How Did Ayumi Otosaka Get Her Powers?

Ayumi was quite a surprising character in the anime. Read the article to know how she got her powers.

How Did Ayumi Otosaka Get Her Powers?

Ayumi Otosaka is one of the main characters of Charlotte's Anime. She was a middle school student and Shinsuke Otosaka and Yuu Otasaka’s younger sister. Ayumi was a short heightened girl with dark brown hair and light violet eyes.

Ayumi had a cheerful personality, she easily got along with everyone. This quality of hers could be seen when she met Nao Tomori in her new apartment. She instantly became friends with her.

She was a popular person in school. Ayumi Otosaka cared a lot for her brother, making sure to wake him up early, to prepare breakfast for him every day. She got excited very easily.

Ayumi was obsessed with Yusa Nishimori and got nosebleeds whenever anyone mentioned them. She often referred to herself as ‘Ayu’, which was considered to be her nickname.

How Did Ayumi Otosaka Get Her Powers?

Ayumi had a very interesting yet dangerous ability. She could use the ‘collapse’ ability to make objects around her crumble and break apart.

This power was not the same as the ‘earthquake’ ability, as it did not seem she could break or emit tremors on the ground. However, this ability of hers brought trouble upon her.

Her hair glowed right before she activated her ability. Ayumi was unaware of the fact that the power she had was dangerous when it came to other people.

She did not know how to use or control it properly. When she used her powers on Konishi, it led to the collapse of a building which led to her death.

After the Konishi incident, Ayumi was threatened by one of her classmates with a box cutter and the fear caused her to activate her powers.

This was how she got to know about her ability to ‘collapse’ in the first place. Ayumi died in the sixth episode of Charlotte after the school building collapsed on her.

Fortunately, she escaped death, later when her brother, Yuu Otosaka, time travelled and saved her. That is when Yuu and her other classmates got to know about her abilities.

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