Will Gon Regain His Nen?

Will Gon Regain His Nen?

With Yoshihiro Togashi on a hiatus, fans have been left hanging regarding the question of when and if Gon will ever regain his Nen back. Ever since going against Neferpitou in the Chimera Ant Arc, Gon lost his Nen and ever since that, we have had no progress towards knowing whether he will ever regain his Nen back.

How Did Gon Lose His Nen?

Gon faces off against Pitou

The main focus of Gon throughout his meeting with Pitou was that of healing and getting Kite back. Though, in the last moment, Pitou broke the last shred of hope and semblance that Gon carried by telling him that Kite will never ever come back. This pushed Gon off the edge, and our protagonist lost all control over his rage.

Gon put a condition on himself, giving away all of his prowess for destroying Pitou.

Even Pitou and Killua realised how big of a sacrifice Gon had made by transforming like that.

Post Chimera Ant Arc

In the aftermath of the arc, it was unclear whether Gon had any chance of living normally ever again, with even the Hunter Association’s Nen Exorcist throwing her hands up in defeat. Killua along with Nanika came clutch with Killua asking Nanika to heal Gon to his previous state.

When Gon is on his own later on, he realizes that he can generate no aura, and had lost his Nen. After talking to his dad, Ging, Gon has gone back to Mito-san and currently is catching up with all the lost work.

Will Gon Get His Nen Back?

When Gon asks Ging, Ging tells him that Gon has not really lost his Nen. He informs Gon that his aura was fine when he was with him and he might just not be able to see or sense it anymore. Ging tells him that he needs to figure out what he wants to do in his life. Gon’s main aim throughout has been meeting with his father. Now that it is complete, Gon can reflect on how he wants to continue with his life ahead.

Ging and Gon atop world tree

About the issue of Gon getting his Nen back, Ging tells him that he needs to remember that he put a severe condition upon himself to fight with Pitou while leaving everything behind him. Gon needs to consider it a blessing that he is alive and well. If he does want to regain his Nen back then Ging informs him that there would be a price to pay, which in all probability will probably be very taxing on Gon.

It is up to Gon at this moment to choose whether to continue his life as a Hunter or choose to live a normal life. Regardless of either of cases, Gon has been reverted to his state at the start of his journey and still has all of his combat and physical prowess which is evident by the fact that he climbed the world tree to meet his dad.

Looking back on what we have seen so far, Chrollo Lucifer, the head of the Phantom Troupe too regained his Nen back even though Kurapika had put a condition on him to never use Nen again. Going along those lines, Gon too may regain his aura back, but he will have to pay a heavy penalty for it.

Another possible method for Gon to gain his Nen back would be by going the normal route as taught to him by Wing in his training during the Heaven’s Arena Arc. Nen simply put, may be called the life force. Every living being has Nen. So Gon may learn to reopen his aura nodes back while he thinks over the entirety of his journey.

This surely will make Gon at the very least as proficient at using Nen as he previously was, if not more. As Gon learns to control and channel his emotions and thought process better, he would learn better applications of his Nen.

Remember that Pitou said, that "his overall talent and strength as an adult was nearly equal to that of the newly born King Meruem." If all goes well, we may very well see Gon working his way back by the end of Boat Succession Arc.