10 Haikyuu Players That Are Loved By Everyone

10 Haikyuu Players That Are Loved By Everyone

Haikyuu has been one of the most famous sports anime since its release and it makes sense. The kind of energy it brings to the viewers is amazing. The anime is cram-packed with talented volleyball players. Each position is filled with well-deserving players be it any position Captain, setter, libero, or spiker. Here we've rounded up the top 10 best players of Haikyuu that were a threat to a lot of teams.

10. Kenma Kozume

A blonde boy in red hoodie

Kenma is the setter of Nekoma High. While other team members use their stability and techniques, Kenma uses his brain. He is also known by the name of 'Brain' as he is very sharp-minded when it comes to estimating which technique the other team is going to use.

Kenma breaks down the opposing team's strategy, players, skills, and even small moves. Because of Kenma's super brainy strategy, Nekoma often starts with a slow start. As they play and adapt to the game, they turn their game into an offensive manner which suddenly becomes very threatening for the opposing team.

9. Tetsuro Kuroo

The captain of Nekoma High school volley ball team

Tetsuro Kuroo is another player from Nekoma High on our list. He is the captain and middle blocker of Nekoma High. He excels at reading blocking and all other defense strategies. A master of timing, he jumps at every point to make sure he is able to block the opponent team's spikes.

He is also known to be Tsukishima's mentor as he took him under his wing during training camp. Kuroo is recognized as Tsukishima's teacher, even going so far as to teach him his own Personal Time Difference Attack, where a spiker alters the timing of their jump, throwing off the defending blockers.

8. Korai Hoshiumi

The wing spiker ay Komomedai high school volleyball team

Korai Hoshiumi, a wing spiker at Komomedai High. He is a well-rounded player who excels in both defensive and offensive. He is just slightly taller than Hinata, this similar build gives him many same strengths such as speed, agility, high stamina, and jumping power.

But the only thing that is different between them is that Korai has the volleyball experience to back him up in times of need. Along with Kageyama, he is also one of the players who was invited to the All-Japan Youth Intensive Training Camp.

7. Koutarou Bokuto

Two members of Fukrodani academy fighting

Koutarou Bokuto is a third-year student at Fukrodani Academy and the volleyball team's ace and captain. He was acknowledged as one of the top five aces in the country, barely missing the top three. Bokuto has incredible control over the direction of the ball.

He can instantly adapt to new strategies in a very short span of time which makes him different from other players in Fukrodani. Another skill that Bokuto has is that he is incredibly skilled at performing feints, a skill he even taught Hinata at the Tokyo Training Summer Camp.

6. Kiyoomi Sakusa

A very worried Kiyoomi, the ace of Itachiyama Institute

Kiyoomi Sakusa, is the ace for Itachiyama Institute, a heavy favourite to win the nationals. He was one of the top three aces in the country, along with Kiryu and Ushijima, and the only second-year among them. He was also one of those invited to the All-Japan Youth Intensive Training.

Sakusa is known to have extremely flexible wrists that allow him to perform precise shots with control snaps. He shows his basic powers in the game otherwise he is not that much of an outspoken person.

5. Wakatoshi Ushijima

Ushijima, the third year student from Shiratorizarwa

Wakatoshi Ushijima is a third-year student from the Shiratorizawa Academy and the captain and ace of the school boys' volleyball team. He was the number one ace in the Miyagi prefecture and ranked among the top three aces at the time, along with Sakusa and Kiryuu.

The power of his spikes is really amazing. He could literally finish his opponent in a one-hand shot. The power of his serves is unparalleled, making them extremely difficult and sometimes even painful to black or receive. There is a reason he is at the top.

4. Atsumi Miya

Miya, a boy in black t shirt and red jacket

Atsumi Miya is a second-year student at Inarzaki High and the starting setter for the school's volleyball team. He is the twin brother of Osamu Miya. He was known as Japan's best high school setter, as well as its best server, and was also invited to All-Japan Youth Intensive Training Camp.

He is the one who even beat out Oikawa. He personalizes each set to the point that its accuracy and ease allow the spiker to spike without difficulty, often giving the illusion that the spiker is better than they actually are.

Miya's technical strategies can be similar to that of Kageyama, and he is the only setter who can pull off Kageyama and Hinata's all-famous Extremely quick attack. A master of float and Jump float, he often holds the position of service ace.

3. Tooru Oikawa

The captain of Aoba Johsai going for a serve

Oikawa once said, "If You're going to hit, hit until it's broken". Oikawa is a third-year student at Aoba Johsai, serving as the captain and setter for the school's volleyball team. He is the main antagonist of the inter-high and Spring high Preliminary Arcs. Oikawa is known to be observant and sensitive to his spikers, able to deliver the exact set that will draw out their full potential.

He is known to be Kageyama's mentor, who soon turned into one of his biggest rivals. He garnered the name "great king" for Kageyama. Oikawa's greatest strength is his service attack. He can finish the game in his service aces. Kageyama and Hinata are the only ones who can survive their service attacks.

2. Hinata Shoyo

The main protagonist of the show

Hinata is the main protagonist of the show Haikyuu. Hinata is a first-year student at Karasuno-High and one of the best middle blockers at the Karasuno-High. Even though being short in height, he has every quality of being a volleyball player. He is like a tiny ball filled with fire and determination. Hinata has the best jumps among all players.

The way he executes the quick attack with Kageyama is a thrill to watch. Not just this, his overwhelming nature on the court keeps everyone determined even when they are losing. He wants people to know him with nicknames just like other players. His constant determination toward volleyball gains him the title of "the greatest decoy".

1. Kageyama Tobio

The ace of Karasuno high school

Kageyama Tobio is a first-year student at Karasuno High and the best player on The Karasuno High volleyball team. He is also a Deautrogonist in Haikyuu. Known as the "King of the court" he is one of the setters at Karasuno and also one of those to attend the All-Japan Youth training camp.

He is often referred to as the 'genius setter'. Kageyama is known for his remarkable technical ability, and service attacks. He started playing Volleyball because of Oikawa.

He is the only one who can execute the quick attack with Hinata. Unlike other setters, Kageyama takes the ability and preference of the spiker into account and alters his sets to match. His serve jump is precise and calculated, often going untouched.

Make sure you watch Haikyuu and see their amazing performances and other characters too.

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