10 Times Gojo Satoru Spoke Facts

10 Times Gojo Satoru Spoke Facts

Satoru Gojo is one of the most interesting characters in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Satoru is the de-facto strongest sorcerer on the globe, descended from one of the most vital jujutsu families.

He is the first person in several hundred years to inherit both the Six Eyes and the Limitless cursed techniques.

Despite his position of authority, Satoru remains a friendly man with many endearing features.

Because of his excellent sense of humor, flamboyant demonstrations of power, and almost unshakeable confidence in himself, he rapidly became a fan favorite.

Satoru has provided as many humorous one-liners as he has thought-provoking ideas throughout Jujutsu Kaisen.

10. "Maybe It's Good Night For Me..."

Satoru has been in the Prison Realm since the Shibuya Incident.

Kenjaku, who inhabits Suguru Geto's body, was responsible for this.

Satoru was surprised when Kenjaku approached him because he was the one who killed Suguru.

However, he rapidly realized that the man in front of him was not Suguru, but rather someone who was using his best friend's corpse as a puppet.

Just as Satoru was going to be imprisoned in the Prison Realm, he said a few choice words to Suguru.

He stated,

"Perhaps it's time for me to retire. But it's past time you awoke".

Suguru's soul then fought for control against Kenjaku for a split second.

9. "When Granted Everything, You Can't Do Anything"

Satoru used his Domain Expansion: Infinite Void during his first fight with Jogo.

Jogo immediately saw that he was experiencing everything and nothing at the same time.

The cursed spirit was rendered immobile by the sheer amount of knowledge and stimulation he received in a matter of seconds.

This Domain Expansion feels bizarre to anyone seeing it for the first time.

Satoru then mockingly seized Jogo's head and remarked,

"Every action linked with living is forcibly repeated an endless number of times, including perception and speech. Isn't that ironic? You can't do anything when you're given everything".

8. "Dying To Win & Risking Death To Win Are Completely Different"

Megumi's extremely self-sacrificing disposition is one of his major character defects.

While this is often regarded as a commendable attribute, when used excessively, one must question their genuine motives.

In Megumi's case, he feels that when the going gets tough, he'll play his trump card and solve the problem at the expense of his own life.

This was quickly recognized by Satoru. He told Megumi that if he continued in this manner, he would never realize his full potential.

"Dying to win and risking death to win are two entirely different things, Megumi," Satoru explained.

7. "Your Sorry Excuse For A Brain"

When Kenjaku's group attempted to overrun Satoru at Shibuya station, the sorcerer soon defeated them all.

Jogo mistakenly thought he could outwit Satoru. Jogo felt accomplished when the sorcerer expressed astonishment to the cursed ghost.

Satoru, on the other hand, was taken aback for entirely different reasons.

"I'm amazed you believed you could beat me with your lousy excuse for a brain," Satoru stated as he removed his blindfold.

Satoru then looked at Hanami and observed that the "weed" would be picked first, instantly assaulting them and leaving Jogo for last.

6. "Don't Worry, I'm The Strongest"

When he first met Yuji, he dared him to let Sukuna take over for ten seconds to test his control.

Yuji was first concerned, perhaps scared that Sukuna would go on a murdering rampage, putting Megumi and Satoru in danger.

Satoru, on the other hand, stopped Yuji and reassured him, saying,

"Don't worry, I'm the strongest".

Then Sukuna grabbed charge and started fighting Satoru for the allocated ten seconds.

Yuji was fortunate to pass Satoru's exam by recovering control after the timer expired.

5. "When You Die, You'll Be Alone"

Satoru expressed his readiness to work with his teammates while speaking with Megumi.

Even during the baseball game, Megumi chose a bunt over a home run in order to give Nobara a chance to run the bases.

Satoru, on the other hand, told Megumi that jujutsu sorcery is a lonely activity and that he couldn't apply a team sport approach to it.

Cooperation with other sorcerers is necessary, but self-preservation comes first.

"No matter how many allies you have around you when you die, you'll be alone," Satoru informed Megumi.

4. "I Was Worried You Might Just Die From The Shock!"

One of Satoru's best qualities is that he is not afraid to challenge authorities.

When speaking to his elders, such as Principal Gakuganji, Satoru frequently complains about the higher-ups and has no qualms about discarding honorifics.

Gakuganji, according to Satoru, engineered Yuji's death during the Cursed Womb arc.

Since Yuji had resurrected, Satoru thought it would be amusing to surprise everyone at the Goodwill Event.

To accomplish this, Satoru rolled Yuji into the event inside a massive box. Then Yuji appeared.

Though they did not receive the desired response, it provided Satoru with an excellent opportunity to further bruise the principal's ego.

He smiled at Gakuganji and cried,

"Thank you very much! I was afraid you'd pass out from the shock!"

3. "It's Unforgivable To Steal The Youth From Kids"

Satoru was equally protective of Yuta Okkotsu and Yuji Itadori.

When the highest echelons of jujutsu society demanded that these youths' heads be hung on sticks, Satoru was quick to postpone their executions and seek alternatives to executing them.

He believes that young people should experience as much joy as they can in life.

"It's awful to steal the youth away from children," Satoru stated of Yuta. Then, alluding to Yuji, he said, "I still haven't forgiven them for robbing a young person of his youth."

2. "Love Is The Most Twisted Curse Of All"

Yuta came to the conclusion in Jujutsu Kaisen 0 that perhaps Rika wasn't the one cursing him.

Instead, he could have been the one cursing Rika and preventing her from entering the afterlife.

Satoru seems to think this was a plausible theory. "I feel love is the most twisted curse of all," he said to Yuta.

After hearing this, Yuta declared that he would become a powerful enough sorcerer to break Rika's curse while attending Jujutsu High.

1. "I Alone Am The Honored One"

During his rematch against Toji Fushiguro, Satoru demonstrated his will to establish himself as the world's strongest sorcerer.

Despite Toji's belief that he had effectively murdered Satoru, the sorcerer stood in front of him and boastfully stated, "Yo. It's been a while".

Fans got to see a different side of Satoru during this bout.

Fans perceived a merciless warrior intent on demonstrating his authority in jujutsu culture, rather than the easygoing, fun-loving man they had grown accustomed to.

Satoru stared down on Toji as the conflict reached its peak and stated, "Throughout Heaven and Earth, I alone am the honoured one."

Then he delivered the knockout blow.

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