The Relationship of Hisoka and Illumi

The Relationship of Hisoka and Illumi

Hunter x Hunter has been on a hiatus for a long time. It has fans everywhere with bitter longing. The show was greatly appreciated by many anime watchers. With a great story and well-defined characters, the show became a must-watch for the shonen fanbase.

The show gave us some of the best antagonists in anime. Hisoka primarily takes the top spot. Illumi Zoldyck is another one following close behind.

Illumi and Hisoka. Competitors, associates, friends, enemies or better yet…frenemies?

Both of them aim to be the best and both of them consider themselves to be one of the better around. Illumi is the first son of Silva Zoldyck and Kikyo Zoldyck. He is first introduced to us under the disguise of Gitarakaru.

The sheer transformation takes us all by surprise. Hisoka Morrow too is introduced as someone ferocious. A person of whom even the Hunter examiners are wary.

Illumi describes the relationship as a “give and take.” While we have often seen both of them helping each other quite a bit. It may be apt to say they are ready to risk their lives out for each other. As the nature of their jobs usually goes to the side of the high stakes, it is quite understandable.

Common Goals

Hisoka and Illumi both consider themselves exceptional. Rarely has it happened that the pair has rated anyone high enough to be considered as opponents? Of the people they do consider their opponent, they have a simple plan.

Duke it out.

both characters discussing about gon

While Illumi comes off as the more calm and collected person, it is actually Hisoka who is more shrewd out of the two. Where Illumi is quite driven by his emotions, Hisoka can prioritize his goals in life.

Also, it is important to notice that Hisoka knows how to get on the nerves of Illumi. The two have been shown as acquaintances way before the start of the series.


illumi carrying killua and hisoka carrying gon

Another striking similarity between the two is that both of them have taken up a protege. At least in a sense. Illumi considers Killua, his younger brother, as someone who is going to show tremendous feats as he grows up.

He thinks that Killua may be the best assassin in the family and that is why he wants to control what path he walks on. While Hisoka has placed his cards on Gon, betting on his tremendous potential. To Hisoka, everybody is like a toy. A mere plaything.

He considers Gon as one of his finest finds as he can provide him with entertainment as he keeps on growing. This is quite evident from the fact that he challenged him to return his badge only if Gon could hit him back. Both of them, in their twisted ways, watch over their underlings.


Illumi threatening Hisoka

As much as they appear to be in cahoots with each other, there is a sense of general appreciation for each other from both of them.

In Hisoka’s toy box, Illumi is seen in the forefront, while Illumi too considers Hisoka as one of his prime opponents.

During the Boat Succession Arc, Illumi reveals that Hisoka has given him a contract to kill him. As one of the greatest assassins around and freak-ish Nen abilities to display from Hisoka, if they do fight, it is going to be epic.


both the characters in the plane discussing plans

Though Illumi is shown as someone very devoid of emotions, he still goes to many lengths to help Hisoka out. He joined the Phantom Troupe to help him out too.

During the boat succession arc, Illumi tells Mizaistom Nana that they already have a prenup. Now as enticing as it may sound to Hisollu fans, the reality is way far from the truth.

Whereas Illumi considers Hisoka an ally, Hisoka would talk of Illumi as a friend. For Illumi the only thing that matters is his family. He warns Hisoka that if he ever dares harm Killua then he will kill him. Hisoka, someone who is always high on bloodlust, is shown quite relaxed around Illumi.

The two of them have always shared a policy of looking out for each other's mutual interests. This will probably be how it plays out for the rest of the manga if Togashi ever decides to come back. But, alas!!