14 Hot Gay Men in Anime to Steal your Heart away!

14 Hot Gay Men in Anime to Steal your Heart away!

The bishounen can quickly melt our hearts when it comes to male anime characters. Straight or gay, hot men dominate the anime world. Nothing fails from captivating us, but there’s something extra charming about hot gay men in anime. Whether you're a Fujoshi or Fudanshi or neither, nothing can stop us from celebrating the beautiful and hot 2D characters, fictional yet still 100% hot! Let’s explore the hotness ~

Warning Alert

This list is exclusively not for homophobic or gay-hating people so best to exit because “The List is full of Gay anime characters.” The warning is served!

14. Yashiro


The gay yakuza pretty much is a lewd person who paints a red flag and exudes hotness. Hot enough to turn people gay for him. The promiscuous gangster Yashiro is unabashedly beautiful, handsome, and manipulative. A natural flirt and pervert, Yashiro’s hotness is not a joke. No wonder Doumeki loves him literally to death.

13. Akihiko Usami


The list of hot gay anime characters would be incomplete without the mention of Akihiko Usami from the Junjou Romantica series. The famous author of best-selling novels loves to pay no heed to his deadlines, make his editor cry and bug Misaki to do what he wants. Akihiko Usami can be relentless but hopelessly in love with Misaki. He’s 100% hot, mature and dignified, although he can get easily jealous and possessive.

12. Ijuuin Kyo


The famous mangaka of “The Kan”, Ijuuin Kyo from Junjou Romantica is next on the hot list! Misaki is a big fan of Ijuuin sensei and even cheered him up with his fan letter. Ijuuin is extremely popular and hot, and his fans totally love him besides his manga.

11. Yukito (Yue)


The forever couple goals of Clamp Universe and hopefully Touya’s subject of affection/soulmate/boyfriend or lover, Yukito Tsukishiro from Cardcaptors Sakura is not just hot, but quite popular with both men and women. Yukito is the second most popular guy in the high school and of course, for him, Touya is his special someone. His counterpart Yue is equally hot, but of course, both Yue and Yukito are one and the same.

10. Touya Kinomoto

Kinomoto Touya & Yukito

One of the most popular characters from the Clamp universe, Touya Kinomoto from Cardcaptors Sakura is quite hot. The dark-skinned, tall, and intelligent character, the famous oni-san is popular with girls. So many girls confessed their feelings to him, only to be turned down. Of course, there’s only one person who is the special someone of Touya Kinomoto enough to give all of his spiritual powers. The power of one true love!

9. Lan Wang Ji

 Lan Wang Ji

The Twin Jades of the Gusu Lan, Lan Wang Ji from the Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation is just the perfect definition of beauty and hot. Hanguang Jun waited 13 years for his first love and did everything to protect Wei Wu Xian from the evil conspirators. Lang Wang Ji is described as one of the best and incomparable beauty with a sense of justice.

8. Kaido Haru


The former number 1 host, Kaido Haru stole the hearts of women. The eldest Kaido Brothers, Haru Kaido is the definition of hot and maybe a bit twisted. His beautiful green eyes and blonde hair may have caused him to face bullying, and that’s sad, but Kaido is so beautiful, especially his blonde hair. Haru is not just hot and beautiful, he’s smart and kind although a bit slow when it comes to understanding others.

7. Zen Kirishima


Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is full of hot bishounen. The shounen ai series represents the full scale of hot male anime characters. Next on the list from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is Zen Kirishima, the hot editor-in-chief of “The Kan”. The calm and relaxed Kirishima was seductive enough to make Yokozawa fall in love with him. Another thing, if anime characters look hot in business attire, Zen Kirishima tops the hot list.

6. Kou Yukina


The art university student Kou Yukino is just so pretty and handsome. His beauty and hotness is a proof of the crowd flocking around him in the Marimo Book store where Kou is literally a superstar. His light brown eyes and beautiful piercings just captivate you. No wonder Kisa Shouta fell instantly in love with Kou Yukina.

5. Sasaki Shumei


Besides kind, attractive and gentle, the other synonym to define Sasaki senpai is hot. Sasaki Shumei from Sasaki to Miyano exudes hotness and perfect features. Mr affectionate boyfriend is not just outer beauty, he’s supportive and has such a captivating smile. Sasaki’s piercings make it even hotter.

4. Takano Masamune


When it comes to a manipulative, evil and cunning boss, the ultimate champion is Takano Masamune from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Takano Masamune is one of the hottest guys from the Emerald department. Of course, both men and women swoon over the Emerald department. Maybe, Takano’s hotness was what caught Ritsu’s eyes! No matter how hard Ritsu tries, he can’t forget Takano and why of course, the couple makes such a good pair.

3. Victor Nikiforov


The Russian Figure skater Victor Nikiforov is next on the hot list! Victor is seductive and charming while giving all his attention as the coach to train both Yuri. His light blue eyes and silver hair shine like platinum. Mr Victor is quite a natural flirt but when it comes to Yuri, he is serious. Those couple-like rings were a promise; right?!

2. Wei Wu Xian

Wei Wu Xian

The list would be so incomplete without the Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation Wu Wei Xian. Can anyone surpass him when it comes to tricks, charming and high-level hotness? While Wei Wu Xian might be gay for Lang Wang Ji, nothing stops us from worshipping the not-so-evil demonic cultivator!

1. Hua Cheng

San lang aka Hua Cheng

Who doesn’t wish for their very own Hua Cheng aka San Lang from Heaven’s Official Beauty? The man is totally whipped gay for his lifelong partner Xie Lian. Hua Cheng’s ethereal beauty and hotness top the charts. Never make Hua Cheng angry and never hurt his beloved Xie Lian. What makes Hua Cheng even hotter is his true dedication and devoting nature toward Xie Lian. Let’s appreciate Mr Hua Cheng, the ruler of the ghost kingdom!

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