A Definitive Ranking Of Hot Naruto Men (Except Naruto)

An actual definitive ranking of hot Naruto boys.

A Definitive Ranking Of Hot Naruto Men (Except Naruto)

Naruto Shippuden aired its last episode back in 2017. While its successor Boruto is a currently running show with varying degrees of popularity, the original Naruto characters continue to be talked about as anime icons. In the ever-increasing list of hot anime men, the Naruto boys continue to hold the topmost positions. Who is the hottest Naruto character of them all though?

We are going to rank the hottest Naruto boys through an objective lens, that is, my opinion. This list excludes Naruto Uzumaki by default. Hinata will tell you there’s a better picture of him under better lighting, but there isn’t one. We’ve seen Naruto chug expired milk and get diarrhea.

Granted, he was a literal child at the time, but he doesn’t especially grow up to have a glow-up either. Naruto from Naruto Shippuden is many things, but hot isn’t one of them. Now, let’s proceed with our objectively correct, the definitive ranking of attractive Naruto men.

10. Gaara

Gaara started out with his emo phase in Naruto. Messy, spiky hair, eyeliner, (while we are at it, let’s expire the term “guyliner”, we do not need to macho-fy eyeliner), and a frown he wore to every interaction. He was still pretty intriguing as a character with his gripping backstory and epic redemption arc.

However, Shippuden Gaara is a whole different story. Now the Kazekage, Gaara sports a very dapper Kazekage uniform and a very endearing smile. The red-haired beauty is a fan favorite. After all, there is nothing more attractive than deeply caring about your friends. Arguably though, Gaara’s design in Boruto is horrible by every single metric. However, since the show doesn’t exist for core Naruto fandom, I think we’re good there.

9. Shikamaru Nara

Whoever said “Brain is the sexiest organ” was onto something. Shikamaru Nara is a great character from the get-go and he only continues to be better as the show goes. As a teenager, I had a huge crush on Shikamaru even with his mesh top attire. However, after the time skip in Shippuden, Shikamaru’s attitude isn’t the only thing that got serious.

His standard Konoha ninja outfit with his tied-up hairdo complement his overall aesthetic. The hottest thing about Shikamaru though still remains to be his big brain. As he single-handedly defeats an immortal Akatsuki member with wits alone, we can’t help but swoon over the master of shadows.

8. Deidara

From the get go, Deidara stands out with his unique character design. His long blonde hair with bangs and a samurai style ponytail, the ever-stylish akatsuki robe and that devilishly charming boyish smile make him a very attractive character. Deidara has a volatile, impulsive personality.

While this is usually a turn off for most people, it somehow works for Deidara. Maybe there’s something attractive about a man sticking to his philosophy, however psychotic it may be, to the bitter end. Or, maybe Deidara’s popularity has gotten something to do with all those extra mouths with super long tongues. I guess we’ll never know

7. Minato Namikaze

Naruto may not be getting many kunoichis sliding into his DMs but his father is a whole other story. Though we see most of him in flashbacks, Minato managed to achieve great things in a very short time and looked great doing so. The youngest Hokage until Naruto, Minato was known as the Yellow Flash due to his insane teleportation skills and beautiful blonde hair.

Take it from one of the three great Sannins, Jiraiya who described Minato to be a pretty hot guy. Moreover, the fourth hokage cloak is probably the most brought Naruto merch of all time. While Minato is a very wholesome guy, seeing him in his element during a battle is a treat for the eyes in every single way, if you catch my drift.

6. Pain

Are those receivers on a reanimated corpse or just really cool piercings on a really bad boy? It’s all about perspective. While Nagato and Yahiko are pretty basic characters themselves, Nagato as Pain is an iconic character.

The piercing rinnegan eyes, the towering personality, and the deep, commanding baritone, make Pain an irresistible yet intimidating character. The tragedy, the resolve, the internal conflict, everything about Pain elevates him as a character and makes him insanely attractive. You can’t help but go, Planetary devastates me and let me know pain.

5. Sasori

The allure of Sasori is similar to that of Deidara and yet completely different. While Deidara believes beauty to be momentary, Sasori believes it to be eternal. Perhaps that’s the reason for Sasori halting his looks at his most youthful. Honestly, Sasori looks like a soft reboot of Gara. This doesn’t come as a surprise as both hail from the sand village.

Sasori’s flowy red hair, sharp but soft eyes, and the tragic childhood leading to a life of irredeemable villainy make him the perfect recipe for irresistible anime boy hotness.

4. Sasuke Uchiha

If you started watching Naruto in your teens, it’s highly likely Sasuke was your first crush, unless you are literally Hinata. Afterall, Sasuke was written and designed to be a heartthrob. Raven hair, jet black eyes with an intense gaze, sharp features and unparallelled talent, Sasuke was written to be arrogantly perfect.

Out of the three main leads, Sasuke is the only character to get the most drastic wardrobe changes throughout the runtime of the show. Although, for better or for worse, the core of his appeal is definitely his obliviousness to the existence of his admirers.

I personally prefer the Shippuden Sasuke in terms of appearance. However, admittedly, as Sasuke goes to embrace his emo side more and more throughout the runtime of Shippuden, he gets ridiculous to the point of being funny. And not funny haha, funny weird. No matter what route his character arc takes though, Sasuke continues to grow hotter and hotter with each iteration since the beginning of Shippuden.

3. Neji Hyuga

Perhaps they killed off Neji because aside from being the strongest Hyuga, he was also the hottest. Those luscious long locks and eyes that can see through everything, Neji is simply beautiful. While Neji’s romantic side is never explored in the show, I’m sure he’d be a Tsundere.

There is something extremely attractive about a fictional character who pretends to not care, but cares very deeply. Add to it his pure genius and raw skill, Neji is basically perfect and I will never forgive Kisimoto for killing my precious boy off.

2. Itachi Uchiha

You know how in high school you have a really hot crush. But then you see his hotter, older brother and everything changes. Itachi is essentially that but to every single Naruto character.

As audience, we are intrigued by Itachi way before he actually appears on screen. When he does appear on screen, his face covered with that straw hat, that loose low ponytail, arm dangling effortlessly outside of the half-worn Akatsuki robe, Itachi is a sight to behold.

No other Naruto character holds a candle to the amount of charisma Itachi oozes in a split second. His appeal as a character is greatly enhanced by his tragic past, his complicated relationship with his brother and his village and his eventual fate. I’d fall under that genjutsu anywhere anytime, if you know what I mean.

1. Kakashi Hatake

As difficult as this choice was, this is the hill I’m willing to die on. Kakashi Hatake is the hottest Naruto character. He is tall, mysterious, extremely capable and rocks his Jonin uniform. Most importantly, he can make you laugh. Kakashi is obviously a handsomely beautiful man, but we do not even need episode 468 to anoint him as the hottest. The mask he wears to sleep and to Ichiraku ramen is central to Kakashi’s overall allure.

Moreover, like a majority of people on this list, Kakashi has lived through a tragic past and is still greatly affected by it. However, instead of letting his trauma define the course of his life, Kakashi managed to not only rise above it but inspire others in the process. Is there anything hotter than an emotionally stable man who also happens to be objectively hot? You decide.