Haikyuu Season 1: Remarkable or Overhyped?

Haikyuu Season 1: Remarkable or Overhyped?

Haikyuu!! Anime/Manga series is created by Haruichi Furudate in 2012. Since the inception of the series, Haikyuu!! continues to remain the fan-favorite. The sports series focuses on Volleyball and has taken over the world. Haikyuu Season 1 aired in 2014. It teaches us the importance of team-work, hard work, dedication, and how to believe and pursue our dreams. It’s motivating and inspirational.

The central theme revolves around our protagonists Hinata Shoyo and Kageyama Tobio, and their remarkable journey to be the best at Volleyball. It’s a tale of passion and rivalry, action-packed, hilarious, cliffhangers, some tense and heart-warming moments, and lots of emotions. Haikyuu!! has it all. There’s never a dull moment!

Let’s take a deep dive and find out what Haikyuu!! has in store for us! Is it worth all the hype that it generates?

Haikyuu Season 1 Analysis

If I’m completely honest, before watching Haikyuu!! I was a bit skeptical; it’s just another sports anime. How will it be any different? Thank god I watched it and I can affirm and in the full quote, I repeat: “Prepare to be proven wrong!!!!”

This anime series is full-on binge-worthy material. There are no boring scenes, some tear-jerker scenes- absolutely! There’s teenage drama, lots of angst, and comedy- a complete package! It leaves an impressionable impact on the viewers. You crave for more!!!!

Season 1 – the primary focus was the introduction of characters, mostly from the Karasuno High volleyball team, team formation, conflicts between different characters, and how they slowly learned to establish trust and teamwork to achieve their goals. Season 1 concludes the Inter-high match.

Haikyuu Season 1 has many colorful and inspiring characters. The unique range of characters adds a flavorful charm to the storyline. Every character is intriguing and contributes to the plot’s progress. What surprises me the most is the complete 180-degree turn in their behaviors. Even the most serious situation can be quickly defused and you can feel their emotions.

As the Season 1 progresses, you continue to fall in love with the characters. Be it Hinata’s cheerfulness, Kageyama’s scowls, Tsukishima’s snide remarks, Daichi’s scary side, Asahi’s softheartedness, Nishinoya’as energetic vibes, Tanaka’s aggressive disposition, etc. We love them all!

During the matches, you can feel the tension elevating. You can’t help but jump with excitement and happiness to cheer for your favorite character. During the confrontational scenes when they score points or lose, there’s a higher chance you might end up screaming your heart out.

I enjoy the energetic Kageyama-Hinata bickering, how both of them readily submit to Diachi (Volleyball captain).

Daichi’s scary side was a pleasant surprise.

Tsukishima and Yamaguchi’s friendship is admirable. He admires Tsukishima but he never fails to voice his opinion when his friend is wrong. Personally, Yamaguchi has earned my respect. Asahi Azamune, despite being the current Karasuno ace, struggles from low confidence.

The characters in Season 1 have their own vulnerabilities, but they work hard with passion and devotion, which makes them much more likable. They are not perfect, but they strive to be the best.

The 3vs 3 match was mind-blowing. There were some beautiful moments during the match with Nekoma high.

Date Tech vs Karasuno Inter-high match was spectacular. There were nail-biting moments that will constantly keep you on the edges of your seat.

Karasuno vs Aoba Johsai High was equally riveting, till the end no one could predict the result. Watch now to find out! Nothing can beat the joy of binging a sports anime- Haikyuu!! The anime definitely captivates the audience. It delivers what it promises. Haikyuu!! is worth the hype.

If you can watch an episode and walk away, it ain’t happening! You will end up watching the entire series before you realize you forgot something! Sleep – none; entertainment – to the maximum! Watch at your own pace and remember to enjoy!

Haikyuu Season 1 is highly addictive! Currently available on Netflix and other streaming sites. Enjoy till your heart’s content!