6 Iconic scenes from Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War!

The substitute Shinigami is back in business but prepared to face new challenges when Wandenreich Yhwach slaughtered the soul society.

6 Iconic scenes from Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War!

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War aired on 11th October 2022. After a hiatus of nearly a decade, Bleach returned with the final arc. After the last fight between Fullbringers and Soul Society, Ichigo regained his powers.

The substitute Shinigami is back in business but prepared to face new challenges when Wandenreich Yhwach slaughtered the soul society. With so much covered in the final arc what can fans expect from Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War?

6. Attack on Soul Society

It was nice to see Ichigo Kurosaki settled in and as usual Ishida, Chad and Orihime assembled in his room for discussion and catching up with each other. The characters show growth and have no idea what’s coming for them in the future.

A sudden attack was launched in Hueco Mundo capturing the de-facto ruler Tier Harribel. A planned attack on Soul Society by a new enemy Wandenreich Yhwach began giving no time for Gotei 13 to make preparations.

5.Yamamoto’s Death

The sudden onslaught from Yhwach dismantled Soul Society and left them with no choice but to fight.

Protecting Soul Society comes first and so Genryusai Yamamoto did his best to act as the commander and leader of the 1st Division. Unfortunately, even the strongest person was annihilated by Yhwach as Yamamoto stood no chance.

4.Grimmjow's Appearance

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War would be incomplete if we do not get to see Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, the Sixth Espada make his entrance.

The forever rival having a bloodthirst for Ichigo, Grimmjow may as well be a tsundere happy to meet him again.

Grimmjow decided to help Ichigo against his battle with Yhwach for a very single reason. He wanted to fight with Ichigo again and in order to do that Yhwach must be defeated.

It will be pleasing for fans to see both Grimmjow and Nel in action with Ichigo. Hope Grimmjow doesn’t die before he gets to fight Ichigo again!

3. Masaki Kurosaki and Isshin’s Past

One of the biggest awaited moments of truth would be the backstory of Ichigo Kurosaki’s parents. We only know that Masaki Kurosaki died protecting Ichigo from Grand Fisher and sacrificed her life.

Masaki was a Quincy and Isshin a shinigami. The reason why Ishida Uryu’s dad Ishida Ryuken hates Isshin is that he was supposed to marry Masaki. What a plot twist!

Looking back Ichigo already has shinigami, wizard, hollow and fullbringer power. Ichigo would be too OP if he received Quincy's power from his mother Masaki.

The story will finally be told from Isshin and Masaki’s narrative instead of Aizen's. Reminding us of Aizen, he too would contribute to the war and help Ichigo.

Anyhow, we will get to see how Isshin lost his power and what role did Masaki play in the intricate plot designed by Aizen.

2. Ishida’s Betrayal

man preparing to attack
Uryu Ishida

Uryu Ishida, the last of the Quincy is a friend and aid to Ichigo Kurosaki. Although Quincy and Shinigami do not get along, surprisingly, Uryu has always helped Ichigo and the Soul Society.

Yhwach named Ishida Uryu as his successor which means that Ishida will betray Ichigo Kurosaki at some point, or does he? Ishida’s backstabbing will be a high point and can help whichever side Ishida chooses.

Obvious to say, Ishida will never leave his friends or betray them. Ishida as a double agent would be a nice plot twist in Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War.

There is a reason why Ishida joins Wandenreich Sternritter and why he was named as the successor. It would be interesting to see Ishida with the enemy and how he can contribute to the war.

1. Fight of the Kenpachi's

man killing the woman

No one knows Zaraki Kenpachi’s Bankai and we hope to see it one day. The most awaited fight in Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War would be Zaraki Kenpachi against Retsu Unohana.

The gentle healer of Soul Society is the First Kenpachi. According to the rules, there can only be one Kenpachi in every generation.

The fight between Zaraki and Unohana is inevitable. Only one can survive and the predecessor must be killed. The fierce battle between Yachiro Kenpachi and Zaraki Kenpachi would be a big loss to Soul Society.

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