Haikyuu Season 2 Review: Karasuno vs Aobajohsai

Haikyuu Season 2 Review: Karasuno vs Aobajohsai

Haikyuu!! has created phenomenal hype in the world of anime.

Haikyuu Season 2 continues the exciting and emotional journey of the Karasuno High School volleyball team as they compete against their rivals, Aobajohsai High School, in the Inter-High preliminaries.

The storyline features intense matches, character development, and themes of teamwork and perseverance.

The animation and soundtrack are once again top-notch, and the voice acting is excellent.


Haikyuu Season 2 starts from where the previous season ended.

The main focus of this season was the Spring tournament. Karasuno vs Aobajohsai is the much-awaited revenge match of the Spring tournament.

The journey of the Karasuno High volleyball team continues. Haikyuu Season 2 has 25 episodes and an OVA. Let’s find out more about Haikyuu!! Season 2.

Spoiler warnings ahead!!! The first half of the series focuses on Karasuno High’s training with other teams.

We get a brief glimpse of Shiratorizawa Academy’s Ushijima. Kageyama and Hinata met him accidentally and challenge him officially. Ushijima doesn’t acknowledge them.

At the end of season 1, Karasuno high suffered defeat at the hands of Aobajohsai in the Inter-high prelims. Faculty advisor Takeda was successful in arranging training sessions with Nekoma high.

Fukurōdani Academy, Shinzen, and Ubugawa High also joined the practice sessions. Spring tournament is the main focus. The season ends with Karasuno vs Aobajohsai semi-finals match.

S2 Breakdown

Many new characters and teams are introduced in Haikyuu Season 2.

Hitoka Yachi joins as the new manager of the team. Initially, she was reluctant to join the team.

Hinata noticed her hesitation and after talking to him, she made a firm decision to join the team.

The team had to pass all their exams to go to Tokyo. But Kageyama and Hinata end up failing. They get help from Hitoka who teaches them.

They retake the exam and later join the training. We see Tsukhishima’s struggle and fears and his brother’s backstory. Karasuno learns Synchronized attacks.

Against the new Nekoma High line, Karasuno didn’t win a single set. Hinata’s usual tricks ended up failing.

Kageyama and Hinata work on the new methods. Other team members continue to train and learn new skills.

Daichi gets injured during the match with Johzenji High. Ennoshita replaces him.

That was a really tensed-up scene. Despite the lack of experience, Ennoshita does a good job leading the team.

Haikyuu Season 2 Highlights

Karasuno vs Aobajohsai

This was an intense fight. For Karasuno, this was like a revenge match. There can only be one winner.

Only one of them could go to the Spring tournament finals. It was thrilling to see both teams bet everything and fight till the end.


Haikyuu season 2 was a stress-inducing but emotional journey for everyone.

We get to see the highs and the lows. I got to admit the tear-jerker fight scene between Kageyama and Hinata was painful to watch.

They fight a lot but this was heartbreaking. The scene left an emotional impact when Hinata cries on his way back home.

2 teammates angry with each other

The time when Hinata and Kageyama didn’t speak was really sad to watch.

Haikyuu Season 2 gave us a better Karasuno High team. They were stronger than before.

We see some good attacks and reflexes from all the teams. Hinata-Kageyama’s Quick attack improves.

Hinata learns to play in different tempos. Kageyama’s block and set were perfect.

Hinata and Kageyama almost collided in the third set but Kageyama was able to perfectly block it.

Also, Karasuno continues to perfect the Synchronized attack.
Haikyuu Season 2 was worth the anticipation.

There were many moments but for me, that would be the match point during the Karasuno Vs Aobajohsai match the final set.

It was a great team effort. But MVP to Hinata Shoyo.

Hinata was able to calculate where the ball should land. It was perfect. That scene was a perfect scene stealer for me.

Hinata saves the match and leads Karasuno to Victory! Karasuno enters the finals to face Shiratorizawa Academy.

Who are the key players on the Aobajohsai team in Haikyuu Season 2?

The key players on the Aobajohsai team include their captain and setter, Oikawa, as well as their ace spiker, Iwaizumi.

How does the Karasuno vs Aobajohsai match end in Haikyuu Season 2?

Spoilers ahead! The Karasuno vs Aobajohsai match is a closely contested battle, but ultimately Karasuno emerges victorious and moves on to the next round of the Inter-High preliminaries.