Is Gojo Satoru A Fuckboy?

An in-depth analysis of romantic proclivities of Satoru Gojo, the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer

Is Gojo Satoru A Fuckboy?

In October of 2020, the world of the internet was blessed by the arrival of arguably the greatest two-dimensional being ever, Gojo Satoru. (We’re talking anime-only here for the sake of the dramatic tension of this introduction).

Instantly, the phenomenon that is Satoru Gojo became a fan favorite. A million tik-toks were made about how men women and everyone in between would leave their significant other for this 6’3” hunk of a man.

But the real question is, who would Gojo date and how? We know he isn’t dating anyone canonically so far because Akutami Sensei just isn’t about all that jazz. There are barely any romantic threads explored through the 155 chapters of the manga so far.

Perhaps because of it, the viewers of the show and the readers of the manga have been obsessively trying to find any pair of people (or curses) to ship together in various permutation combinations.

This isn’t something new or unique to Jujutsu Kaisen, as I’ve said before, writers gonna write, fandoms gonna ship.

a man teaching his student
Gojo in a fan-favorite look

However, if that was all there was to it, this article wouldn’t exist. We’re on an important quest here to determine once and for all if Gojo Satoru is a f-boy. Let’s dive right in. Since this is going to be an in-depth analysis, I did some research on what makes a f-boy.

According to 10 Signs, He’s a F*ckboy, there are some traits that all f-boys have in common. We’re gonna explore some of them and see if they apply to our Silver-haired Sorcerer.

1. He’s a Smooth Talker

men holding each other's hands
Gojo flirting with Jogo mid-fight

This describes a charismatic, funny, charming, smooth man. They can talk you up and their way out of any situation because they seem to know all of the right words. If we’re being honest, these are the words I would absolutely use to describe Gojo as a person.

He is very comfortable joking around with literally everyone he interacts with, friends or enemies. Moreover, he is very witty and charismatic in all these interactions. All evidence would point to Gojo being a smooth talker, except this doesn’t seem to work on most people in Jujutsu Kaisen.

While Gojo has a fair share of admirers within the story, most people are either annoyed or neutral to his charms.

We’re gonna give a Maybe on this criteria.

2. Can Play It Cool When Needed

an adult irritating his friend
Gojo "playing it cool"

If I’ve understood this one correctly, then this is a person who won’t show excitement for things. They might not text you back immediately or might act nonchalantly and unbothered. Gojo appears to be this way when facing enemies.

However, if you’ve seen Gojo with Nanami in even one scene, you know that man can not keep his chill. Nobara even described Gojo as an “Overexcited adult” at one point.

Keeping that in mind, It’s gonna be a hard No on this one.

3. He Makes A Lot Of Promises

young students screaming because of excessive workload
Gojo lied to Nobara and Itadori

This criterion describes someone who makes a lot of promises but never fulfills them. In one of the earlier episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo promised his students a tour of Tokyo but took them to a haunted site full of curses instead.

So I can imagine Gojo making a lot of fickle promises and ending up doing what he wants to instead. However, by the end of that episode, Gojo did take his students out for a ride and dinner.

He might get playful and seem conceited at times but Gojo always comes through. There are very few things that Gojo takes seriously, keeping promises is one of them.

Gojo gets a big hard No for this one as well.

4. He’s Always Busy

man observing enemy locations
Satoru Gojo serving looks part 1

Gojo has a habit of often passing on his missions to his students. In the second episode of Jujutsu Kaisen, Megumi is left alone to fight with Sukuna and gets badly injured. Gojo arrives at the scene and it is revealed he was sightseeing and buying souvenirs while people’s lives were in mortal danger.

Surely, Gojo isn’t around a lot of times when he is needed. However, he does hold an important position in the Jujutsu Sorcerers’ world. Additionally, he has a lot of faith in his student.

What I am trying to get at here is, while Gojo may not be there all the time, he usually has a good reason for it. Although he does seem the type who would ditch you in the middle of a date because he got distracted by an ice-cream truck.

So, we’re gonna give a soft Yes to this one.

5. You Never Fully Know Them

headmasters pf two schools worried about a teacher
Yaga and Gakuganji worried because of Gojo

Relationships, or in most cases, Situation-ships with f-boys in real life can be pretty one-dimensional. You never fully get to have deeper connections with them because you never get to know them. Seeing Gojo Satoru with this lens makes a certain degree of sense.

Even people who spend a majority of their time with him can not seem to figure him out. However, in Gojo’s case, this is less a matter of his shallowness and more a matter of, there is no one in the Jujutsu Kaisen Universe who can stand beside Gojo Satoru.

Even people like Nanami who openly say they don’t respect Gojo, still hold him in high regard and rely on him.

In conclusion, while we may never fully understand Gojo Satoru, he gets a soft No in this.

2 men fighting each other
Gojo toying with Sukuna

I personally have another criteria for f-boys that Gojo actually fits perfectly - he is self-obsessed. Gojo has a degree of self-assured arrogance. This mostly annoys older or mature people, namely, Megumi, Maki, Nanami, Utahime, Gakuganji, etc.

However, naive people like Miwa or Itadori find him quite charming. Gojo never misses a chance to show off how cool and awesome he can be. Additionally, he never shies away from praising himself when no one else will.

Having said that, is it really narcissism if it’s all true? Sure, Gojo smugly says he is the strongest on multiple occasions, but that is objectively 100% the truth in the Jujutsu Kaisen Universe.

beautiful eyes of a person
Satoru Gojo serving looks part 2

Now that we’ve gone over all the factors that form a f-boy, we’re ready to arrive at a conclusion. Based on Gojo’s behavior around his seniors, peers, enemies, and students, we can somewhat conclude that he might have the aesthetics of a f-boy.

The biggest piece of evidence of Gojo being a potential f-boy comes from Akutami Sensei himself. As he said in one of his recent interviews, he can not imagine Gojo being faithful to a woman.

However, since Gege Akutami doesn’t plan on giving Gojo (or any main character) a romantic angle in the story, we’ll never truly know. Gojo is a lot of things, fickle, conceited, self-centered, arrogant, and so on. However, all aspects of his personality are completely genuine.

He is someone who is capable of deeply caring about people and goes to great lengths to protect them and he brings people souvenirs every time he visits places. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll still be a very frustrating man to have a romantic relationship with.

Gojo Satoru is a 6’3” walking red flag but based on all the highly scientific research and my personal feelings, Gojo Satoru is in fact, not a f*ckboy. He may look the part but Gojo is just a tall, charming, and beautiful being who can be the smartest man in the room or a 5-year-old or both, whenever he wants, however, he wants.