Is Attack on Titan Season 2 Better Than Season 1?

Is Attack on Titan Season 2 Better Than Season 1?

Attack on Titan Season 2 was released in 2017, four years after season 1 was released. Season 1 left us with a powerful cliffhanger. Season 1 mainly focused on and character development but the story progressed slowly.

This anime gained an international following after Season 1 and were desperately waiting for season 2 which came four years later. Season 2 mainly focused on the plot development.

Attack on Titan Season 2: Synopsis & Review

The first episode of Attack on Titan Season 2 is the continuation of the finale of the Season 1 cliffhanger.

In the shocking twist of events that revealed Eren Yeager turning into a Titan, with no hints in the previous episodes. So that came as a shock.

With no clue as to how or why he could even turn into a Titan himself, his character development essentially started there.

Beneath that, he is still the same angry teen who screams about killing all the titans.

This season is a mishmash of events that further create an even complex storyline. You’d expect some kind of character development for the others especially the deuteragonists Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert.

Mikasa is sort of like a flat character, she does not change throughout the series. It is always the same reaction to anything related to Eren.

Armin, the same scared boy who can’t fight for his life. In addition to none of the main characters getting any character development, the supporting cast none too.

The lack of character development holds back the brilliance of the plot. Although, the plot gets better with Season 2.

Attack on Titan is about survival and while that’s clear throughout the series, the season feels rushed through. The story gets complicated with flashforwards and flashbacks in a random series.

The only character apart from Eren Yeager who got a major character development is Historia Reiss. Her relationship with everyone around her changes and the truth about her is finally revealed.

Naturally, people take advantage of her weak nature. She’s easily influenced by other people. That changes when her relationship with Ymir changes.

Most Shocking events that happened in AOT Season 2.

Titan form reveal of Reiner Braun and Bertholdt

an injured man revealing his secrets

Eren appeared later into the season. His personality is unchanging, and his dilemma with trusting those around him becomes pertinent to the story.

Reiner reveals that he is the Armoured Titan and Bertholdt is the Colossal Titan. Reiner wanted Eren to cooperate with them to save humanity from the brink of extinction.

The Talking Titan

Mike was seen fighting a big Titan that has similar features to that of a monkey. It was then revealed that a titan could speak and that was an incomprehensible situation for everyone.

Historia Reiss identity

a man and women talking to each other

Crista Lenz was revealed as a royal, an illegitimate child of the Reiss royal family. So she’s technically the queen.

Ymir, who is also revealed as a titan, uses this information to become close to her but soon they have the closest relationship.

Annie Leonhart's true form

Annie Leonhart in Titan form

Her titan reveal was quite predictable with the many hints her titan form revealed.


The Attack on Titan series kept me going for more seasons only due to the shock value it provides.

While the characters do not have a major change, the plot improved regardless of its complex manner.

What stood out the most in this season was the unfolding of events. Season 2 of Attack on Titan had a better grip on the story and overall worth the watch.

What made the plot so captivating was its unpredictability? It’s no doubt that Attack on Titan has a good story.