Is Envy The Most Cruelest Homunculus?

Envy was the one who everyone was scared of. Read the full article to know more about her.

Is Envy The Most Cruelest Homunculus?

Envy in FMA was the incarnation of Father’s Envy. His creator was Father and his occupation was to act as the instigator of the Father. Envy first appeared in episode 5. Their voice actor was Wendy Powell.

They were gender-free and even could their extremely disturbing deeds shapeshift. With the help of this ability, they could be in the form of any existing person. They could even modify themselves by combining two creatures and modifying their voices. It is one of the cruellest Homunculus.

Envy in FMA only existed to make humans suffer, they enjoyed taking human lives. They had no sympathy for their victims. Their hatred for humans had an immense emotional and personal foundation.

Their kind was known as the Homunculus. It was their basic nature to be cruel towards humankind. They were even short-tempered. Their temper got the best of them as they could easily be set off by insults due to their delicate ego, which caused most of their mistakes.

Envy was one of the two Homunculi, it possessed, ‘true forms’. The other Homunculi with a true form was Pride.

Envy, most of the time appeared pale-skinned with a lean, muscular body. They had long, frail hair, and violet eyes with slit-like pupils, they usually wore a black bodysuit with a matching headband.

The most disturbing feature of Envy’s many forms was the human form. The weird faces and protruding limbs all over the body felt like a nightmare. In its truest form, Envy was like a small caterpillar with multiple legs.

After Pride, Envy FMA was the cruellest Homunculus. They joked about human life as if it meant nothing. They had no regard and respect for human life, which made them the cruellest Homunculus ever.

They killed their victims without hesitation. Instead of feeling sorry for what they did, they took pride in their extremely disturbing deeds. Beneath this cruel and aggressive behavior, they were somehow jealous of humans because of their inner strength and mutually beneficial friendships.

They were jealous that humans could rely on their loved ones when they needed help and supported each other in their hard times. This jealousy motivated them to mistreat humankind without any guilt.

Envy was like a vampire with their humanity switched, off. They killed, maimed, and fed humankind for their to fun and jealousy.

Envy being a Homunculi did not age. They could regenerate incredibly and heal from fatal injuries quickly. They were immune to all poisons and toxins. Envy did not need to eat to stay alive.

The most important and alluring ability they had was shapeshifting. They could shapeshift into anyone or anything which gave them an upper hand while killing their victims. Envy in FMA could even transform individual parts of their body.

In their true form, which was also known as the monstrous form, they could use their strength to the maximum extent which might be dangerous for their victim since their power in the true form could kill any person in one go.

They could even possess anything under their true form. They could take over someone’s body like a parasite, making the person’s body a host.

Envy in FMA was an extremely popular character, coming higher on the fan polls than any other Homunculi.

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