Is Ichigo's Mom in Soul Society?

Is Ichigo's Mom in Soul Society?

Bleach, the famous manga turned anime series created by Tite Kubo created the universe of the human realm, Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, Las Noches and others. The Karakura town’s Ichigo Kurosaki is the main protagonist of Bleach who later became the substitute Shinigami.

Needless to say, Ichigo in himself is a very complicated persona, but his mom Masaki Kurosaki leaves a lot of speculation and questions. Ichigo grew up with his two younger sisters and father Isshin Kurosaki (formerly of the Shiba Clan).

Ichigo’s mom, Masaki Kurosaki passed away when he was young. If Masaki Kurosaki is dead, is she in Soul Society? What happened to Masaki Kurosaki? Ichigo Kurosaki went to Soul Society countless times, how come he didn’t bother to search for her mom?

What happened to Ichigo’s mom?

Needless to say, Ichigo is a Fullbringer along with a Shinigami and a Vizard. From a very young age, Ichigo had high spiritual powers (reiatsu).

Kurosaki Ichigo could see spirits which made him the target of hollow Grand Fisher. Grand Fisher purposely targeted Ichigo, but Masaki Kurosaki intervened and protected her son.

As a result, Ichigo survived but his mom Masaki Kurosaki passed away. In even simpler terms, Masaki Kurosaki’s soul got devoured by Grand Fisher. Does Ichigo meet his mother in Soul Society?

Unfortunately, no. Ichigo can’t meet his mother Masaki Kurosaki because she doesn’t exist in soul society.

Hollows who are purified by Shinigami enter Soul Society. It was not soon after Ichigo became a Soul Reaper, Isshin Kurosaki, Ichigo’s dad regained his powers.

Is Ichigo's Mom, Masaki Kurosaki in the Soul Society?

As Grand Fisher was never defeated, for nearly 10+ years, there is no chance for Masaki Kurosaki to be sent to Soul Society.

Grand Fisher & Isshin

However, there’s a catch. Masaki Kurosaki was not just an ordinary human but also a Qunicy.

Unfortunately, if a Quincy gets eaten by Hollows, they die forever. The souls are gone forever, destroyed. Masaki Kurosaki’s soul can’t be purified even if Grand Fisher was purified. She cannot go to Soul Society.

Where is Ichigo's mother?

Ichigo & Masaki

It is safe to assume that human souls when eaten by Hollows become a part of them and after they are cleansed, the hollows can be sent to soul society or to Hell where they are judged.

Isshin Kurosaki regained his powers and killed Grand Fisher as revenge. Killing him wouldn’t help Masaki, Souls which are sent to Soul Society have the chance to get reborn.

Unfortunately, Masaki cannot be reborn as her soul was destroyed. Ichigo’s mom doesn’t exist anywhere. Even the series has never addressed this issue so it’s for a fact she’s neither in Soul Society nor Hell.

Why did Ichigo never look for her mom in Soul Society?

Ichigo, Masaki and Isshin

It’s pointless to say that no matter how dumb the creators want Ichigo to be, he does have excellence from his parents. It’s obvious that Rukia explained what happens to Hollows or spirits. However, at that point, Ichigo wasn’t aware that her mom was a Quincy.

There should have been a chance for Ichigo to look for Masaki Kurosaki in Soul Society. This is in fact crucial that Ichigo remembers that her mom was attacked by a hollow.

Later, he learns that Grand Fisher is a hollow who devoured his mom’s soul and was never defeated by anyone.

There is no point for Ichigo to look for his mom in Soul Society as he’s under the impression that her mom is part of the hollow. It’s another thing, that is in fact not.

Even when Grand Fisher is destroyed by Isshin Kurosaki, it’s not like anyone informs him that Grand Fisher is dead.

Ichigo & Grand Fisher

Ichigo could very well be under the impression that Grand Fisher is undefeated. Even if Kon told Ichigo about Grand Fisher’s defeat, Ichigo could assume her mom was reincarnated after her soul was cleansed.

Isshin later did disclose to Ichigo his lineage, his past with Masaki and how she’s a Quincy. That would be a great devastating blow for Ichigo to learn what happened to her mom.

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