How To Get Your Best Friend To Love You Feat. Gojo Satoru & Nanami

How To Get Your Best Friend To Love You Feat. Gojo Satoru & Nanami
Nanami – “You lie more than you breathe, don’t you?”
Gojo – “It reduces carbon dioxide, I’ll completely solve global warming!”
Nanami – “The carbon dioxide from my sighs makes it even.”

-Soaring Summer and Returning Autumn (First Light Novel, Jujutsu Kaisen)

Friendship is a beautiful thing based on mutual trust and respect, or just the former in some cases.

Satoru Gojo and Kento Nanami are professional sorcerers.

They attended Jujutsu High together ten years before the events of the main plot, with Nanami being Gojo's junior.

Nanami decided to forego a career as a sorcerer after college and instead devoted himself to a more mundane and regular life as a salesman.

Nanami changed his mind after several years as a white-collar worker and approached Gojo to organize his return to the jujutsu world.

When Gojo was unable to instruct Yuji due to whatever reason, he asked Nanami to aid the first-year student on a mission.

Gojo introduces the man as a "trustworthy protégé" in whom he places his trust. Nanami claims to trust Gojo but not to respect him.

How does this friendship base on utmost trust and zero respect work?

Nanami And Gojo In Jujutsu Kaisen

Nanami and Gojo do not share much screen time together as Nanami often covers for Gojo in his absence.

Their time together is mostly leisurely where Gojo usually gets on Nanami’s nerves and Nanami does his best to remain unbothered.

Nanami’s no-nonsense, straight-laced energy clashes with Gojo’s chaotic, unpredictable energy in the best of possible ways and is a treat to watch.

Nanami Kento by nature is a very calculating, grounded, by-the-book kind of guy.

Gojo on the other hand thrives on actively destroying the standard operating procedure for every possible thing.

And yet the two of them seem to hold the same opinions on things that matter, one of which is protecting the student/minor under their care at all costs.

Even though Nanami says he does not respect Gojo at all, we can see a sense of reverence he holds for Gojo’s strength and convictions.

The two hold a deep mutual understanding between them and can rely on each other in life or death situations without saying a word.

Soaring Summer and Returning Autumn

Soaring Summer and Returning Autumn is the first light Novel written by Kitaguni Ballad and illustrated by Akutami Gege.

Its 2nd chapter, Resurrection Puppet centers around Nanami and Gojo.

Gojo imposes himself on Nanami while he is on a business trip to Hokkaido.

Gojo tries to strike up a conversation with Nanami as they walk down a busy street, inviting him to play trivia games with him.

Nanami chastises Gojo for not knowing what the word "trivia" means, and the two argue.

Nanami remarks how aggravating Gojo's passion for random things can be when he brings a tourist booklet with the top dessert spots underlined in red.

Nanami thinks to himself as they continue walking with Gojo constantly chatting that Gojo doesn't make sense 90% of the time, and his persistent presence as a colleague can drive one insane.

The light novel follows a very “calm before the storm” tone as the events are set right before the Shibuya incident.

As the two men bicker and disagree and bicker some more throughout the chapter, we catch a last glimpse of something akin to brotherly love between them.

By the end of the chapter, in a rare moment of vulnerability the two talk about their profession, how tough it is to live as a sorcerer without amassing curses that drag you down, and how much more difficult it is for their trainees, young people who are unfamiliar with the hard ways of life.

Something Nanami would probably never admit to himself and Gojo would probably get on a billboard is that the two share a very endearing and deeply loving friendship.

Their bickering old married couple energy is something very common and yet very uniquely theirs.

The only negative aspect of their relationship with Jujutsu Kaisen is that we do not get enough of it!