Gray Fullbuster, The Ice-Make Wizard

Gray Fullbuster, The Ice-Make Wizard

Fairy Tail feels incomplete without the Ice wizard Gray Fullbuster. Gray Fullbuster is an Ice-Make Wizard from the Fairy Tail Guild. He is a member of Team Natsu.

Natsu and Gray often bicker and fight over serious things but they are quite close. Lyon and Gray learned and trained under the same Wizard Ur. Gray Fullbuster was also part of the Lucy rescue team.

He is close with Erza, Lucy, Natsu, Wendy, and Juvia among others from the Fairy Tail guild.

Gray Fullbuster is one of the coolest and most chill characters in Fairy Tail. Most of the time he has a laid-back personality but when it comes to fights, he becomes extremely serious. He never goes easy on high opponents.

When they went to rescue Lucy Heartfilia, Gray had to face off against Juvia Lockser, the then-member of The Phantom Lord Guild.

Gray defeated Juvia in the intense battle, and also was able to have a positive impact on her. Since then, Juvia has developed an obsession with Gray.

Gray Fullbuster is loyal towards his friends and the Fairy Tail guild. He would do anything to protect them and go to any lengths to avenge them.

Gray is quite reckless and obstinate when he was young but over time his personality has changed.

He is more sensible and level-headed. He has a habit to strip unconsciously while using the Ice-Make magic.

Guess it’s a feast for Juvia’s eyes!!! When Gray infiltrated Avatar to find about E.N.D, he had no trouble fooling everyone and played as a villain.


Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Bastia trained under Ur when they were young. Ur sacrificed herself to defeat Deliora and to protect Gray.

She took Gray under when his hometown was destroyed by Deliora. Ur taught them Ice-Make magic.

Gray and Lyon have a friendly rivalry just like Natsu. Natsu and Gray fight with each other, physically and verbally. But they both care about each other.

Gray is close to Lucy Heartfilia and thinks that she is naive and cute. They have a friendly relationship, and this acts as fuel for Juvia to see her as a possible rival in love.

Gray Fullbuster’s dad Silver who was presumed dead was actually alive. Later he was revived but that’s another story!

Juvia Lockser likes Gray Fullbuster. Gray has never explicitly rejected her advances. They even partnered together during difficult battles.

Juvia has professed her undying love towards Gray a lot, but Gray never responds. He doesn’t dislike her though. Often his actions show that he cares about her.

Even if this is Ur’s will, I have my own will. I walk on the path of living with my nakama!!!


Gray Fullbuster can use Ice-Make magic. He is an Ice-Make Wizard who can bend ice according to his will. Gray can morph ice however he needs.

Unlike other Fairy Tail members, Gray Fullbuster has a diverse range of Ice-Make Wizard techniques.

Some of his magic skills are Ice-Make Lance, Ice-Make Freeze Lancer, Ice-Make Hammer & shield, etc. He is an expert weapons specialist and is efficient in hand-to-hand combat.