughout middle and high school. She wasn’t a rebel by a choice but her family was quite responsible for Kyoko to turn out the way she did.

Kyoko’s father couldn’t care less about her and her mom as their family existed to satisfy the piercing norms of society to appear perfect, yet in truth, they were superficial masking their flaws and how they weren’t even a proper family.

a young girl isolated by adults in darkness

Kyoko’s mom didn’t care either and tried to play the role of a perfect wife, failing hopelessly to become a good mother. Kyoko lived in a household where her existence barely mattered. Due to the gang’s influence, Kyoko had a confrontation with her parents where her brutal dad kicked her out of the home.

The scene was one of the worst moments in Fruits Basket: Prelude because it breaks your heart and shows the reality of life that Kyoko was dealing with constantly.

There was not a single helpful adult to guide her life. Kyoko had a tragic backstory and her family was a mess. It made sense why Tohru never had any connection from her material family side.

2. Kyo’s suffering

the guy is haunted by the dead woman

It was another heartbreaking moment when Kyo had to suffer after Kyoko’s death. Quite honestly, the recap was quite unnecessary as the series neatly tied everything.

It was a waste of precious duration, but nevertheless watching Kyo and Tohru together was great. However, Kyo having to go through all the bitter and painful memories of when Kyoko died was a nightmare.

3. Kyoko’s breakdown

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It was one of the most painful and heartbreaking moments to watch Kyoko question herself and broke down when she learned of the pregnancy. Kyoko was conflicted about what if she turned out like her home and what if her unborn child hated her for giving birth to her.

It was one of the worst moments in the movie because Kyoko was going through all hardships and didn’t have anyone else except Katsuya to support her. Her so-called parents shrugged off any responsibility and contact with her.

4. Katsuya’s Death

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The worst moment of Fruits Basket: Prelude movie that we all knew was coming. The heartbreaking moment that fans dreaded because the end was premeditated and we knew Kyoko and Katsuya’s happiness was short-lived. Katsuya passed away from the cold and later everyone blames Kyoko for no apparent reason.

They just wanted to blame someone. The guilt, torment, and self-blame pushed Kyoko off the edge. Things didn’t help when Kyoko’s parents called to finally cut off their relationship once and for good.

They didn’t want any part with Kyoko and Tohru. It was a bitter and extremely heartbreaking moment to see the mother and daughter suffer. Things became even worse when Kyoko went to commit nearly, but, stopped thankfully and went back to Tohru.

Best Moments

1. Kyoko and Katsuya’s First Meeting

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The first time when Kyoko ever met Katsuya was magical and definitely had a huge impact not only on Kyoko but on viewers as well. Kyoko cursed the world, lamented, and broke down in tears expressing her true feelings which moved something in Katsuya.

Katsuya and Kyoko were similar in many aspects and he could truly understand her. Katsuya worked briefly in Kyoko’s school as a student teacher in training. When Katsuya and Kyoko escaped school and took her out for food, the impact on the scene was huge. It felt a relief to see someone there for Kyoko.

2. The visit to the Sea

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It was refreshing and frankly one of the best moments in Fruits Basket: Prelude when Katsuya took Kyoko to visit the sea. That was the first time she visited the sea, and knowing her family it’s doubtful they ever did any fun activities. It was nice to see Katsuya open up to Kyoko and offered to teach her.

3. The Best Marriage Proposal

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Kyoko felt a deep impact and connected with Katsuya. Katsuya taught Kyoko and helped her to get closer to her dreams. When Kyoko tried to leave the gang, she was beaten and broken as a punishment.

That was the final straw when Kyoko’s family officially disowned her and kicked her out for real. That moment was amazing when Katsuya barged in and officially proposed to marry Kyoko in front of her parents.

Katsuya was not only cool but a truly charming person who only cared about the person whom he loved, nothing else mattered.

4. Kyoko meeting Katsuya’s Father

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Despite how Katsuya Honda described his dad, he was a cool gentleman and a true MVP. Katsuya’s father accepted Kyoko without any issues. They looked like such a happy family.

When Katsuya, Kyoko, and Tohru visited Katsuya’s father, it was such a wholesome feeling to watch them all together and happy. Even when Katsuya passed away, he never blamed Kyoko.

Fruits Basket: Prelude anime movie is hard to miss. There are many magical moments and scenes that can break your heart. Do check out the movie. Fruits Basket: Prelude has a score of 7.6 in IMDB and 8.44 in MAL. The ratings are justified because the movie is a happy realization for fans to watch Katsuya and Kyoko’s story.

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