Is Edens Zero And Fairy Tail Related?

Edens Zero features Shiki, Rebecca and Happy on the space adventure to seek out the mysterious Mother.

Is Edens Zero And Fairy Tail Related?

Hiro Mashima created the wonderful universe of Fairy Tail and Edens Zero. There are characters that look extremely similar.

The uncanny resemblance among characters from fairy Tail in Edens Zero will make you excited.

The main protagonist from Edens Zero Shiki, Rebecca and Happy, and from Fairy Tail Natsu, Lucy and Happy make a perfect crossover. I

t’s not just the resemblance, but the question does come up Is Edens Zero Related To Fairy Tail?

If you’ve carefully watched Edens Zero, there were twice the cameo appearance of Natsu and Lucy.

Even Plue made a guest appearance. The character from Edens Zero Elsie Crimson is similar to Erza Scarlet.

It’s not just the appearance, even the personalities of the characters are similar.

Though Elsie Crimson had a very brief appearance, fans wish she’s part of the show later in the future.

The common character in both Edens Zero and Fairy Tail is Happy.

Lucy and Rebecca are similar in terms of temperament, but Rebecca is definitely stronger than Lucy.

As far as Shiki is concerned, he feels like Natsu but in Gray’s hair!

Despite the similarities in character design and feel, Edens Zero is a space adventure that has a similar setting to Fairy Tail, where they follow the guild system.

When Rebecca and Shiki arrived at Blue Garden, Shiki went to register at the guild.

The guild has a master like Fairy ail, however, the guild master of Edens Zero might be a bad guy.

Beware members of Eden Zero! There were brief cameo appearances from other Fairy Tail members, but you gotta look very carefully to notice them.

In a certain sense, it does feel that Edens Zero is related to Fairy Tail!

Is Happy in Edens Zero from Fairy Tail?

a blue colored creature flying in the sky

Yes, Happy is in the Edens Zero series, but it’s not the same as Happy from Fairy Tail. Edens Zero Happy is a robot and more faithful to Rebecca.

Happy gets along well with Shiki and others and the way he says the iconic line “Aye Sir” just makes you glad that Happy is part of the series in Edens Zero.

Happy lightens up the mood in Edens Zero as well and teams up with Rebecca to become a part of the weapon she uses. Happy got an upgrade and a nice one at that.

Is Edens Zero a Fairy Tail sequel?

Edens Zero is not a sequel to Fairy Tail. They are not set in the same universe either.

Shiki and Rebecca are space adventurers traveling for quests and looking for the “Mother” and gathering all four sisters for Edens Zero.

However shocking might it feels, Edens Zero is not related to Fairy Tail. There is no connection between Edens Zero and Fairy Tail.

There are similar character settings, the classic friends/Nakama power, but Edens Zero is darker than Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail was amazing, but Edens Zero is a pleasurable to watch too.

Happy Streaming Edens Zero!

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