How Is Miyuki Kazuya a “Pivotal part of The Team”?

How Is Miyuki Kazuya a “Pivotal part of The Team”?

Miyuki Kazuya is the main catcher (#02 Jersey No.) of Seidou High Baseball Team in the anime Ace of Diamond. He is a genius catcher, who was featured in a sports magazine.

Miyuki is famous for his aggressive gameplay and is nationally known. Takashima Rei scouted him when he was in his first year of Junior High School.

Kazuya sports messy brown hair and brown eyes. He wears prescription glasses except during practice or games; he uses contact and sports goggles.

Kazuya is never seen without some sort of eyewear. He even wears an eye mask to sleep.

Miyuki is often called a “pretty boy catcher”. Well, he does have a boyish charm with that sly grin.

Miyuki Kazuya’s Troublesome Personality

Miyuki is often called out for his cheeky and sarcastic personality. He often annoys his teammates by getting under their skin.

A prime example of this is his teasing Eijun since their first meeting. It seems that’s how he shows his affection toward his teammates.

He never minces his words. His direct personality makes him a reliable captain of the Seidou High Baseball Team.

Miyuki realizes his responsibility as the main catcher and the captain of the team. He has strong determination and a sense of reality.

He was voted to be the captain unanimously by the entire team.

Junior High

You can partly blame his junior high school experience for his personality.

Kazuya in his elementary school started playing Baseball. In junior high, he volunteered for the catcher position in the baseball club.

He was direct in his approach back then as well, which rubbed his teammates in the wrong direction.

Miyuki was the smallest member of the team and his teammates bullied him, calling him a “wierdo”.

Kazuya’s remark on their performance annoyed them and he was often beaten up by his teammates. But Miyuki Kazuya still showed up every day for practice.

Do not worry his current team is extremely fond of this troublesome pretty boy.

Especially his best friend Kuramochi Yoichi and his pitchers Eijun and Furuya care about him a lot but won’t outright say it.

Miyuki Kazuya a “Pivotal part of the team”

I knew he’d foil my plans, that genius Miyuki-boy. It usually takes two years to become a full-fledged catcher. However, his amazing baseball talent is truly marvelous. – Ichidai Coach about Miyuki

As Coach Kataoka called him a “pivotal part of the team”, he has indeed proved himself over and over how important his presence is for the team.

A genius catcher, he adapts to any game fast enough to come up with strategies mid-game.

Coaches of other schools have as well acknowledged him to be a very dangerous but honest player.

He is often walked off because of his reputation to hit most home runs. Miyuki’s batting was unstable in the beginning as a 6th batter.

He was always called out by his teammates because he could only hit home runs when runners were on base. But he was still a high-grade clutch hitter.

After becoming 4th batter or cleanup, Miyuki improved his batting and now is more reliable. Pitchers are often instructed to walk him off.

Kazuya is a sly high school player who is already getting scouted for pro-league. His genius playing brought Eijun and Furuya to this school.

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