Your Name: How Is Kuchikamizake Connected To Mitsuha And Taki?

The festival played an important role in the movie. It is what Mitsuha's life was based on. Read more to know about it.

Your Name: How Is Kuchikamizake Connected To Mitsuha And Taki?

Kimi no Na Wa also known as “Your Name” was bestowed upon the world masses by Makoto Shinkai sensei in 2016.

Mitsuha Miyamizu, a high school girl yearns to live the life of a boy who lives in the city of Tokyo- a dream that she’s been dreaming about since she was a kid when she lived in the countryside.

Meanwhile, Taki Tachibana, a city boy is living a very busy life as a high school student and juggling his way through school and a part-time job as he hopes for a future in architecture.

One day, Mitsuha awakens in a room where she sees this is not her life, She finds herself in Tokyo in Taki’s body living his life, while Taki is elsewhere living Mitsuha’s life.

TAs finding answers to this supernatural phenomenon, they start looking for each other.

One day, Taki accompanies Mitsuha’s grandmother Hitoha and her sister Yotsuha to an alcohol ritual called kuchikamizake, a festival in which the offering is made by two sisters for the Shinto Shrine located on the top of the mountain.

Taki reads a note by mitsuha where she tells him about the comet. Taki wakes up in his body and goes on a date with his co-worker.

Even being on a date his mind was preoccupied with Mitsuha’s thoughts. He even tried calling her but couldn’t reach her and suddenly he finds out there are no more dreams and body swaps.

Taki, miki and their friend tsukasa goes to gifu to find mitsuha. At first, Taki faces many obstacles reaching her as he only has a sketch of the village where she lives.

Now, Taki sees that Mitsuha’s messages are suddenly disappearing from his phone and her memory is gradually fading. Taki visits the shrine where the alcohol festival is celebrated.

He drinks the kuchikamizake that Mitsuha made and suddenly he gets visions of Mitsuha’s past where he sees he already met her three years ago on a train. Mitsuha while going even gave him her hair band which he wore on his hand as a good luck charm.

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Taki once again wakes up in Mitsuha’s body. Hitoha Mitsuha’s grandmother tells about the body swaps in his family generations. Taki tries to convince, Tessie and Sayaka, Mitsuha’s friend to take the village people someplace safe and far from there as the comet is about to strike.

As the night falls they are once again swapped back into their bodies and meet each other for the last time. As the evacuation plans fail mitsuha herself goes and tries to convince the mayor to evacuate everyone.

But before this could happen, she feels Taki’s memories fading away and she sees he wrote ‘I Love You' instead of ‘Your Name’. The next day, Taki wakes up in Tokyo remembering nothing. Five years later, he graduates and finds a job still he feels something is missing in his life.

After the comet, the town of Itomori had been destroyed, Mitsuha finally moved to Tokyo and spotted Taki on a train where they met again. Kimi no na wa was the most suitable title for the anime.

Connecting people is musubi.

Time is musubi.

Tying of thread is called musubi.

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