Our 12 Favorite GOHs Characters

Our 12 Favorite GOHs Characters
Mira, Daewi and Mori

After the immense success of the webtoon, The God Of Highschool anime aired in 2020. The God Of Highschool is an ongoing South-Korean Manhwa that releases in the webtoon app. GoH is created by Park Yongje. Let’s find out The God Of Highschool Characters from the series.

There are many characters in the GoH series but I’ve listed only the important characters that appeared in The God Of Highschool Anime season 1. Let’s take a glance at the top GOHs Characters.

1. Mori Jin

Mori Jin is the main protagonist and one of the most popular God Of Highschool characters. Jin is extremely powerful and loves to engage in challenging fights. Commissioner R invited him to the G.O.H tournament. He practices Renewal Taekwondo.

Unlike other people, Mori Jin doesn’t have any borrowed powers. Mori Jin is a genuine fighter who uses martial arts to fight. Jin Taejin is his grandfather. He entered the G.O.H tournament to have a good fight and to find his grandfather.

2. Han Daewi

Han Daewi is one of the main characters in the God Of Highschool series. He practices Full-contact Karate. Mori Jin defeated him in the G.O.H finals.

3. Haetae

Haetae (Korean Mythical creature) is his borrowed power. He entered G.O.H to cure his friend who was terminally sick. Han Daewi is fiercely loyal and cares a lot about Yoo Mira and Mori Jin. Commissioner Q invited him to take part in the G.O.H tournament.

4. Yoo Mira

Yoo Mira is the master swordsman from Seoul and the 25th master of a sword style called the Moonlight Sword. She enters G.O.H to carry the bloodline by finding a suitable husband and the strongest person. Lu Bu (Chinese General) is her Borrowed Power. She has romantic feelings for Han Daewi and is friends with Mori Jin.

5. Baek Seungchul

Baek Seungchul is one of the God Of Highschool supporting characters. He is a genius with a very high intellect but is physically weak. He uses a metal bat as a weapon. Seungchul mastered all the subjects at a very early age. He believes only in logic and scientific calculations. The Oxen King Uma is his borrowed power.

6. Park Ilpyo

Park Ilpyo is one of the supporting characters in the series. Ilpyo practices the Korean martial art of Taekkyon called Ssamsu-Taekkyon. He is a very laid-back and fun-loving person.


Ilpyo joined the tournament for his cousin’s full recovery. He possesses very high analytical skills. According to Mujin, Ilpyo was the key they were looking for. Park Ilpyo becomes allies with Mori Jin. Hojosa is his borrowed power.

7 . Taek Jegal

Taek Jegal is the main antagonist of God Of Highschool Season 1 who possesses monster-like strength. He has an extremely violent fighting style and he is very arrogant. Park Ilpyo defeated him in the past and from then on he thinks of him as a rival that he must defeat. Jegal was responsible for hurting Ilpyo’s cousin.

8. Park Mujin

Park Mujin is one of the main antagonists of the webtoon series. He organized the G.O.H tournament to find the “Key” to create his new world. He detests Jin Taejin and manipulates Mori Jin. Longinus is his borrowed power. Park Mujin is a member of the Six.

9. Sang Mandeok

Sang Mandeok is one of the bishops in the organization Nox. Park Mujin and he go way back. He is a very dangerous and manipulative character. Jin TaeJin and Mandeok fight along with the rest of the Nox members and ended up capturing him.

two men smiling

10. Commissioner Q

Commissioner Q is one of the judges of the G.O.H tournament. He is one of the best God Of Highschool Characters. Q is hot-blooded and doesn’t get along with his bosses. He doesn’t take losing well, as evident from the fight with Mori Jin.

Mori Jin defeated him and he immediately lost his cool and went full blood-thirsty mode. The commissioners had to intervene in the fight before any further damage. Joker is his borrowed power.

11. Commissioner R

Commissioner R is one of the executives and judges of the G.O.H tournament. He is a calm and collected person. Mori Jin fought with him and that was his very first defeat ever. He is a very cunning and deceptive person. Commissioner R is a very mysterious character who you can’t trust!

12. Jin Taejin

Grandpa patting little boy's head
Jin tae jin and Mori Jin

Jin Taejin is the strongest fighter in the God Of Highschool. He adopts Mori Jin when he was a baby. Jin Taejin created Renewal Taekwondo (also known as Re Taekwondo). He gave everyone a tough fight and even Park Mujin lost to him.

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