'How to Survive a Romance Fantasy' Webtoon Ending Explained!

Who gets the Throne?

'How to Survive a Romance Fantasy' Webtoon Ending Explained!

How does it feel to get a second chance at life while reincarnating into your favourite romance novel?

There’s a slight catch if only reincarnating and transmigrating into the story as the main characters would give you the happy ending everyone wanted or is it a route to impending doom?

Read “How to Survive a Romance Fantasy” Webtoon created by Sing-Nanda.

If only every Isekai stories were that simple, meet the protagonist and the villainess who decided to change their story by messing with the story.

How did How to Survive a Romance Fantasy Webtoon end when no one wants to live the role they were meant to be?

Will Crown Prince Chase get the throne or will Prince Adrian Shine? Can Lily escape romance? What will the villainess Lady Evilene scheme to get out of death?

What is the Plot of the ‘How to Survive a Romance Fantasy’ Webtoon?

The name itself is very appropriate and self-explanatory. Honestly, for once, the story remains true to the title without any misleading directions.

Meet the main characters who get reincarnated and transported into the magical world of a romance novel.

Kim Yeonghui, 18 years old, is a high school senior who ended up becoming the female protagonist, Marian.

Next is Park Ji Eun, 27 years old, a cancer patient on her deathbed. Ji Eun reincarnated as the villainess of the story Evilene. The evil character is destined to die!

Meet the male protagonist, 23-year-old college student Lee Cheolsu. Due to an earthquake, he transmigrated and became the male lead and none other than the Imperial Crown Prince Chase!

The article contains potential spoilers for the webtoon.

What did the reincarnated characters do?

After waking up in the story, the first thing that the three of them, Yeonghui, Cheolsu and Jieun did was ditch the story and quit the predetermined fate.

Good job guys, the author might not be crying tears of blood!

The first thing these people did after realising their fate has ditched the story and say adios while running away without a shred of guilt.

Yeonghui had no desire to become the female lead and marry the crown prince.

Cheolsu didn’t want to go to war or had a duel with Prince Adrian for the power struggle of winning the throne.

He would rather hand over the crown to Prince Chase and run while he can save his life. Not a bad decision though, saving your life comes first.

Ji Eun realizing her fate as the villainess of the story and having done wrong to the female lead, the only ending possible is execution. That’s how the villainess has their fate tied.

To escape the horrible end and death, Ji Eun bid her life of the Duke’s daughter and under the pretense of traveling the world ended up fleeing to the neighboring country.

Although there’s a ceasefire, the safest place is the enemy country!

"That lousy throne? I'm good, No Thanks!" -Prince Adrian

How did the three of them meet?

Lucky for them, after ditching the plot of the romance novel, Yeonghui adopted a fake persona Lily and started working for Ji Eun.

Lily found Cheolsu who later adopted the fake persona of Brad to escape the soldiers.

Thanks to Lily, both her and Brad ended up working for Lady Evilene. Of course, no one knew each other’s real or story persona.

3 friends conversing to each other

Unfortunately, both Lily and Brad’s plans get delayed as they reached a mutual conclusion to escape the novel and return back to Seoul.

In order to do that, they need a lot of money and a sorcerer powerful enough to teleport them back. Thus began Brad and Lily's joint venture of Fried Chicken Business.

The fried chicken initially met a lot of rejection, but instantly became a booming trade thanks to Brad’s amazing Mukbang skills. No one does it better than Brad!

There was a moment when Evilene even decided to help Brad and Lily knowing they were both reincarnated.

The glory was short-lived as Evilene discovered that Brad and Lily were the main leads of the story. Even Lily and Brad discovered each other’s identity.

Who is Callosa?

a women giving an evil grin

The only person who could help Brad and Lily was a powerful sorcerer or so we thought.

Callosa send them on a wild goose chase only to find the universe of Shining Venus (the real author of the story) who died and ended inside the story. Callosa who is a sorcerer in this world is indeed Shining venus.

Both Brad and Lily can return back home with Callosa’s help. Oh well, but there’s always a catch. Lily and Brad needed to return back and give the story a proper ending.

Thus began Lily and Brad’s journey to get back Prince Adrian as the rightful owner of the throne. Little did they know that Prince Adrian had some other plan.

One of the best things about How to Survive a Romance Fantasy Webtoon is that no one does what we expect. The characters always bring us some unexpected surprises.

Will Crown Prince Chase get the throne?

Both Lily and Brad’s mutual cooperation to give up on the romance plot and throne can only lead to one outcome. Prince Adrian had to succeed.

This led to the creation of “The Adrian Good Deed Fabrication Committee”. Read How to Survive a Romance Fantasy Webtoon to find out more.

How did How to Survive a Romance Fantasy Webtoon End?

Unknown to their plotting, Prince Arian was not who we thought. Prince Adrian was tired of living in the shadow of his elder brother Chase.

The second puberty hit pretty hard. Adrian decided to quit his claim to the throne. Who does Adrian seek help from; none other than Lady Evilene.

The story took another turn when Evilene was engaged with Chase. Now, this is an ending neither Cheolsu nor Jieun would want. Jieun’s perfect ideal man is none other than Prince Adrian. The webtoon ended with quite a cliffhanger.

Like every fantasy what does it have in common? You guessed it right, a dragon as the last boss. How could Callosa leave out the dragon? The only twist is that it’s no dragon but a dinosaur. That too a sulky, sleep-deprived and very angry dinosaur.

Who gets the Throne?

3 friends holding each other


Lily, Brad, Jieun and Callosa tried to stop the dragon. The crisis was averted. One final crisis is still left.

Who would be the next ruler, if both Chase and Adrian wish to abdicate the throne? The answer is Lady Evilene.

She never intended to rerun back to Korea. Instead, Evilene decided to become the empress.

Both Brad and Lily tried to go back home with Callosa’s magic but she ran out of power. Meaning, they are stuck in the novel world. Guess no one’s going back!

Now that’s a definite plot twist that no one saw coming. The only glimmering romance or faint hope was between Adrian who fell for Evilene.

Not a bad ending at all. Do check out “How to Survive a Romance Fantasy” Webtoon with 2 seasons and a total of 60 chapters.

It’s perfect for binge read! Have fun reading!

Thanks for reading!!!