I Want To Eat Your Pancreas Review

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas Review

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” and this anime rightly depicts so. The title I Want To Eat Your Pancreas is a Misnomer. My first thought was ‘eating pancreas’ WHATTTT!!!!!!!! It took me to my vampire-obsessed days.

The title made it even keener to watch it. The main protagonist Sakura Yamauchi is a high school student suffering from a pancreatic disease which made her lifespan short and limited.

Even though she was suffering from a traumatic disease she was always optimistic, always had a cheerful smile on her face, and had such a positive vibe that she could literally light up the whole room.

Despite her illness, she made jokes about it. She was writing a diary which was called “Living With Dying”.

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"You don’t want to say my name, because you might attach a meaning to it. You’re afraid to define someone you’re going to lose as a ‘friend’ or ‘girlfriend’." -Sakura Yamauchi


I want to eat your pancreas begins with a young boy who happens to come across a journal in the hospital which turned out to be his classmate’s i.e. Sakura Yamauchi.

He reads some pages and finds that the person who owns the journal is suffering from a serious disease and is shocked when he finds that the person is Sakura from his class.

The fact that sakura always seemed so happy and cheerful it was impossible to imagine that she was suffering from such a disease. The second main protagonist isn’t named throughout the whole anime.

Sakura & Haruki: Two Different Personalities

Sakura meaning ‘Cherry Blossom’ and Haruki meaning ‘Tree in Spring’ were both connected by names as well as fate but were completely opposite in personality.

Haruki was a very quiet and self-contained person. He didn’t have any friends, and nor did he talk much.

However, Sakura was a very outspoken person. She loved to try new things, visit new places, and try new food and restaurants. In Haruki’s life, something always felt missing.

Like there was no blossom. But when he met Sakura he felt his life was blossoming. She made him feel alive and made him do things he never thought he would do. He’d known sakura only for a short period of time but it felt like forever.

Every moment they had was a memory well served in Haruki's mind. Sakura wanted to enjoy her life as she always had it in mind that this could be her last day on earth.

If she had to die she’ll die knowing she enjoyed every bit of it. Sakura felt safe around Haruki.

He probably was the only one who could give her reality and normalcy. The happiest thing Sakura ever experienced was to know Haruki. She’d thank Haruki was always being there for her even though she was dying.

How Death Was An Unavoidable Ending Of Sakura’s Life?

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"If I told you that I’m actually really scared of dying, what would you do?"

Death is an unavoidable ending to all our lives. We can not run from it neither we can escape from it nor we can hide from it.

Just because we wish for someone to stay there by our side forever doesn’t mean it’ll happen. Sakura Never died from her disease.

Did Sakura Yamauchi had a love interest?**

*She died because she got stabbed, something that could happen to anyone at any moment in their life. Haruki lost what he cherished the most in a blur of a moment unaware of what awaited him. You don’t realize the importance of what you have until it's gone. Love isn’t strong enough to defy death.

As we are destined to meet every chapter of our life, just like sakura and Haruki were destined to meet each other. They met, they talked and it was epic.

When these two adolescents met their story began and it turned out to be epic. Some relationships cannot be defined enough, just like them. They never confessed their love for each other. They just made each feel that love.*

The people in our lives make us feel alive and complete. If we were all alone we wouldn’t know that we exist.

It’s because of the relationships we have with people that we’re alive. We feel because of them, he has a body so that we are touched by everyone.

We are living as we make our own choices, we make our own memories, and we make our own stories. Sakura is an inspiration in my life.

I really want to be someone who is loved by others and someone who loves others, who is kind to others, and who knows how to live their life. Sakura spent 17 years of her life waiting to be needed by someone like Haruki.