In The Tower of God, How did Rachel Enter The Tower If She Wasn't Chosen?

In The Tower of God, How did Rachel Enter The Tower If She Wasn't Chosen?

Tower of God is an immensely popular webtoon from South Korea. By now, even if people haven’t read or watched Tower of God, they have become aware of Rachel.

Yes, the very same Rachel who is considered the shittiest and the scumbag character who has no plus point at all. The fandom has the strongest dedication and hates Rachel which can be totally justified.

Rachel is incorrigible and has done no good at all. If she was such a character then the question arises; how did Rachel enter the tower? In the Tower of God, how did Rachel enter the tower if she wasn’t chosen?

There are lots of questions that seem like Rachel wasn’t chosen by the Tower, she just took a free ride from Baam. Whether it was by coincidence or intention, Rachel did use Baam whoever she saw fit.

Baam, on the other hand, is a basic SIMP that just got used by Rachel over and over. Yet, Rachel shows no remorse or guilt for her actions or how she mistreated Baam. Time and again, she used Baam and didn’t reflect on her actions. She showed no hesitations in hurting Baam and the people who are precious to Baam.

What's the difference between regular and irregular Tower of God?

Baam is an irregular who opened the gates by himself. It’s a bit paradoxical because he was chosen and at the same time he’s irregular in the tower. Rachel just selfishly decides to bid Baam goodbye and leaves him hanging in that dark gloomy cave.

It looked like she was chosen to enter the tower. But plot twist! Baam entered the tower on his sheer willpower and in a true sense, Baam was the real chosen one.

So, now what is a regular and an irregular? In the Tower, it is like a huge world of its own with different floors. Each floor has a test on its own and a test administrator.

The regular or the chosen ones are the people selected by Headon. The gatekeeper of the tower. Interestingly, Baam is an irregular who wasn’t chosen by Headon. But surprisingly Headon gave him a test, which Baam passed and ascended to the next stage or floor in search of Rachel.

In terms of explanation, Regulars are chosen people who are allowed to enter the tower, take the floor tests and if passed can ascend the floor. Irregulars have a bad reputation, as in history, the irregulars have caused chaos and damaged the Tower. King Zahard, doesn’t look favorably on Irregulars, which is also a reason why he sent his elite troop to exterminate Baam and anyone who was helping them in Hell Train. The setting of the tower in itself is vague and even after so many chapters, there are still so many mysteries surrounding the tower.

Who are the irregulars in the Tower of God?

Simply put, irregulars are people who didn’t get chosen to enter the middle and outer areas of the tower. They enter the tower on their own from outside and continue to ascend as they clear the floor tests. Besides Baam, other famous irregulars are Urek Mazino, Enryu, and Phantaminum.

Was Rachel chosen by the tower? How did Rachel enter the tower?

To answer this question in simple words, No. Rachel was not chosen to enter the tower. She literally hijacked Baam’s opportunity, made a backdoor deal with Headon, and continued ascending the tower. How she gets involved with Fug needs more clarity.

Baam was the real chosen one and when he opened the door, Rachel just happened to be there and got really lucky she always does. Headon chooses the people who are fit to be called regulars.

Headon did not choose Rachel at all. In an interview by SIU, the author reveals that Baam opened the door to the tower and because Rachel was there, she got sucked in and that’s how she entered the tower.

Is Rachel an irregular in the Tower of God?

Rachel is irregular in the Tower of God. However, Rachel doesn’t even deserve to be called irregular. Rachel has contributed to nothing in the series except hurting Baam and planning ways to kill people.

How did Rachel become an Irregular?

a girl challenged by the rabit creature
Rachel Meets Headon

Baam opened the door of the tower-like other irregulars, however, Rachel didn’t. Rachel is not worthy enough to be called a regular as she is more of a parasite that leeched and mooched off Baam. Baam was the first person to open the tower and enter it. She followed through. She secretly observed Baam as he was determined to follow Rachel.

Why is Rachel so mean to Bam?

a dilogue from the series

Rachel is super delusional and thinks that she deserves the center of attention and is the so-called heroine of the story. She dreams of stars and the night sky and god knows what more is she deluding about. Rachel knows that Baam is strong and wants to control him, however, Baam is no longer under her control.

When Baam cut ties with her, she was desperate and started cursing him. But in retrospect, Rachel doesn’t really need a reason to be mean towards Baam. She even made a secret deal with Headon to kill Baam just because she wanted to ascend the tower.

Why is Rachel afraid of Bam?

Rachel is super desperate and jealous of Baam. Not only that, she has a huge inferiority complex towards Baam and just anyone she sees.

Rachel somehow knows Baam’s mother Arlene and they knew that Baam is the true chosen one who will bring change to the tower. Baam is a hidden ace who can be a blessing in disguise. She’s afraid because Baam has everything that she dreams of.

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