Why Is Hyakkaou Private Academy The Most Happening Spot of Kakegurui?

Why Is Hyakkaou Private Academy The Most Happening Spot of Kakegurui?

Hyakkaou Private Academy was an institution and the main happening spot in Kakegurui.

It was a gambling institution where the students came from very rich families. The main focus of this institution was on gambling, bets, and debts.

It was the school Yumeko, Ryota and Mary attended. The school had its own student council with Kirari Momobami as its head.

The Hyakkaou Private Academy was founded 122 years ago in Japan and has been a spot for all politically and financially powerful families.

It was a school where the performance level was not estimated through exams or co-curricular activities.

Instead, the gambling techniques, strategies, and matches showed how good your performance was.

The reason behind this rule was that studies and extra-curricular were not a big deal to these wealthy people.

The gambling at the Hyakkaou Private Academy was managed by the Student Council.

The current president of the Hyakkaou Private Academy was Kirari Momobami. She made gambling at the institution compulsory.

The student council used its powers to take money from the students which were referred to as ‘donations’.

Hyakkaou Private Academy & The House Pet System

The housepet tag used for the losers in the match

Hyakkaou Private Academy had a ranking system that made them decide who was worthy.

The failed students at the academy were given certain titles.

Those who lost and were unable to repay their debt were labeled as a ‘housepet’.

If a student was a male and was unable to repay their debt was called a ‘dog'(pochi) and if the student was a girl, she was called a ‘cat'(mike).

The system at the Hyakkou Private Academy was very stern under the leadership of Kirari. She referred to the institution as her own personal aquarium.

The pet system originally caused discrimination among the students.

It was a way to make other students who lost feel ashamed of themselves.

The Student Council

It was a council formed to keep a check and reform the system in the institution and it worked. Its members were:

  • KIRARI MOMOBAMI– The President
  • RIRIKA MOMOBAMI– The Vice-president
  • YUMEMI YUMEMITE- Head of public relations
  • KAEDE MANYUDA- Treasurer
  • RUNA YOMOZUKI– Head of Election Committee
  • MIDARI IKISHIMA– Beautification Council President
  • SACHIKO JURAKU- Public Morals Committee Chairwoman
  • YURIKO NISHINOTOUIN- General Affairs, Traditional Culture Club President

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