6 Heart Gripping Moments in Makoto Shinkai’s 'Suzume no Tojimari'!

6 Heart Gripping Moments in Makoto Shinkai’s 'Suzume no Tojimari'!

The 2022 Fantasy-mythological adventure movie Suzume no Tojimari by Makoto Shinkai left a visually stunning impact through the cinematic experience. Suzume no Tojimari follows the adventure of a young girl Suzume Iwato who follows Souta Munakata to close the mysterious doors.

Together with Souta, the 17-year-old Suzume followed him to close the mysterious doors to prevent the worms from escaping. A dire mistake from Suzume let the keystone Daijin escape, who later cursed Souta. That’s pretty much the gist of Suzume no Tojimari.

The movie had good storytelling with mesmerizing music courtesy of Radwimps. One of the remarkable things in Suzume was the good use of humour and use of characters that made the movie quite impressive and left a profound visual impact. Here are the 6 heart-gripping moments from Suzume that will leave you speechless but entertained!

1. Suzume and Souta’s First Meeting

First impressions can leave a lasting impact on someone's heart. Say no more, as the young Suzume Iwato was charmed by the wandering mysterious traveller Souta Munakata.

The first meeting when they cross paths and Souta says “Hey…Kimi…”, was nothing less than magical. Souta stops Suzume to ask if there was any ruins nearby.

The fleeting moment in itself was quite magical and heart-gripping as this was the moment Suzume was waiting for. Even after leaving Souta, Suzume couldn’t quite get him out of her mind to the point she herself says if she’s stalking him.

Suzume worriedly skipped school to chase after Souta as she was worried about the stranger. Who knew that Suzume and Souta were meant to get entangled by the thread of fate?

2. Daijin Playing with Suzume and Souta

Maybe, the most horrible mistake by Suzume could leave Souta in a bind. After Suzume frees Daijin, the Kyushu Keystone, no one knew both of them would get busy chasing the doors and worms.

After Suzume patched Souta, Daijin came for a surprise visit. Lo, and behold! Daijin cursed Souta who was stuck in the three-legged toy chair. Honestly, the chair had more screen time than Souta, and no one’s complaining.

Daijin was quick enough to travel through Japan to gain attention and play with Suzume and Souta, quite literally as the chase began to revert him back to being the protective keystone! As Suzume and Souta travelled in search of Daijin, he on the other hand had them both wrapped in his fingers.

Whether Daijin was serious about becoming Suzume’s cat or not, it’s hard to decipher, but at that moment when everyone realised what it meant to be cursed, Souta was already losing his consciousness.

3. Serizawa, the MVP

One of the best moments of Suzume no Tojimari was Serizawa Tomoya. Serizawa is buddies with Souta and was pretty upset when Souta missed his teacher’s training exam.

That’s how real friends are when we look at Serizawa who literally barged at Souta’s door to find the missing person. It was quite surprising for Serizawa to find Suzume instead of Souta at his apartment.

Although Suzume made up a story of being Souta’s relative, Serizawa wasn’t naive enough to believe. He was determined to help Suzume and find his missing friend. It was quite a hilarious moment when both Suzume and Tamaki (Suzume’s aunt) jumped into Serizawa’s car to begin the crazy journey. Hat’s off to Serizawa for his music and help to Suzume to bring back Souta.

4. Suzume seals Souta, the New Keystone

The most painful and heart-gripping moment in Suzume no Tojimari was the realisation that the curse placed on Souta was no ordinary joke. Daijin cursed Souta to replace him as the keystone to hold the worms from escaping.

Quite frankly, when Daijin declared what it meant to be cursed, it was heartbreaking and emotionally disturbing to figure out how fate will end up for Souta.

It was quite painful and emotionally heart rendering when Suzume had to contain the Tokyo door by sealing Souta as the replacement keystone. Suzume was bleeding and torn, but nothing less painful than her breaking heart. It was unbearable to the point where Suzume wanted to hurt Daijin, but stopped.

5. Suzume and Souta’s Adventures

After Souta became curses and left in search of Daijin, Suzume used her presence of mind and helped him on the journey.

A momentary lapse of judgement, but Souta was worried that Suzume would get in trouble for running away from home. From Kyushu to Ehime, Shikoku to Kobe and finally to Tokyo, Suzume and Souta’s adventures as they closed the doors were breathtaking.

There was one point when Suzume lost consciousness trying to close the door at the abandoned Ferris wheel, Souta had to knock some sense into her to get Suzume out of danger. Although Souta was getting the short end of the stick, he still worried about Suzume’s safety and his role as the closer.

6. Entering Ever After

The final adventure where everything lies at stake for Suzume, the world and SaDaijin. Despite her aunt (Tamaki san) objecting to Suzume trying to chase after Souta, she was determined to bring back Souta from the Ever After.

Daijin who was somewhat dejected that Suzume might hate him, decided to tag along with her. Together with Daijin and SaDaijin, Suzume went inside Ever After to get back to Souta and come back with him. At least, the experience allowed Suzume to get some closure as she meets the young version of herself inside the Ever After.

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