Is Bakuten Shoot Beyblade Anime worth watching in 2024?

The 2001 series Bakuten Beyblade revolves around Tyson, Max, Kenny, Kai and Ray on their way to rule the world of Byeblade.

Is Bakuten Shoot Beyblade Anime worth watching in 2024?

Before the inception of Beyblade Burst or Beyblade Metal, the original Beyblade series, Bakuten Shoot Beyblade was launched in 2001. The Bakuten Shoot Beyblade has three seasons with the last season ending at Beyblade G Revolution. Each season had over 51 episodes and the anime was immensely popular.

If you remember childhood days, the name Tyson Granger, Max, Ray, Kai, and Kenny is something you can never forget. Beyblade has become a popular franchise over the last 2 decades presenting two anime films, games, toys, and anime series continuing till today.

How has Beyblade become a phenomenon? Is Bakuten Shoot Beyblade Anime worth watching?

Here’s why you might watch the original series if you haven’t watched it yet.

Bakuten Shoot Beyblade Characters

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The story of Bakuten Shoot Beyblade began with Tyson Granger who dreams to become the greatest Beyblader in the world. The mystical world of Bitbeats and how they can change the world of Beyblade was still all new for Tyson who had a life-changing encounter when he met his fated BitBeast on a fateful night.

Tyson met Dragoon, one of the four sacred Bitbeast, and his journey to the Beyblade world begins. If you remember Beyblade you possibly can’t forget Kenny “The Chief”, the nerd and brain of the gang who was skilled in data analysis. Kenny was quite often responsible for many of the successful wins for the gang and provided top support through his intelligence.

Meet Kai, the aloof, haughty cold prince with his Bit Beast Dranger who defeated Tyson when they first met. Kai is a character you will either love or hate. Kai was often the weak link of the link and has a history of betraying the team.

The cute and naïve Max Tate, the new kid from America was one of the best characters in Bakuten Shoot Beyblade all the seasons. His sense of loyalty and teamwork will win your heart. Max and Draciel (Bit Beast) were unstoppable and had several wins in their belt.

The fourth member of the team is Ray who lost his Bitbeast Driger and dramatically gained him back. Kai was the previous champion of the Beyblade tournament and has been undefeated until he met Tyson. Max, Tyson, and Ray met up in the regional tournament where Max faced Kai and lost.

The match between Ray and Tyson didn’t have a conclusion because Ray forfeited the match and later joined their Team. In the end, Tyson emerged victoriously and defeated Kai. Tyson became the National Champion and soon headed for the world championship with Max, Kenny, Ray, and Kai.

There has been a new character in the third season of Beyblade G Revolution, Daichi, the knucklehead duo with Tyson who compliments them well. The final match with Boris and Voltair where the gang entered the final showdown is worth remembering and taking a trip in memory lane.

Beyblade season 2 & Season 3

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The Bladebreakers successfully managed to become the world champions. The group split soon after but soon remerged to deal with the new threat of cyber Bt Beats.

The main antagonist Ozuma and his group wreaked havoc on natural Bit Beasts. The insane plan of using Bit Beasts to create humans out of Android seems like a lunatic concept but shows the confidence of the 2023 anime series and how far Artificial Intelligence can be challenged.

The second-time winning team of Max, Tyson, Kai, and Ray along with Kenny was a sweet reminiscent memory of Blade Breakers.

In season 3, the team split up and Tyson partnered with Kenny. Kai joined his former team Blitzkrieg Boys. Ray joined his old team White Tiger X whereas Max joined PPB All stars after his mom invited him.

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The reason why Bakuten Beyblade was so popular was because of the fights, tournaments, character development, and intense matches with the Bit Beats.

There was good character development and often Kai was at the center of it. Kai as a character evolved a lot as he learned from his mistakes and often became the person the team can trust.

What made Tyson so appealing was his perseverance and attitude to never give up. Max had a lot of potential and often showed growth throughout the series. Ray was one of the fan favorites who possesses beauty, brawns, and brains.

His knowledge of martial arts, high intelligence, and likable personality would never make you hate him despite his character flaws.

Kenny is one of the most underappreciated characters in the Beyblade series, but his contribution through his intelligence and Beyblade adjustment made Tyson win the game on several occasions.

The friendship between the characters, their special bond, and their trust made the original 2001 show so amazing. Do check out the original series and it will definitely be a good memory if you like Beyblade. Have fun exploring!

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