Gokushufudou - The way of the Househusband Netflix ONA Review

Gokushufudou - The way of the Househusband Netflix ONA Review

Gokushufudou - The way of the Househusband was released on Netflix on 8th April 2021. Gokushufudou manga created by Kousuke Oono began serialization in 2018.

All the fans of the manga can rejoice as Netflix Gokushufudou was adapted as ONA (original net animation) anime series.

This series centres around Tatsu, an ex-yakuza who now lives like a house husband with his wife. The infamous “Immortal Tatsu” causes fear for criminals and police alike.

Tatsu is a legendary person who suddenly disappeared and gave up violence. Gokushufudou is a comedy and slice-of-life manga that depicts his normal daily life with his wife and the funny situations he faces.

the cook presenting a dish made by him

Having read Gokushufudou manga, the excitement was boundless when Netflix released the anime adaptation.

The impressive cast of Gokushufudou surely picked my curiosity and heightened my expectations. Let’s take a look at the characters of Gokushufudou.

The main characters of this series are Tatsu, Miku, and Masa. Miku is Tastu’s wife, who’s a career-oriented woman and an otaku.

Masa was Tastu’s underling from his yakuza days. Some other characters from the manga are Torajiro, the chairperson, Hibari Torii, Gin, Young Yakuza Lieutenant, etc.

The anime remained faithful to the manga and adapted everything without making any changes.

It was nice to see Immortal Tatsu live a simple life now with her wife Miku. Miku is a big Policure fan and Tatsu tries to get her a Policure Blu-ray on her birthday.

Tatsu and his former underling Masa hilariously bump up into Tojirou who runs a crepe truck.

The characters are mostly from the Yakuza circle, but it’s comical to see them cower in fear when they meet Tatsu, without knowing the previous Immortal Tatsu has now become domesticated and has no relation with the underworld life.

Gokushufudou - The Way of the Househusband is a short and sweet anime series and is highly entertaining.

Although the animation quality sort of sucks, story-wise Gokushufudou is highly recommended. This is one of the best comedy anime series of 2021.

Netflix also released a live-action adaption in 2021 called The Ingenuity of the Househusband Jdrama which is highly recommended as well.

The series released a Part 2 with 5 episodes in 2021 which continued the story of Tastu, his wike Miku, his underling Masa and other characters that were quite entertaining to watch.

The Gokushufudou Manga is still ongoing with 100 chapters published as of 2022.

Hits and Misses

Here's a summary of the reviews given by MyAnimeList.net for Gokushufudou: The Way of the Househusband anime:

Ratings: As of March 2024, Gokushufudou has a rating of 7.2/10 based on over 236,418 user ratings. Gokushufudou Part 2 achieved a rating of 7.54/10 in MAL based on 83,000 user ratings as of the same time.


  • The humor: Many reviewers praised the anime for its hilarious and absurd humor, which often pokes fun at Tatsu's intimidating yakuza past and his dedication to being a househusband.
  • The characters: Several reviewers noted that the characters are likable and well-developed, particularly Tatsu and his wife Miku.
  • The animation and visuals: Many reviewers commented on the unique art style and animation, which is heavily stylized and incorporates manga-style panels and sound effects.


  • Lack of plot: Some reviewers felt that the anime lacked a cohesive plot and was too episodic in nature, with each episode focusing on a different domestic task or situation.
  • Slow pacing: A few reviewers noted that the anime can be slow-paced at times, with some scenes feeling repetitive or drawn out.
  • Fans of the manga: Some fans of the original manga series by Kousuke Oono felt that the anime didn't do the source material justice, either by cutting out certain storylines or by toning down the humor and violence.

Overall, Gokushufudou has generally positive reviews on MyAnimeList.net, with many viewers enjoying the show's unique humor and characters.

However, some reviewers felt that the anime was lacking in plot or had slow pacing, and some fans of the manga were disappointed with the adaptation.


Why did Tatsu become a househusband?

Tatsu wanted to support his wife Miku and felt that being a househusband would be the best way to do so. He also wanted to leave his yakuza life behind and start anew.

How does Tatsu manage to do all the housework and cooking so well?

Tatsu learned a lot from his mother and grandmother, who were both skilled in domestic tasks. He also approaches housework with the same discipline and determination he had as a yakuza boss.

Does Tatsu miss his old life as a yakuza boss?

While Tatsu doesn't regret retiring from the yakuza, he occasionally misses the adrenaline rush and excitement of his old life. However, he finds his new life as a househusband to be more fulfilling and rewarding.

What is Tatsu's personality like?

Tatsu has a stoic and serious demeanor, but also has a soft side and is very dedicated to his wife. He takes his role as a househusband very seriously and is extremely skilled in cooking, cleaning, and organizing.

Does Tatsu still use his yakuza skills as a househusband?

Yes, Tatsu occasionally uses his yakuza skills to help people in need or to protect his family and friends. However, he tries to keep his past life a secret from his neighbors and acquaintances. However, it is unlikely that his wife Miku is unaware of his past as she literally found him when he was nearly dying.