5 Things That Could Have Been Better In Gintama The Final Movie

5 Things That Could Have Been Better In Gintama The Final Movie

Gintama The Final Movie had a massive reception at the box office. Needless to say, Gintama is finally over and fans had to wait so much to reach the end of the series. Gintama The Final Movie was adapted from the manga, however, some things could have been better.

Although it’s difficult to cram everything in a 1 hour 43 minutes movie, It would have been so much better to have made it into a final scene with at least 40-60 episodes.

As a fan, it’s hard to say goodbye to Gintama and wish it would never end. IMDB has rated 8.8 Gintama The Final and the MAL rating is 9.01. The high ratings of Gintama The Final are justified, just that some elements were a bit disappointing. The opening and closing scenes kept the true spirit of Gintama intact with the classic parody!

5. Kamui and Gintoki

Kamui visiting earth

Although Kamui is not the main character and his story is over, in a true sense, there was so much scope for development. In Gintama The Final, Kamui barely made an appearance, and only, in the end, he was introduced.

Kamui was busy filling his stomach with Edo’s delicious food and feels uninterested in anything else. Surely Kamui never really had a protective or brotherly instinct towards Kagura, but how hard was it to visit your one and only sister? The Kamui vs Gintoki fight never happened again, but it had so much potential.

4. Where is Elizabeth?

elizabeth and kagura

Let’s be honest, as someone who is invested in the Gintama series, how can you not miss Elizabeth? Katsura Kotaou was fighting beside his buddies, and nakamas Sakata Gintoki and Takasugi Shinsuke, Elizabeth’s presence felt so empty. Katsura, without Elizabeth, feels so wrong.

They are the best due to fighting together against every odd. There was barely any screentime for Elizabeth. We needed more of Elizabeth and Katsura together as the elite Joui rebels.

3. Katsura’s Time to Shine!

katsura & elizabeth

Katsura Kotarou had some shining moments in Gintama The Final. The brilliant strategist and prodigy faked his death previously, and joined his allies and buddies to fight against Utsuro.

It was sad not to see him when Taksugi Shinsuke passed away. Katsura never got the chance to say goodbye to his dear old friend. After things were resolved, Katsura was back but like always, the series posed him as a cheap gimmick and troll.

We needed more Katsura scenes with others especially meeting Kondo as they were enemies turned allies. Even in the post-war scenes, Zura did not have screen time.

2. More Screen Time to Shinsengumi

Gintama The Final Movie

If Gintama The Final deserves a score of 9, the remaining point can be deducted because of so little screentime for Shinsengumi. It was forgivable to barely show Tsukuyo and others, but Shinsengumi’s Hijikata Toushirou, Okita Sougo, and Kondo Isao had very few fight scenes.

They needed the time to shine. The Shinsengumi did have a strong entry, but that was faded quickly as the scenes shifted to other characters. As a fan, missed the interaction between Hijikata and Sougo. They did feature at the end with all the major cast but it wasn’t enough.

1. Sakata Gintoki’s Origin story

chibi gintoki

The only dissatisfying thing about the Gintama series was the lack of development of the origin story of Sakata Gintoki. There was a little bit of hope left to see his origin story or something, but the creator has no intention to explore it. That was quite unsatisfying. That was conveniently left out, and now we are left with our own imagination.